My Cup Runneth Over (A Whole Lotta Love)

What is it that you lack? Love? Money? Happiness?  Try a little love for what you already have sister…and I assure you’ll have more soon.

Recently I left town for a three day weekend and escaped from my deeply entrenched daily routine.  During that weekend I saw the majority of all my favourite friends and relatives in the world.   There was a whole lotta love coming my way.   The love and affection was a little overwhelming and was almost too much, in such a short period f time.

Seeing all those people, and feeling the love and affection from all of them felt so good.  It was like getting a giant booster shot of love that felt SOOOOO good.

But coming back home, when the weekend was over, that good feeling was disappearing.   I was like a fish out of water, gasping for air.

I got angry and resentful thinking about my “normal” life as I flying home.  What was wrong with my life that I couldn’t have those friends around me?  Why couldn’t I have that kind of love and support around me all the time?  I wanted that feeling all the time!

As I leaned against the plane window, I looked bitterly out over the dark pre-dawn landscape.  As the plane taxied down the runway, and flew up, up, up, I was stunned out of my pity party.  A spectacular dawn breaking as my plane rose up into the sky.  It was a truly awe inspiring site.  The fiery orange sun barreled up through the cottony clouds, the way it does every day.  But at that moment, on that particular day, I really “saw” the sun.

I appreciated that sun, I saw its beauty and remembered it’s power.  And I was totally blown away by it.

I remembered in that moment, that we puny life forms are totally and utterly dependent on that Sun rising every morning.  I remembered that the Sun gives all the light that our entire planet and everything on it, depends on for life itself.  I remembered that the Egyptians took their dependence on the Sun so seriously that they had religious rites solely devoted to ensuring that the sun DID come up again the next day.  Their appreciation of that Sun’s magnificence permeated their everyday existence.

All of sudden I was bursting with supreme gratitude.  What an amazing place the Universe is!  Every day, the Sun comes up, plants grow to feed us, and babies are born.


Miracles abound everywhere around us every day, but we can’t see them anymore.

We have so much, particularly in the Western world, filling all our spaces, our thoughts and all of our time, that there is no room for us to “see” our abundance any more.


Abundance is always here – we just need to remove our blinding beliefs so we can see it.

The magnificent Sun reminded me that my life is full of amazing miraculous things.  I just have remember to stop, quiet my mind, and really look at the many blessings I have been given.  I need to take the time to smell the roses that I DO have in my bouquet.

I found my attitude of gratitude about my friends too.

I am amazingly blessed that I have all of these amazing people in my life, even if I don’t see them often.  Even though I don’t see these people every day, they are there.  The most amazing part is that they still love me and adore me after all these weeks and months and years.

I thank that dawn for “waking me up”.

I was reminded that I truly am surrounded by so much abundance.  And for that I am so grateful.


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11 Responses to My Cup Runneth Over (A Whole Lotta Love)

  1. Heather says:

    Just like in the movie, Love Actually, I believe that abundance is, actually, all around us!
    Thanks to that dawn for inspiring you to find your gratitude and share it with all of us!!
    You rock.

  2. conduitofjoy says:


    I’d forgotten that part about the movie! Thanks for your comment.

    You roll,


  3. conduitofjoy says:

    …and I must say, it is an abundant Universe if I have friends like you.


  4. leyton says:

    Reading your blog entry was such a lovely gift today. I was teaching (and learning) about complexity theory this weekend and one of our collective ahas was around how we see and experience things and whether or not we accept the offers life offers us. My life-world is full of enabling constraints – things that I often see as challenges are also supports and opportunities if I recognize that they are part of my ecology. After reading your blog I am reminder that it is an ecology of abundance.

    KT thanks for infusing yourself and your thinking into my world…


  5. Fia Crandall says:

    Thanks Kara, I loved this post. It’s amazing how caught up we get in everything that we miss what’s right around us.

    I took my dogs for a walk the other day and had a similar experience to your sunrise, I was so stuck in my “go, go, go” mode that I forgot how good fresh air feels, and that it’s right outside my door.

    Thanks, love it!

  6. Astrid says:

    Lovely post! Reminded me of a quote I read recently: “What drives life is… a little current, kept up by the sunshine” (Albert Szent-Gyorgi, quoted in The Biology of Plants).

    Of course he also said that “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought,” and I like imagining you watching the sunrise, and being one of the only people on the plane to be truly lit up by it. Really makes me smile :)

    have fun out there, thanks for the invite!

  7. conduitofjoy says:


    Thanks for your comment. It is great to be reminded of one’s abundance, particularly when one is in the middle of believing all is lack. I have you and your lovely friends to thank for reminding me what a rich world I live in.


  8. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks for your support! I appreciate the comment from you, who is one of the greatest reminders of the amazing abundance in my life and how to reach for it.


  9. conduitofjoy says:


    I love both those quotes! The first, a reminder that life is really so simple, while still being a miracle at the same time.

    I’m also touched by you thinking of me in that divine moment. :)


  10. From a Cultivator of Joy to a Conduit of Joy: Great post! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that transformative moment! Amen! ?

  11. conduitofjoy says:

    Appreciate your comment. Enjoyed your site!

    Your sister in joy,

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