Journey: Find a Phoenix or Firebird, Listen to Wren

Below is shamanic journey that I did at the request of G.  He asked me to find answers to his question “What does G need to know to take his creative project forward?”

I went to the lake in alternate reality, where I usually take off from.  I looked at myself, and “I” (representing G) had transformed into an Iroquois warrior, who was dressed like Mad Max. He was in black leather chaps, and black leather arm bands, with circular saw blades, cut in half, stuck upright on his arms for protection.  These saw blades, were of importance as they represented G’s ultimate protection of himself.

My Iroquois warrior (representing G) went up to the Upper World, twirling and twirling as he went.  There were invisible energy cords everywhere criss-crossing back and forth through the sky, trying to ensnare him.  As the Iriquois twirled, he cut all the energy cords that were trying to bind G.  These were all the cords from those currently involved with G’s project.  The message was that G has to cut all the energy cords of everyone currently involved with the project, to free it up to move ahead.

Once the Iroquois warrior had cut through all the energy cords, bullets started flying at him.  All the people whose energy cords he cut were very angry.  The message was that these people will try to attack G when he takes the project out of their hands, and they will send energetic bullets towards G, but G will be able to deflect all the bullets.

The Iroquois got lighter and lighter as he was released from the grip of all the cords.  He started flying up faster and faster.  Finally he was so high, he was at the very, very top of the Upper World where he could grab the tailfeathers of a Firebird/Phoenix.  He pulled the Phoenix down into the Upper World.  The Phoenix was squawking, and then it flew away.  This means that the project will rise up again and have new life, like the Phoenix does, once it is untangled from all the energy cords.

When I asked for other messages for G, I saw a small bird picking up seeds.  I asked who she was and she told me “Wren”.  I asked if she was G’s power animal and she said “Yes.”  I asked for any messages for G and she said “Keep unearthing these seeds G”.  She wants G to continue to unearth the kernels of truths that he is conveying to the world in his project.  I asked if G could do anything for her and she said “Love Me”, the message being that not only should G honor and love his power animal, his personal totem animal, but also love himself for who he really is.  Then Wren flew away.  She gave a wren call as she left. I got the message that G is supposed to hear a real-life Wren’s call, that when he listens to it, more will be revealed to him at that time.

Then I saw a chameleon climbing up a branch.  I asked for messages for G and he said “Continue to be yourself”.  He stayed green instead of blending in with the brown branch.  His message seemed to be, “be yourself as much as you can, but you are allowed to “blend” if you absolutely have to”.  I asked for any more messages for G and he said “Climb with the times”.  His eyes kept swiveling behind him, as though to tell G that he should keep his wits about him as he continued to “climb” at his job, always observing in all directions.

I asked what else G should know about going forward with the project.  They said “Firebird Company”?  The message has to do with promoting and marketing the project with words Firebird or Phoenix in the name. I suggested to G that also maybe there is someone who is interested in his project located in Phoenix, AZ?

Then all the guides told me that G should ensure his project is totally finished.  He must have the project completely finished, ready and waiting, sitting in a box. (I don’t know why this is important, but it is was presented as being essential to the success of his project.)

Analysis of G’s journey

G very strongly related to the warrior as himself, as he feels he is in that role in this lifetime.  He could see that he needed to free the project from those involved with it previously, and to have it absolutely ready to go, at a moment’s notice.

He could relate to the going higher and higher to touch the tail of the Firebird/Phoenix, as he’d had a similar experience during his recent meditation.

In regards to Chameleon, G could relate to the need to sometimes veil his true personality at his day job, like the Chameleon.  I told him to remember Chameleon’s messages for the future, at work.  I also urged him to do some research beyond the obvious meanings of Chameleon to give him some deeper insight for himself, and what he should learn from Chameleon’s wisdom.

G had no prior connection to Wren.  Since she presented herself to me as his primary power animal, the totem animal that represents him, I urged him to do some research on and meditate on Wren.  I also urged him to try and at the very least hear a real Wren’s song, or at least a recorded one, as in the journey it was indicated that he would get some further information he needed downloaded directly into him at that moment.

Some of Wren’s Celtic meanings are: friendliness, sharing, determined, quick-witted, active, agile, creativity, light-hearted, free-spirited.

Perhaps Wren was also a reminder to G to approach the launch of his project into the world from a new innovative angle, and not stick to traditional methods of promotion or marketing.  Since the Wren is also considered to often move from place to place, perhaps G also needs to try different areas to get his project launched (which also fits in nicely with the message about maybe trying to search for a company with Firebird or Phoenix in their name, or contact somebody in Phoenix, Arizona).

G could see the value of getting the project completely finished, so it was ready to be received.  He was thinking of promoting it himself.  This would also fit in with Wren’s reminder to approach from a different angle.

Also, G probably needed to be reminded to try and make a little progress each day.  I spoke to him about possibly using a blog to promote his work, as a way to publish a little at a time, and present a online presence to the world, and he seemed to be open to that possibility.

Thanks very much to G for allowing me to share his journey on my blog!!


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