The Path of Least Resistance

I am so thankful for Abraham-Hicks!  In an earlier blog post I wrote about desiring a 3 day-a-week job for myself, so I could continue to sustain myself in my current field, while I transitioned into different and unknown work.

Since that earlier post though, things had degenerated for me.  Every morning, when I opened my book to write about how my new life would look, instead of my previously joyful emotions, my emotional state had turned into “When is this ever going to happen to me?”.  My despair was accompanied by feelings of impatience, frustration and anger. Why is it taking so long for this to come to me?” I’d think, angry at the Universe.

I finally realized that “biting the Hand that feeds me” was not the approach to getting the new job or the new way of life.  But I felt lost along my manifesting path and wasn’t quite sure how to get back on it.

Lucky for me, “coincidentally” I happened to be listening to Abraham-Hicks on Hay House Radio yesterday while I was at my present job.  I was feeling frustrated, impatient and bitter, and having to force myself to do my work.

As I listened to their show, I realized that because of the emotional state I was in, I was not only cutting off any future manifestations, but I was completely squeezing off my current connection with Source altogether. My writing wasn’t flowing, the  coincidences and signs I would usually see, just weren’t there.  I realized with a shock that nothing had really been coming to me lately.

Thankfully, the words Abraham-Hicks use spoke to me in a way which instantly resonated with me.  Their words reached me quickly and fully, allowing me to quickly apply them to my current situation.

Abraham-Hicks spoke instead of concentrating on the end result of the journey, being happy in the unfoldment of the journey.  What really struck me, and resonated deeply for me, was they said “An unhappy journey cannot have a happy ending.  It simply cannot be.”  In other words, if I cannot enjoy my current job, which is part of the journey to my new job, I will never ever be able to get to the new job.

“So how do I start today to enjoy this journey?”, I asked myself.  How do I reconnect to Source?  Abraham-Hicks reminded me that I can reconnect by reaching for the best feeling thoughts in this moment, and every moment after that. Choosing the best feeling thoughts in each moment is seeking the path of least resistance, and the path of least resistance will bring us back to our alignment with Source.

When I focus on “the thing that makes me feel the very best right this very moment”, what I am giving my attention to is, my connection to Source.  When I am giving my attention to Source, I am allowing it to flow to me again.

Focusing on the path of least resistance also includes stopping justifying “why” I want what I want. Justifying what you want is asking Source not allowing it to come to you, at the same time.  By justifying why you want something, your focus on the “why” means you are focusing on the lack of having it. (I realized this has been a difficulty for me for years.  I always felt that I was required to explain to “everyone”, why I wanted what I did, and that I had to be able to “justify” that desire in some way.)

The part of Abraham-Hicks that really resonated for me however was the fact that when one feels LOVE, JOY, APPRECIATION, FULLY ALIVE, IN BALANCE, CLEAR AND BALANCED, it means you are connected to Source.  This means that the most important thing in every moment is to focus on my best feeling in that moment.

The only person who knows exactly what I consider the path of least of resistance for me, is ME.  My emotions are my guidance system which indicates if I am in connection with Source (good feelings) or not connected to Source (bad feelings).  My path of least resistance – my allowing Source to reach me – is based on my likes, dislikes, experiences, background, thoughts and emotions.

The connection between the law of attraction and authenticity was never clear to me before now.  The law of attraction is about total authenticity to myself.  Imagine that!  Being totally authentic to yourself is how you will enjoy your journey and also attain a feeling end state you desire! That is a win-win-win solution to infinity!

And I have to laugh at myself, because really as Abraham-Hicks say, “Connecting to Source is supposed to feel good and easy and soft.”  We all take ourselves way too seriously and that the whole thing, our lives, are SUPPOSED to be fun and joyful. That’s why were supposed to be here.  Aren’t I supposed to be a freakin’ conduit of joy for myself and others?  So why am I making my own life so hard?  J

They advised “Take the subject that is active in each moment, if you are happy about it, you are on track.  If you are not happy about that topic, then you need to get in alignment with your desire.” Once you are in alignment, you will be allowing Source to reach you again.

The key to knowing if you are back in alignment with Source, is the relief you feel in any moment. If you were hanging onto a feeling, you will know you have moved into a “better” feeling, when your body heaves a sigh, and you feel relief flood into yourself. I guarantee that along with the relief, Source is also flowing back into you.

So, I’ve had a laugh at my grumpy, serious self.  As I sit in this chair, I can feel the relief flooding into me.  My body is starting to relax and I’m thinking of all the things that are great here at my job. Not only that, I’m thinking the Universe might not give me a 3 day-a-week job.  The Universe might have something different in mind, than what I envisioned.  It might be something better than I envisioned!  It might be something I don’t even have the ability to envision right now, because the Universe can see things for me that are much greater and more interesting than I have ever imagined.

I might even be smiling a little now.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put on my happy pants and do a little dance…..did I mention I love Abraham-Hicks?


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Kara Thompson :: Copyright 2010

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7 Responses to The Path of Least Resistance

  1. Mark says:


    Thanks for posting this and reminding all of us (once again) how to get out of our own ways as we move through life. Planning and desire are useful, but discovery and surprise brings deep joy.

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    You said it perfectly! :)


  3. Avia says:

    Hi Kara,
    Thanks for your kindness – both here and a’broad ;)

  4. Ande says:

    I can so relate to the journey you describe in this post–the shift from why isn’t it here yet to finding reasons to feel good is so powerful and yet often so hard to make. It’s interesting that you speak of the “whys” of your desires as justification. I’ve always thought of the whys as more reasons to feel good. I think I heard Abraham say that one way to amp up the vibration of a desire is to start asking why you want something–they have an example where they’re talking about Esther wanting rain and they tell her she’s vibrating on a match with a lack of rain as she speaks about it and they ask her why she wants rain and she starts talking about making the flowers grow and providing water for the animals and as she talks, her vibration shifts. So I think you can think about your whys–its HOW you think about them that matters.

  5. conduitofjoy says:

    True. I agree with you that as long as the “whys” make you feel happy they are helpful. If the “whys” are desperate justification, they are a hindrance.


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