Sasquatch and Gila Monster Wisdom: Show Me The Way

Power animals that indicate shamanic talents?  Practical advice for which career paths to pursue?  Giant Gila Monsters?  Read about them here in this fascinating journey for Q.

I journeyed for Q on the question “I have options A, B, C, D, E ahead of me for work. Which ones should I pursue?”

I journeyed for Q with this question as my intention.  I did my usual protocols and arrived in my journeying launch spot.

Clutching on to “me” (the me that exists in non-ordinary reality), onto my back, with all of its strength, will and claws, was what appeared to be a giant gecko.  It was mostly yellowish/tan and radiating out from its spine, was a complex and beautiful pattern comprised of different shades of brown.  It had triangular-ish shaped head, which it was resting on top of my head (our heads were about the same size).  I’m not sure why this gecko was so huge, much larger I’m sure than a gecko of this type would be in this reality.

I “swam” up through the air to get to the Upper World.  As soon as I reached a little wooden latched door to go up and in, the gecko was peeled off my back and I could see him fall all the way down to the Lower World, landing lightly on his feet the way geckos do.  I also got the sense that he was not allowed to come in to the Upper World, perhaps because he was from the Lower World.

I asked for messages for Q, and the teacher that appeared was a sasquatch.  In fact, he was a cartoon version, and looked just like “Quatchi” a sasquatch mascot for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Sasquatch wouldn’t speak, but I showed him Q’s choices of A, B, C, D, and E.  He grabbed A immediately and squeezed the life out of it, and threw it away.  B he picked up and looked at and put down again.  C he scrunched a little bit.  For D, he did the same thing as B.  For E, he again grabbed it and squashed it and threw it away.  Sasquatch then left immediately.  The meanings I got from this were that A and E were not good choices for you.  B and D were the best, and C would be okay, but not optimal for you.

There were no other messages so I walked down some stairs to the Lower World.

As I went through another little wooden latched door to the Lower World, I immediately saw a white rabbit.  I quickly asked her if she was Q’s power animal and she said “no”.  She kept hopping, and telepathically indicated I should follow her.  I fell right behind her as she hopped.

She was hopping a pattern on the ground so I watched to see what she was hopping. She hopped in an A shape, and a high-pitched voice squeaked “no way”.  She then hopped in a B shape, and the same little high-pitched voice squeaked “with glee”.  She hopped in a C shape and the little voice squeaked “we’ll see”.  The D shape was followed with a “Yippee!”, and the E shape was followed with a “Not me!”.  The rabbit then hopped away out of my sight.  My interpretations of these responses were the same results as the above from Sasquatch.

I then asked if Q’s power animal was present.  The gecko appeared again out of nowhere, practically landing right on my lap.  It then showed its forked tongue to me, its side and then sat still.  (Usually a power animal confirms by showing itself four times.)  Still baffled by the size of the gecko, my mind asked “Gila?” and seemed to get an affirmative, so I believed it was a Gila Monster. (I didn’t even know what a Gila Monster looked like, so after the journey I had to go find a photo of one to confirm what this lizard actually was.)

There seemed to be no more messages about Q’s work, so I asked if there was any other information for Q.  Finally I got an answer, some distant voices (I’m sure they were Q’s guides but they didn’t want to show themselves to me) said “Tell him we want him to try shaking.”  They gave me instructions for what Q had to do.  “Warn him that he’s going to be cold” they said, then they all cackled.  (They seem to be very old, crusty, cackly-type guides.)  When I asked who I should tell Q they were they said “Tell him we’re the Trans-Siberian Shamans” and they laughed and cackled.  (They seemed to think that was really funny.  I got the feeling it was an inside joke that Q would understand.)

Then Gila Monster wanted to come on the trip back with me.  He climbed on my back again, came up into the Upper World, where he actually got in this time.  I sensed because we were only passing through to get back to ordinary reality.  Then he was popped off my back, right before we landed and I got back to my launching pad.


Q’s journey was fascinating for me, as one of his power animals was a mythical animal (sasquatch) and his main power animal (Gila Monster), as well as sasquatch, are considered shamanic power animals, indicating Q’s very strong personal shamanic ties to the shamanic world.  Q is a shamanic practictioner himself and already has strong ties to that world.

Also, in responding to questions about the Gila Monster, Q told me that he had a significant connection to the Navajo culture and the Huichol culture where the Gila Monster is a sacred power animal.

Sasquatch is considered by some North American aboriginal tribes to border between human and animal consciousness.  He is considered an older brother to humans.  Sasquatch appears to humans when they need to make a change in their lives.  Sasquatch can travel between dimensions, just like shamans can.

The Gila Monster, Q’s power animal, represents intuition and regeneration of life.  It stays underground 98% of the time in its burrow, and can eat up to 100% of its body weight.  The Gila lives in the dark, like the shaman can live in the dark recesses of the soul of man, and “lives” in the Lower World.  The Gila sustains itself on stored energy, like the shaman preserves and uses energy to his advantage.  In Navajo culture, the Gila put all the pieces of the Sun back together, basically regenerating the life of his tribe.  In Huichol culture, the Gila is considered to be the representation of a shaman.

We discussed how the white rabbit symbolizes the search for mystical knowledge.  We follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper to the Underworld, to get the answers to the deepest, darkest questions.

When we discussed the “shaking” suggestion for his work, P surprised me by telling me that he found a story from the Navajo culture, where the shamans who used the Gila monster energy used shaking to accomplish what he was working on in his personal practice.

The Five Career Paths

P and I discussed the five paths he’d asked me about. He commented that while he enjoyed doing A, he didn’t believe there was much money to be made from it, and he was fine with that.

He said he never wanted to go back to C, but would if he had to.  D he didn’t really want to do.  He said he would continue to pursue E out of love, but knew he wouldn’t get paid to do it.

He seemed afraid of pursuing B, but at the same time wanted to.  He had always wanted to do B, just couldn’t figure out how.  We talked about his fears about pursuing B.  We discussed some practical steps he could take towards experimenting with doing B more formally.

Further Analysis

When I finish initial journey analysis with a client, I ask them to keep me posted on any further meanings that come to them, so we can both benefit from the deeper wisdom revealed.  While alot of information is conveyed in a journey, the more interest you take and the more research you do into the details of your own journey, and the personal work you are instructed to do within it, the more discoveries you make.  The information gets deeper and deeper, and more  personal.  The more a client delves into their own information, the more they gain from it.

Q contacted me after his journey and blew my mind when he told me about follow-up journeys he had done for himself on aspects of my initial journey for him.  His connections to his ancestral lineage and even past lives became clear, along with a deeper connection to his power animals became.  It became more apparent how they could help him, and what their purpose was.

It turns out he had a strong connection to the Yeti (a Bhutanese sasquatch) from childhood, and more information was revealed to him about the Yeti and the Gila in his own journeys.

I want to thank Q, because this was a fascinating journey, and the whole process was of great benefit to my own learning as well.  Of course I thank Spirit above all, for the amazing gifts we were given with this journey, and in every journey.


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Note: This journey was published with the consent of the client.  It is published with the intent of educating readers on the symbolism within it, and for any healing it may contain for anyone reading it.  I have changed only the details that might identify a client, or impact a client’s personal work.

Thanks to Ecosnake for the photo!

Kara Thompson :: Copyright 2010

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