The Dark Side and the Law of Attraction

Do you believe you have a dark side?  It doesn’t even matter if you do.  Everyone has a dark side.  Your dark side is where all your less desirable emotions hang out. Jealousy, anger, envy – name anything you think is nasty – it is there. The biggie, the root of all lack is also lurking there. Fear.

Why should I care about my dark side?

We should pay more attention to our dark sides, because this side of us has an intimate tie to the law of attraction. This is because the law of attraction always works, no matter what your focus.  It works even when our focus is on the not-so-desirable.  In fact, the law of attraction works especially well at these times. When we are totally focused on lack, usually activated by a fear, the Universe responds. “You want to obsess and focus on lack?  Here’s some more lack for you.”

Then of course the Universe delivers.  It delivers you more and more of the nasty lack you focused on, until your focus on that lack is finally broken. This either means you change your focus, or some external force will cause your focus to change.  And you would be surprised how long and hard some people can focus on fear and lack.

Staff beatings will continue until morale improves.

The thing I am trying to remember today is that if I don’t try and learn what is being brought to my attention, the lesson will just keep getting harder.  If you ignore your fears or remain unconscious of them, the law of attraction will just keep on working. Instead of a fight with your brother, you might bump your head.  If you still don’t “get it” with the bump, you might break your leg.  And on and on it will go, until the Universe finally gets your attention, and you deal with your root fear.  I don’t even want to think of what happens if you never catch on….

The Universe will keep “flagging” an unconscious fear for you, one way or another, until you finally pay attention to it and deal with it. I have learned this the hard way (it was really ugly, trust me).  Now I just try to gracefully submit to the teaching, learn my lesson and get the hell out of my own way.  Once the learning is done, it is amazing to see the world from a new vantage point.

I’m writing this on a day full of new moon Taurus energy – anger and stubborn-headedness.  Also, the calendar is heading into a Mercury retrograde – generally a poor time for communications.  I’m no astrology expert, but I have learned to look to the skies when earthly reactions seem way out of whack to what is actually happening.  It seems like these powerful celestial energies are magnifying my focus on my fears today.

So far today, I have had two blow-out fights, one with a best friend and one with a sibling.  Normally this would devastate me.  Not today though.  My dander is up, I’m severely agitated and spoiling for a fight.  After observing my own angry reactions and theirs, I finally stopped to think “What the hell is going on?  What deep dark stuff of mine is this minor issue triggering?”

What Is My Dark Side Luke?

Our dark sides are mostly made up of unconscious fears. These fears have caused us to create protections for ourselves, often in the form of unconscious patterns.  These pattern have developed as automatic survival mechanisms in this life, or are sometimes inherited from past lives.  Much of the content of our dark sides, developed as a way to protect us, when we didn’t have the ability to develop functional coping mechanisms.  These patterns aren’t evil.

We created these patterns, and they have been helping us.  They were created by us from a loving place of protection. We can see it as a very positive sign when unconscious patterns are starting to cause us problems, because that means we have outgrown them.  When we progress far enough along our life path, we no longer need them.  It is only at this point, that these unconscious ways of behaving become harmful.

If we hold on to these unconscious patterns they will keep attracting to us the very things we built them to repel. If we don’t rid ourselves of them, they will continue to attract to us the very things we feared!   When the Universe brings these unconscious ways of acting to your attention, it is a reminder that these patterns no longer serve you.  It means you are strong enough to have mastered the thing you feared.

Some energy workers don’t want to work with the dark side.  Our society has a certain amount of fear in dealing with “dark” matters.  And yet, without dark there is not light. We should not fear our dark stuff as it is as much a part of us as the light is.

I would argue that we wouldn’t even have enlightenment about ourselves without being able to mine our dark stuff.  Our darkness is the void of potentiality in us.  That means it is the place where our unlimited potential springs from. Out of that rich soil of worries, discarded dreams and fears, hope starts to grow.

Our souls only grow when we are challenged.  The bigger the challenge, the more our souls grow. Painful as it can be, that is just the way humans were made.

Transforming the Dark Stuff into Gold

The key to releasing our dark stuff is to find a way to bring these unconscious patterns into consciousness.  Once we are conscious of them, they are magically released.  Their power over us evaporates. You can release them however you want.  Working with a trusted healer, using guided meditations, or whatever modality works for you, can help you release these.  Identifying the pattern, writing it down and expressing the intention for it to go, and replacing the old pattern with a new pattern, can release it.  The key is to acknowledge the pattern and then to give your permission for it to leave.  It must be replaced with positive energy in its wake.

It is amazing how our lives shift when we release these patterns.  When we release old patterns that trap us into knee-jerk reaction, we can act in new and expansive ways.  We can take a moment to consider how we wish to react, and act from love and abundance, instead of automatically reacting from fear. Once the dark issue is gone, it results in a realization of how we’ve been trapped by it.  It opens our eyes to see our world in a new way.  It opens our eyes to a new way of living without fear as our root motivator.

The issue that arose today, on the surface was about someone judging my child.  After two fights and some self-reflection, I realized that it activated an old and deep parenting issue from my own childhood.  I didn’t even know I had this issue until today.  I know from past experience, that once I release it, not only will I heal my own issue, but  the lesson I embrace will enable me to be a better parent to my own child.

Now if you’ll just excuse me, I have to go and do a release.  I’m sure I’ll be a much nicer and more enlightened person tomorrow.  And most importantly, I’ll be able to get out of my own way to let the Flow back in…..


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Kara Thompson :: Copyright 2010

Thanks very much to Girlwiththe pearlearring for the dark photo.

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3 Responses to The Dark Side and the Law of Attraction

  1. You’re a great writer. That was an interesting post.

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks very much! I think there are aspects of the law of attraction that aren’t well understood, which stand in the way of many people successfully taking advantage of the law…..

  3. Heidy Pfuhl says:

    Hey good post! I’m still trying to find the best way to apply the law of attraction in my life, and have it easily work with my family’s religeous beliefs…

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