The Sound of Nothingness

“Hello?  Intuition?  I can’t hear you anymore.  Hello?”

Everything had been flowing so smoothly, work with clients on new projects was proceeding, and creativity was flowing so easily. All was well. Then, in the area of creativity I was most excited about, things came to a grinding halt. “What the hell?” I thought. The stop of the flow was driving me crazy. Here I was, so ready and excited and I just wanted to go, go ,go. But nothing was coming to me. I literally could not do anything. I was not “receiving” anything.

It is amazing what our intuition is trying to tell us to do. But right now, what I am finding more interesting is what it is telling us not to do.

In hindsight, I learned that my intuition was trying to do was telling me to do “nothing”. It was telling me that “something was not finished” in that area. The reason no creativity was coming in for me on that channel, was because there was something “not done yet” with the last project I was working on. My eagerness to get on with things, blinded me to the fact that my intuition was telling me to stop and wait for resolution, before things could proceed again.

Listening to the sound of my intuition, when it isn’t telling me anything at all is one of the hardest things for me. As I’m learning to absolutely, always, totally trust my intuition, the times I find the most difficult, as those when intuition is giving me no answer at all. In my experience, when my intuition gives me absolutely no read, positive or negative, the message is actually to “Wait” or “Not proceed.”

So, I am having to develop faith. Faith that my intuition is giving me the right message for me at the right time. Faith in my own process, and the natural flow of things.

As my good friend said about intuition, “It’s amazing how we are happy to use intuition as the emergency brake, but not as the gas pedal.” No truer words have been said about intuition. I was so excited to keep on progressing that I did not want to pay attention, or switch lanes to another area, where it was still flowing.

I’m trying to remember this lesson this time. I know that each time I don’t grasp a life lesson, it just comes back in a more obvious and harsher form. I’ve been beaten up enough at this point in my life, that I am finally happy to gratefully accept the lesson and move on.

I’m happy to say, once the unresolved issue resolved, and I was able to absorb the lesson around the unresolved issue, the creativity immediately started flowing again.

I thank Intuition once again, for helping me by cautioning me to stop and wait before proceeding, for my highest good.

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