As Within, So Without

“…As within, so without…”

attributed to Hermes Trismegistus

As Within, So Without

I have been dealing with lots of transition.  So many new changes in my life were leaving me uncentred, and totally overwhelmed.  I couldn’t understand how I could possibly manage all the competing demands of my life.

I’d always known self-care was a “good idea”, but I didn’t really GET why it is essential to our well-being.  The chaos in my life helped the penny drop for me.  When I stopped and looked at my life, I finally understood WHY self-care needs to be my highest priority.

The chaos of my outer world was just reflecting back to me the chaos of my inner world.

I needed to bring calm to my inner life before I would see the calm in the external events in my life.  When I stopped and reflected on what was going on, I realized that with so many things to do my daily self-care had dropped to the bottom of my to-do list.  The stuff I tell other people to do, I wasn’t doing myself.

Inner Peace – It’s Not Just a Good Idea…

The whole point of self-care is so that we can preserve the inner calm and peace that is our natural state.  Our inner calm, I am realizing, is pretty much the most important thing in our lives. It is the most important thing, because it is the only thing we can truly have full control over.


It is already daunting enough to realize that we really don’t control anything.  While we may have influence within it, the Universe is ultimately in control of all that happens.  There are deaths, accidents, natural disasters.  Sometimes it is hard not to fee insignificant and lost when the fears of these enormous things face us.

However, our most powerful resource in dealing with our lives is the one thing we do have control over.  Ourselves.  Our reactions, our emotions, our physical state.

We must control our inner state by taking good care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  When we lose our inner focus, our precious connection to our own Higher Power gets choked off.  Without this calm, we react to things that happen to us from our protective instincts, rather from than a peaceful place.

These instincts that protect us are often anger and fear.  While anger and fear help our bodies survive a threat, they don’t actually help us move forward in our lives in dealing with what we need to do, to get moving towards our goals.   They choke off our connection with Source, making it harder for us to use reason and intuition to solve the problems facing us.

My most recent teacher has been my job.  I was not taking care of myself, so when mountains of work came my way, I was resentful and angry because I didn’t have the physical or emotional resources to cope with it, or to function well intellectually.  This made the work harder than it would have been if I was physically well and emotionally balanced.

I’m A Priority In My Own Life

I started to again make my personal wellness a priority, and chose to make time for myself first thing every morning to consciously connect with Source.  This made a great difference to my ability to deal with external turmoil.

Every morning I connect to my abundance by giving thanks for all I have, I ask for Universal wisdom, I ask for help from my guides, and I put in place personal protections to preserve my energy and ask that it be used in the best way possible for all concerned.  Then I visualize how my day will unfold in the best possible way.

This does not take me more than 15 minutes, but it has an amazing effect on my day. While this sounds very simple (and it is), it signals to the Universe as well, that my highest priority of the day is my own connection to Source, and my intention to serve Source in my highest possible way.

This also means that my work, and everything I do in my day is given my best effort, given my physical and emotional state on each particular day.  This is also honoring the Source with my own talents, to the best of my ability. We are not perfect, so some days we do better than others, but if we try our best no matter what, that is the important part.  Our intent counts for a lot.

I believe doing our best every day, is the best way to thank God for giving us life.  To do all the things in our lives, the best way we as individuals can, with our individual talents.  It is the celebration of our individual lives on Earth.  This is why Source put us here – to help others as best we can.

Control Yourself, Control Your Life

We are not in control of Universal events.  We can co-create and envision outcomes, but the Universe always takes care of HOW things happen.  But if we have peace inside, then we see that translate to our external events, and at the very least in how we deal with them.

The only thing you are in control of is yourself.  You can only really control your reactions to what is happening in your life. If you lose your inner focus, if you lose control over the only thing that your are in control of.  If you don’t have a personal sense of peace and calm, then the descent is into chaos.

As has been said in many law of attraction materials, your outer life reflects your inner life.  If you are peaceful and calm on the inside, it does not really matter what happens on the outside. With your peaceful interior, you are able to deal with external events in a calm way.  And quite soon, chaotic external events will come to reflect the peaceful inside of you.

It’s working for me so far.  It seems since I’ve taken care of myself and detached from the results, that things are moving along much more smoothly, with much less effort required on my part.

Peace and love to you.  Namaste.


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6 Responses to As Within, So Without

  1. I love this …. thank you for the reminder. And I think I will follow your lead and do my 15 minutes of thanks/connecting and see what comes up around it.

    HB2U, btw!

    Love ya

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Didn’t get it, but I really needed that 15 minutes this morning!! Let me know how that works for U.


  3. Mama Zen says:

    I need that time in the morning, too!

  4. conduitofjoy says:

    I needed it so badly this morning and didn’t get it, I actually had to give it to myself at noon! :)
    Funny how my day improved after that.

    Thanks for your comment.


  5. I believe that what we teach to others is what we usually most need to learn ourselves. Taking care of myself/learning to love myself is the best thing that I have ever done for me. It helps me to be authentic, to be the real me. Loving myself is the beginning of healing. Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier today.

  6. conduitofjoy says:

    Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. Amen sister. I’m striving for authenticity too.


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