Blinded By the Light

I’ve always been amazed by psychics. I’ve always thought that with the powers they possessed, the must be truly amazing people, to earn that kind of gift. I’ve always been intimidated by psychics, since they must know EVERYTHING. After all, if they can see elements of my future, by extension, must they not know everything? I was always in awe of them….until lately.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think psychic powers are amazing and a gift from the Universe, God or the goddesses, or whoever gives these things out. However, as one who has been trying to come to terms with her own “skills” that verge into the psychic realm, I am not able to hold psychics in such awe anymore. After all, if I could be considered psychic, how special can psychics be?

Wait a minute….what am I saying? Aside from my obvious self-esteem issues, encapsulated in that statement is what’s wrong with my thinking. I have until this time viewed psychic abilities as something that one was “worthy” of, or “earned” for being a good person. Hmmm….but aren’t we all intrinsicly worthy, just because we exist?

This reminds me of one of the most profound experiences of my life. After my first child was born, my first outing into the “real” world, was to the local shopping mall. I will never forget, as the electronic door whooshed open, and I stepped one foot in, I caught sight of a man. In that first second, I could see him – all of him – as his mother saw him on the day he was born, as he appeared perfectly in the mind of God. All I could see was the best representation of himself. I could only see his brilliance, his perfectness.

Then I looked at a woman. She too, appeared to me as in the first moment of her creation. Perfect. The same thing happened with every person I looked at. They were all glowing in their perfection. It was almost overwhelming. I literally couldn’t take it all in. It was like looking at the sun – the brilliance and intensity was blinding. I couldn’t help but cry, and I had to leave because I was totally overwhelmed by the intensity.

I couldn’t look anywhere without being blinded. Blinded by perfection. How often does that happen?

That day it hit in me in a huge and overwhelming way, that it never had before. Everyone IS sacred. Everyone IS an expression of the Divine. Every single person on this Earth came from the mind of the One.

I will always consider that day a rare gift. It was a reminder that all of us, no matter what our life circumstances, are all PERFECT, just because WE ARE. We don’t have to do anything else, other than exist, to be that way.

This is particularly important to remember when we are in the seat of judgment. It is much easier to say “That person is [choose your poison – crazy, bad, psycho, ugly, etc.]. Much harder to judge if we instead think from that place of compassion “Wow, that perfect human being must have encountered horrible things in his life, to be acting from a place of so much pain and confusion.”

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all, even harder than not judging others, is not judging yourself. After all, not judging yourself is the acceptance of your OWN divinity.Sure it is easy for me to sit here and tell you to embrace others with compassion, and tell you how great I think you are, but can I do this for myself? What about self-compassion?

The most liberating exercise I have found in working on my own issues, is the discovery of self-forgiveness. I can judge myself more harshly than anyone else ever could. I’m sure this is true for many people.

Since I started forgiving myself for things big and small, I have felt better and happier than ever. I can start to truly feel that I am divine, created from the “power that created worlds” more than ever before. I am able to start accepting the fact that I am divine – just like you and that guy that works in your building that you never looked at before. Slade at calls this concept “super common divine”.

He describes it an amazing way in this post.

I think this is a fantastic way to think about it. Instead of expecting the “super natural” to be outside of us, it is much more radical to think that it is inside of us. It is much harder, but also much more exciting to put this concept into action. IT is US. Taking personal responsibility for this radical concept, is very likely the reason we were put on Earth at this point in time.

It is easy to judge, but harder to love and accept. Yet, what brings us better results. Which choice will change our world.

As somebody once said, who knew what He was talking about, “Love your neighbor.”

Thanks to CharlaneG for the inspiring photo!

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  1. Char says:

    thanks so much for using my shot

  2. Kara says:

    I'm always delighted when I can find the perfect shot for a post!

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