Gimme A Sign – Now!

Newsflash – I can be impatient. Impatience has been a theme in my life lately. I’m so excited about my new projects that I tend to get impatient with my current commitments. I want to get on with it. I want to skip the next 10 chapters of my day job and end up in a new life. In this new life, I go with the flow and work on my new projects all the time. So instead of being patient and going with the flow now, I’m grouchy, grumbly and angry at the Universe for not giving me the magic bullet to get to the future instantly. I want instant answers to how it will look and what I’ll be doing, and I want them now.

So, during my lunch-hour at work, I sought advice from my coach, and then tried my best to cool my jets and absorb all the good, but not instantly-transformative advice I’d been given. I decided it would be a good idea to take a walk around the block, to clear my head. My coach had told me that before she left her corporate job that she had asked for a sign. So as I tried my best not to scuff my shoes in frustration, I asked for a sign. “Give me an obvious sign that I should be following this new path”, I asked the Universe.

I walked out of the building absent-mindedly and opened the newspaper box for my alternative weekly paper. The front headline on the paper was “Ding, Dong the Myth is Dead”.

Hmmm, I thought. The illustration was a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West laying under the words “Ding, Dong”, with her ruby red slippers sticking out.

Hmmm, I thought again. My first post on this blog is about how I had been given obvious and numerous signs and symbols related to the Wizard of Oz, indicating I follow a new path for my life. The Wizard of Oz signs always seemed to indicate the necessity of me following a new Yellow Brick Road to find me sitting there as the Wizard of my own life. The Myth = my job? My old life?I flipped the paper open to the feature article. The real-life witch in question was in fact a friend of my parents, who had become an acquaintance of mine. Hmmm, I thought again. Her alternative lifestyle and politics had initially made her very different from the mainstream of society here. But sticking to her beliefs, her slow persistence was making her more accepted into the mainstream.

“Well”, I thought to myself. “Okay, that could have been a sign, but I’m still not convinced.” “Gimme another sign if it’s really supposed to happen”, I asked. A few minutes later, a lady walked by in bright red ruby slippers. Hmmm, I thought.”How about another one?” I asked. After all, you can never be too sure and I WAS almost 3/4 of the way around my block.

A new piece of graffiti was on a phone booth – “More X please”. “X” was the name of a practitioner I had just seen. She had just given me some illuminating information about my new path. “Alright fine”, I grumbled. Then the Ding Dong went back into her building, trying not to smile.

Thanks to from Mykl Roventine for the ruby slippers photo!

Copyright 2009, Kara Thompson Conduit of Joy

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