Healing Journey for Leal the Dog

Healing Journey for Leal the Dog

While working on my own issues, I have continued to do journey readings for others.  What follows is a “healing journey” I did for a friend’s dog.  I received very specific instructions for real world actions to take in the healing of this dog.

Healing journeys are relatively new for me, and it is exciting to be able to do them. If you know of an animal (or even a person!) who can use some healing, email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com for my next available appointment.

Here’s a comment from Leal’s owner after she performed the journey instructions:

“Leal’s journey you did was a big turning point in his healing.  He had gone for acupuncture and a chiropractic adjustment that at first seemed to make things worse but then was slowly was getting better.  After I did the cornmeal offering the next day he seemed noticeably better and from that point forward was no longer slipping on the floors (symptom of the disease he has).  He finally seemed back to normal after all of the pain and stress.  He is doing really great.  I think it’s so amazing that some simple instructions in a journey could help so much, thanks Kara for your amazing gifts!

F. Crandall, Edmonton, Alberta                                             www.fearlessfaith.ca

Update on Leal as of July 21, 2010:

“Wow Kara, we went camping this past weekend and he was just like a normal dog, ran around the entire time. Here’s a picture of him enjoying our trip! It was so nice to see!”

Healing Instructions for Leal

Below is the journey that I did for Leal.

“When I journeyed for Leal, I asked “What can be done for Leal for his highest good?”

In my journeying place “I” appeared in a beautiful outfit, made of tawny, tan and brown feathers.  I had a feather Mohawk-type headdress.  I also had an ocelot beside me on a chain.  The ocelot was not upset about being on a chain, and we were both relaxed and waiting for the journey to begin.  I asked and was informed that the ocelot is Leal’s power animal.  My “costume” indicated that Leal had a connection to Mayan times (and I did as well).

I journeyed to the Upper World.  I felt the presence of Quetzecoatl, but I don’t think he appeared to me.  I asked for help for Leal.  A Mayan square-headed corn god, came out dancing a sacred dance, but didn’t speak or communicate in words with me.  He just danced and gave me the instructions.

The instructions he gave me were that his owner was to offer corn meal to the Earth on behalf of Leal, for his healing.  (It was recommended that she sprinkle some around her back yard, or wherever outside Leal likes to go.  She was told to offer thanks to the Earth for Leal’s health, and for all the Earth’s abundance to her always, while you are doing the sprinkling.)  The corn god’s instructions are that she should rub her spit along Leal’s body, from his ribs down into his hindquarters.  She should make sure she covers him with her spit all the way around, back and stomach.  Her spit is an offering of the “water of life”, and she is sharing hers with Leal.

The journey showed that Leal needed someone to do energy work on his 1st and 2nd chakras.  In the journey, I could see him standing up and his spine appeared to be clear, but starting right under his spine and continuing down his backside there was blockage. The blockage was cloudy and ran down his backside (bum, genitals) and all in his upper legs, hind quarters, and was blocking the connection to his hind feet.  (Nothing was indicated in his front legs, it seemed to be all in his back legs.)  These blockages should be cleared by someone doing energy work to clear his chakras for him.

I went to the Lower World, first into water and then into lava.  I went down a lava tube into the deep oceans (this is where the deep, deep wisdom of the Earth is).  I was given wisdom there by the lava tube worms.  (The lava tube worm’s wisdom was related to 2nd chakra issues (ruling the genitals).

They instructed that Leal’s owner should find black mud.  She was instructed to get enough black mud to coat Leal all the way around from his lower ribs, halfway down his back legs. She was instructed to cover his butt and genitals fully with black mud so they are coated.  Then she was instructed to keep him very warm with a blanket (maybe even electric blanket on top?).  She was to take him into a dark, dark room and sleep with him there for one night.  She was instructed to be very close to him while you sleep, preferably holding him in your arms, if possible.  No light should be in the room.

Before Leal’s owner goes to sleep, I was told she should call on her power animals to meet his ocelot. Her power animals and his power animal were supposed to meet.  Once that is done, she was told not to do any more energy work on Leal during his night of healing, only send him her love.

The message was that while both owner and dog were sleeping in the room Leal will decide if he will recover or not.  The decision is his, and once the treatment was followed, the dog was not supposed to be interfered with energetically, while he is deciding. His owner was told to send him only love.

The next morning, I believe Leal will either be much better or much worse.  That will be his choice.

I also worked on Leal energetically in the journey.  I was able to remove a bunch of stuff, but there was still a tiny piece on his left heel which I could not remove.  Leal appeared to be hanging onto it for some reason.  The stuff I removed was like “fatty cobwebs” and I could only melt it with very hot water, so it’s probably important to keep him warm during the night.”

Final Gifts of the Journey

After doing the journey, I did further research into the Mayan cosmology.  There were more fascinating deeper meanings tied to 1st and 2nd chakra issues, and how and why the Mayan energy was to be used to heal.  There were healing connections to the earth, and basic security issues.

Another amazing gift of this journey – a gift for me – was healing that also took place for me.  From this same information, I got insight for my own 1st and 2nd chakra issues.  It really is awe inspiring how we are all connected in this Web that we call life.

Thanks always to the Creator and all the Guides for the healing.  Thanks also to Leal for allowing me to work on him, and Fia for allowing me to share this.  I wish Leal continued healing.


Only one more journey appointment left this week.  Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com, to book an appointment.

Copyright 2010 : : Kara Thompson : : Conduit of Joy

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