Gift Days!

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to write about gift days.  Mostly because “gift days” are probably what people think of when they watch “The Secret” and then they think “I’m going to see signs now, I’m so excited!”  “Gift days” are days when I’m super in touch with my intuition, and I get lots of concrete answers (eg. billboards, snippets of strangers conversations, newspaper headlines) in almost instant response to questions I’m asking of the Universe.

I’ve been on internet messages boards inspired by the law of attraction and manifesting.  I’ve seen comments from people complaining - “I never see signs”, “Where are the signs?”.  These people have been working so hard at manifesting, but they can’t see anything.  This post is to show those people how to “see” things for themselves – to see signs they are manifesting.

I’m posting examples of manifestation of signs and symbols from my own experience, to provide examples for those sign seekers to see for themselves that signs from the Universe can happen in their own lives.  The trickiest in manifesting signs IS GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.  In order to see the signs you ask for, you must be willing and able to LOOK.

From shamanic accounts all over the world, a common way for shamans to connect with the spirit world is by being in trance and staying awake for days on end.  Some shamans take reality-altering plants to connect themselves to different realities.   I’m not suggesting you do either of these things.  I’m just pointing out that by altering your normal physical state, you can shift your reality.   You can do this yourself in less extreme ways.

One of the easiest ways to heighten your intuition is to tip yourself just a teensy bit out of your regular orbit.  What do I mean by that?  Well, the simplest examples from my own life are those particular days when I don’t get enough sleep (which happens far more often than I would like), or when I am a very ill (I’m prone to throat infections from no sleeping…).

As you develop your intuition and are able to be on a higher vibration more consistently, you will be able to “see” things more easily.  However sometimes it is more challenging at the beginning.

I discovered this by accident in my own life.  When I was a teenager, I would be surprised by the amount of “coincidental” things that would happen when I was in a state of high vibration, with little sleep.  I was singing a lot at the time (which raised my vibration even though I didn’t realize it), and I would go with a group of students to another city to perform, we would stay up all night, and because of this, often I would get sick.  In that state is when the “weird” things would start happening….my intuition was on overload, crazy coincidental signs would appear, and I would see personalized messages to me.

I kind of freaked out when this started occurring.  I didn’t know about grounding myself and I didn’t know what was happening.  Now that I know these “gift days” usually only last for me for about a day,  and I’m able to ground myself better, I can actually observe and enjoy the amazing and coincidental signs and symbols that I experience on these days.  Sometimes when the answers are almost instantaneous, sign after sign, I get a little freaked out, but I’ve learned to just “ride the lightning” and go with it.

I decided to call these special days “gift days” because that is what they are to me.  I get so many intuitive answers to so many of my questions all on one day, it is an amazing gift.  If I can just let things flow, it is  really fun!

However, since my inhibitions are very low on these days and linear intellectual function is lower than normal, I pray I don’t have to do anything “serious” on these days. (Maybe “serious” things would go more smoothly if I did!)

Today was a mini-“gift day”, as I’m recovering from strep throat.  I thought I’d give instantaneous manifestation a shot.

I was going to turn on the radio so I decided to ask for an guidance, since my intuition was heightened.  Before I turned on the radio, I asked that I could be given a sign about my new way of life.  I put my intention into the radio and turned it on.  The instant it started, below is the exact part of a song by Bruce Cockburn that started playing….

Where peace and balance are the rule
Working toward a future like some kind of mystic jewel
And waiting for a miracle

You rub your palm
On the grimy pane
In the hope that you can see
You stand up proud
You pretend you’re strong
In the hope that you can be
Like the ones who’ve cried
Like the ones who’ve died
Trying to set the angel in us free
While they’re waiting for a miracle”

Now, I’ve been trying to attain “peace” and “balance” for quite some time, so to hear it would be “rule”, was spine-tingling, and the line “working toward the future like some kind of mystic jewel” actually made me cry.  “Mystic jewel” is just about the most amazing thing anyone could call me.  I am struggling to maintain who I really am in a job that just doesn’t fully reflect the wholeness of me.  I really resonated with the line “trying to set the angel in us free” as that is what I’m trying to do with this site.  I’m trying to give my readers the inspiration and concrete examples so they can learn to interpret these things for themselves.  In other lifetimes, and in other ways, others have “cried” and “died” trying to do this very thing.  I am lucky enough to live here, in this time and to do what I wish.

I am waiting for a miracle, and I’m filled with hope, based on this answer to my request, that I’m going to see it happen!!

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Copyright 2010 – Kara Thompson
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3 Responses to Gift Days!

  1. Christine says:

    I know that for myself and others I’ve talked to, that moments of sickness are great for getting visions. For example, I always have the most bizarre and vivid dreams when I’m sick. That’s pretty much the only thing I like about being sick.

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    I’m greatful to know there IS something great about being sick….I think it was the Universe’s way of tricking me into receiving information that I never knew I could. It was “gentle” way of introducing me to the fact that there’s more I could receive.

    I’m grateful to know there are others like you, so that I’m not “crazy”! I’ve never talked about this with anyone before!

    I’m curious, do you receive certain types of information when you are sick, or is just the condition of being sick that allows you to be more open to receiving?

  3. Christine says:

    No, it’s just a lot of vivid dreams that are very strange. I do occasionally have prophecies when I dream; there’s countless ones that have come true.

    (Sorry for the late reply, I always forget to check that follow-up comment box).

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