What is the "Funnest Part"? Finding the Heart of What You Love


The best piece of advice I ever got from my coach, was when I was deciding what I might do next, as work I found meaningful and fulfilling.  I mentioned that I enjoyed doing journeys for other people.  Then she asked “But what’s the funnest part for you when you’re doing a journey?”

Posing that question to myself made me step back for a moment.  What WAS the funnest part of journeying?

I had to sort through different aspects of doing a journey.  I like the actual journeying, but unless I can share it, it’s about as fulfilling as watching a TV show.  I like researching the animals and symbols in a journey, but that can be an academic exercise in itself.  I like writing up a journey, but its kind of empty without the input of another person.

After I thought about it, I decided my favourite part of journeying, with a cherry on top, is interpreting and combining the journey, the research, and the personal story into a fascinating instructional tale.  The journey becomes a tale that the person can learn from and use to overcome the obstacle in their life.

The synthesis and sharing of the journey is what makes me go “Ahhhh….That was so fabulous!”  If I’m not finished researching or analyzing a journey my mind just keeps drifting back to it, caressing it like a favourite rock, thinking about it over and over again, and deriving so much joy in the process.

It’s the digging deeper and deeper, and the mingling the meanings and mythology, and the personal story, until I can touch the very core of the Source, that makes me feel like I’ve just stayed up all night long dancing.

I realized that I get to use my brain and my heart and my intuition at the same time.  My intellect, my intuition and my heart are all fully engaged.  I am fully utilizing all of my God-given talents in those moments.  Really, at that moment when I am fully utilizing all the talents of the person I call Kara, I am fully honoring the Divine within me.

My feelings at those moments are that I am totally filled, and it is FUN!  And when I am finished, I can’t wait to do it again!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Finding the “funnest part” of something you do sounds self-explanatory, and the beauty of it, is that it is self-explanatory.  However, you must keep concentrating on the “funnest part” and not just the “okay part” or the “alright part” to get to the very heart of hearts of what it is that you love.

You must look deep to isolate the part that you enjoy the very most, the part that you absolutely love doing.  The “funnest part” is the thing you want to do for hours and hours without thinking about it.  The “funnest part” is the thing you would do if you weren’t getting paid, and you might even pay someone else to let you do it.  The “funnest part” is the thing that when you are finished doing it you sit back and think “I can’t wait to do that again!” The “funnest part” is the thing that you mind keeps going back to over and over again, like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to arrive with the present you asked for.

Finding the “funnest part” is the litmus test for what really lights your soul on fire.

Journeying fills me with joy.  I’m sure that your “funnest part” makes you feel that way too. You will know, because the feelings you have when you are doing it, you would describe as “fun”, “totally engaged”, “in the zone” or any other term that describes your ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction.

Your “funnest part” fuels your soul, and gives you energy.  It fills you up to the brim. It makes you enthusiastic to do more.  Enthusiasm means “the God within”.  When we are filled with the Universal God force, we are touching the core of our souls.  That is why we are here on Earth, and that touching God is what we are meant to do the most.

If we touch God with our “funnest part” every day, we are guaranteed happiness and joy.  If we can spend most of our time doing our “funnest parts” and even better, making a living from doing them, we are truly blessed beings.

Tell me what your “funnest parts” are below.  I’d love to share in how you touch God….


In April I will be raising my journey prices.  I have two spaces left for journeys this month at the old price.  Email at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com if you want one of these spaces!  Journey on my friends, journey on….

Copyright 2010 :: Kara Thompson

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2 Responses to What is the "Funnest Part"? Finding the Heart of What You Love

  1. Jill says:

    I suppose Kara that one of your themes is being true to yourself.

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    That is my ultimate goal. I believe finding our individual traits and talents, and using them to their highest potential, is our highest purpose on this earth. :)

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