Journey: Grizzly Bear and Crystal Mushrooms

Grizzly Bear and Crystal Mushrooms

I did my usual journey preparations, and set my intentions about journeying for Z.

I looked at “myself” who was waiting on the side of the lake where I go to do my journeys. She was dressed in cowboy chaps, she had an Iriquois mohawk hairstyle, and a Western-style long-sleeved shirt on with wild roses embroidered on it. She landed on one knee like a Ukrainian dancer. (This was a clear indication to a question Z had asked about where she would be living.)

“I” got ready to go, and twirled up and up and up into the Upper World. I asked if there were any messages there for Z. There were not, so Iwent down a staircase that started out straight, and ended up sprialing down into the Lower World.

I had to squeeze through a tiny wooden door into the Lower World. When I was inside I saw lots of mushrooms arou nd. I asked if there were messages for Z. A Grizzly bear showed itself to me, but didn’t really want to come out. It finally came out but indicated that it was really annoyed that it had to appear because it was hibernating. I asked if it was Z’s power animal and it indicated that it was.

I asked the bear if Z should get a job or volunteer. The bear grunted “job”. The bear indicated that it wanted to go. I asked if it was grumpy because Z should be paying more attention to it, and the bear indicated yes, and then went back into hibernation.

When I asked if there were any more messages, a tiny mouse came out. She jumped up on my hand, and tried to squeak her message into my ear, but I couldn’t hear her. She “showed” me her message, by making tiny higgledy-piggedly patterns around on the ground, that were very cute. She indicated she was also Z’s power animal. Her message to me seemed to be that if Z revealed her inner adorableness, everyone will find you adorable. The message felt like that if Z revealed her inner “adorableness” it would improve her personal relationships.

I asked if there were any more messages before I left. The brown mushrooms I had seen growing before, showed themselves to me again. The message seemed to be that Z should be out in the mountains more, looking at things like mushrooms. Then the mushrooms told me “Look for the crystal mushrooms”. I think this might have a metaphorical meaning for Z, for when she is out hiking, as to inner wisdom that the mushrooms can share with Z in the wild, that Z needs to be out in the wild for some reason. I also think it might mean that Z might see some “crystal mushrooms” that she should buy/obtain, to have as a decoration or something to look at in her house.

Journey Analysis:
It was interesting speaking to Z, as she mentioned that her partner has a great affinity for Grizzly bears. I told Z that the Grizzly’s grumpy mood seemed to indicate that Z really knew what she had to do for herself, she just had to do it. I told her that I got the feeling from the Grizzly that she was supposed to hibernate herself for awhile, to go inside, slow down, and figure out what it was that she wanted before she ventured out into the world again. I told her I thought she needed some solitude and self-reflection time.

I told Z that the message that Mouse was trying to give her was a message about strength through vulnerability. Mouse seemed to indicate to me that if Z gave more room to her adorable side – sweetness and cuteness – that it would improve her relationship with others. Z wasn’t crazy about doing this, as she didn’t think it would come naturally to her. I reminded her that even though it might not be in her nature, Mouse had come at this time to remind her of something to be gained in her relationships with her family, by remembering and revealing her natural adorableness.

Z mentioned that she didn’t at this time, feel any particular affinity for the power animals of Bear and Mouse. I told Z that if she wasn’t getting any personal meanings from her power animals, that it might be helpful to have a photo or a figurine, or some kind of visual reminder of her power animal(s), close by to somewhere she would see them quite often. Calling upon the characteristics of these power animals, at whatever time they appear in our lives, can help us deal with the situations that arise at the times the animals appear.

We discussed the appearance of the mushrooms. Z said mushrooms didn’t really have any personal meaning for her. I discussed the fact that mushrooms could be symbolic of a tool for her to retrieve messages from the Divine, since shamans had long used mushrooms for that purpose. Along with the hibernating bear, the mushroom symbol was likely about retrieving her messages from within.

I told Z that I thought she would likely see a “crystal mushroom” figurine when she was out and about, and that if she did she should acquire it. Crystals in general are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes matter, emotion and information. From the intention the mushrooms gave me in her journey, it seems that Z is supposed to be looking at the crystal mushrooms for some reason. Sometimes these visual symbols can trigger deeply held memories, or help retrieve messages that one has forgotten or are from the Divine or even past lives.

Thanks to Z for letting me publish her journey here!

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  1. Corinna Krocker says:

    You are awesome Kara.
    I love you.

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