Claim Your Power!

Claim Your Power!

Lately I discovered that I was unconsciously giving my personal power away.  I noticed alot of fear coming up around what people’s perceptions of me were , in my day job and as an intuitive.  When I checked in with my third chakra, it appeared to be wide-open, leaking out my personal power.  Even when I tried to staunch this flow, my third chakra would be empty again by the next day.

Knowing this likely indicated a deep fear was holding me hostage, I took a closer look.  I realized I was deeply afraid of how I will appear to the world.   I am going through a transition with who I really am, and I am working through how I can integrate all the parts of myself.  This triggered fears about if people will judge me, and if they would accept or reject this new person I am becoming. 

Death By A Thousand Cuts

When I was working through releasing the fear, an image was shown to me of my body covered in a thousand microscopic cuts.  These tiny cuts were allowing my personal power to leak out every day.  I was unconscious of these leaks, and every day my power would seep out of them until I was totally drained.

This inability to not claim who I really am by not being my authentic self, was draining the life force out of me.  By not integrating all of my parts to show the world “who I really am”, it was siphoning off my energy and self-confidence.

I was able to work through this fear and ultimately release it.  I use Fia Crandall’s “Heal Your Hidden Fears” to release fear.  I have used her processes for the last two years, and highly recommend them. Fia is offering a $97 special on this process which you can use forever.  Click here to get it <>.

Use whatever technique you want to release your fear, the important thing is to release it.

Then I visualized sealing up all these tiny cuts to shore up my personal power, and my body was restored to normal.  Once I was whole again I realized that I had to take control of the gifts that I already had.

I’m Powerful Already

My release of this fear made me realize that before I go forward in my life into something new with new challenges, I have to appreciate the power I currently have.  I couldn’t be powered up and ready to go into my future, if I wasn’t powered up right now.

I realized this meant I have to claim my personal power right now.  I have to step into who I am fully at the moment, and inhabit it all.  I have to feel all of it.  I have to fully experience the power of who I am right now.

I was undervaluing and not appreciating all the talents, skills, training, and abundance that I already have.  What a waste!  If I didn’t care about what I already had, why would the Universe give me more?

I couldn’t make the leap to the next thing, if I wasn’t appreciating and using all the gifts I am have been given by the Universe at this very moment. 

So I started work on claiming my own power.  I did a journey reading for myself to see if there was anything I could do to help myself.

I was shown the process below to help me claim my power.  I’m very excited about sharing this process, as it has helped me already.

Grounding – Wear a Sod Poncho!

An important part of standing in your power is GROUNDING.  If you are not grounded when you are holding your power, it will not work. 

Grounding is particularly important before you do spiritual work.  Being “in your head”, and involved with the higher realms, tends to unmoor you from this beautiful Earth.  In order to keep yourself fully connected, you need to have the power flowing both ways, from the bottom to the top, and the top to the bottom!

You will be of no use to yourself or anyone else if you are not solidly rooted in the reality of this material world. Grounding allows you to balance your energy properly when you connect to the energies of your Higher Self/Spirit.  Just like an eletrical appliance needs grounding, so that it doesn’t shock you with excess electricity, your body needs a ground too.  You may have met spiritual people who are “not quite there”, which often means that they are not fully grounded.

I was shown a great way for me to ground, which is to visualize wearing a poncho made out of sod.  If you’ve ever picked up a piece of grass sod you know how incredibly heavy it is.  Since the sod contains not only grass but the roots of the grass, and the soil connected to it, it is great for grounding.  Visualizing this sod poncho connects me solidly with the Earth, and keeps me solidly connecting with Source.

This grounding visualization can also be used any other time you need to feel more grounded.  You can ground yourself in any way that connects you with your body or the earth (eating, exercising, being in Nature, visualizing a grounding exercise). 

Rejecting Power Drains

The first step to claiming my power was to take back the power I was giving away. 

I was given the following words to say to myself, along with images to picture in my mind while speaking:

“I reject those things to which I give my power away.  I reject:

a) my need for false comfort (breaking candy in half),

b) my need for external confirmers (ripping up Tarot cards)

c) my need to diminish myself in relationships (tearing an energy cord in two).”

Note: I have no problem with candy, Tarot cards or energy cords.  They all have their purposes.  But I give away my power to these things.  So I must make the conscious choice not to give my power away to these things.  These items are visual shorthand for me to remind myself of need to not give away my power to these things.

Gathering Back My Power

Then I was shown an image of my body turning into a great magnet.  The purpose of this magnet is to collect all the power I had given away the previous day.  The bits of power I gave away to other things or people are represented by tiny gold bits.  (Yellow is the color of the third chakra which relates to personal power.)

“I now call back all of the power which I have given away”.

I picture myself attracting all these little bits of power and pulling them back into my body, where they re-integrate into my solar plexus.  Once they all return, my third chakra is then whole again.  My personal power is restored.

I spread my arms wide to my side, palms open, then I bring them in again to meet palms down over my solar plexus.  This symbolizes all my personal power being returned to my third chakra.

Consolidating My Power

The next step in the “claiming the power” process is the consolidation of my personal power. I say the following:

“I step into my power.”

I picture pulling a fine golden mesh cloak around me.  I feel it closing around my whole body and my head.  My feet are still on the ground, grounding me.  The fine gold mesh allows me to still connect with the Spirit in everything, but does not allow my power to escape.

“I recognize all the gifts given to me by the Creator.

I honor the Creator by walking in the unlimited power of the Creator’s creation.

I honor the Creator by walking in my beauty.

I shine in the radiance of that beauty.”

Note: “Beauty” in this sense is the beauty of all the Creator’s creations.  It is not necessarily my physical appearance, but the beauty that is inherent in everything the Creator has given me, all my talents, skills – everything that makes up me as a human.

From my palms crossed position over my solar plexus, I open my arms wide again, palms open to reflect my power shining into the world.


I then finish off the process by bowing my head and thanking the Creator/Universe:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Your Authentic “Power”

The personal power I am referring to is not the power of the ego.  It is your true power.  It is the power of the authentic you. 

You will know the difference between your authentic power and your ego, as this power is quiet and subtle, and not necessarily visible on the surface to others.  It is the calmness inside when you confront situations that used to rattle you.  It is the relief of knowing that you don’t have to be full of fear.

I do this process every morning now, and I have seen it play out in my life already.  It is mostly subtle, but I can see it and feel it.  I feel it rippling beneath the surface in my life, particularly when I encounter situations where previously I would have made a different choice. 

For instance, I became conscious of a relationship where previously I would diminish myself without even being aware of it.  In a negotiation with this person, after claiming my power, I had more bargaining power.  Where I would have felt “ripped off” in a negotiation before, I now felt like I got what I needed.  Claiming my power hadn’t changed me into a completely different person, but I could now quietly stand up for myself, in a way that respected my needs.

All We Control Is Ourselves

It is important to realize that the only thing we are truly in control of is ourselves.  If we have control of ourselves, of our emotions which cause how we react and deal with events in our lives, then we have mastered the most important thing.  If we have peace inside ourselves, then we will see that peacefulness reflected on the outside world.

Please share your personal power successes or challenges in the comments!


Need help to figure out why you are giving your personal power away? 

**I can help you identify your power drains, and help you design a personalized process for you to restore and re-claim your personal power.**  I only have two spots left this month for assisting with this process, then I’ll be on holidays.

Email me at if you are interested.

Thanks to Unitopia for the use of this gorgeous photo, oozing the energy of yellow!

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8 Responses to Claim Your Power!

  1. Patricia says:

    I was having problems with my meditations and my thoughts just racing and racing – no quiet mind. A friend suggested I start with a relaxation exercise with my feet flat on the floor and send breath to my feet – then work up to the top of my head…Voila! My meditation went well and I thought that I had grounded my self…
    Sod Poncho that would be very heavy.
    And Yes! gratitude is a must – everyday in everyway

    Thanks for this good post

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Glad you are using grounding. It is very necessary for all of us in this busy world! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Kara,

    Nice work standing up to what you don’t want. That simple concept of saying yes to what works and turning away defiantly from what doesn’t is a powerful stand. I enjoyed reading about that many mind images you’ve shared here. Thanks for being real in your posts.

  4. conduitofjoy says:

    I’m appreciating your appreciation of me being real! It’s amazing how most of these issues involve becoming merely conscious of them first. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I think I need about 1000 of those nifty sod ponchos! :) Some days, I’d like to fly away.

    Stepping into our power is scary but in a good way! I’m so excited to be with you on this journey. Wonderful, wonderful post.

  6. conduitofjoy says:

    Some days when I “put it on”, I can actually feel my body sinking down a few notches. (I guess that means I need it.) Glad you found it useful. I’m excited too! couldn’t think of a better companion!

  7. What a beautiful way to reclaim your power. I imagine myself as a tree with roots going down through my feet into the Earth and pulling up the energy of Mother Earth back up through my feet and moving up my body through each chakra and out the top of my head and the top limbs of the tree reaching up to the Heavens and bringing down the energy of the Source down into my body and down into Mother Earth.

    Cutting the cords that connect you to other people can also stop the energy drains from your body.

  8. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks for sharing that fantastic visualization! I’m looking into the cord cutting, interestingly enough…I guess its time!


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