Integrating Your Power and Purpose Program

Integrating Your Power and Purpose Program

I’m looking for a few “guinea-pigs” for a new intuitive coaching process I am working on.  Email me at, if you are interested.  This is a limited offer, so see if it works for you, and get back to me soon if it does.

The intent of this process is to go deeper than a one-off session, and integrate your power, to get closer to your authentic purpose.  Clients who want to make progress with an issue in their lives, can use this process to actually to address and resolve that issue, with the help of their own power animal/guides and me.  I get information from your power animal about your strengths, and then we work on using those strengths to take actions in your day-to-day life. We use your own unique strengths to address the issue, and integrate your strengths into your life permanently.  The purpose is to work towards resolve the outstanding issue for you.
This new program is four sessions: 

Week 1 - (1 hour for me, contemplation time by you)
You identify one issue/question you want to work on in your life.  I do a journey for you on that question to get information about the issue and also find out about your strengths, revealed by your power animal.  When I’ve completed the journey, I email it to you and you sit with it to think about it, and how you might like to work with your strengths and tackle your issue.
Week 2 - (45 minute call)
We chat for 45 minutes by phone about your journey.  We pick three of your strengths revealed by your power animal, that you want to work with in your life to address the issue you identified.  We pick three specific actions you will take to address this issue, in the next week.
Week 3 - (45 minute call)
We touch base in a 45 minute call and discuss how the actions in your life went.  We figure out if you want to modify them, or improve them for your best growth.  We look at the reactions to your actions.  We come up with three more goals for you to accomplish in the next week to fully integrate your strengths into the issue in your life.
Week 4 - (30 minute journey, 45 minute call)
I do another journey for you prior to our last session, to energetically “see” how your journey has gone.  Then we talk for the final time about how you can continue to use your strengths. We celebrate the actions you’ve taken, and discuss strategies to help you continue to tackle other issues that may come up in your life with what you’ve learned about your strengths.

Since I this is also a learning experience for me, I will likely ask you deeper questions about your preferences, what resources from me would help you most, etc.  As I will be going deeper into your needs, I think it will be a great learning experience for both of us.

(This session includes two in-depth journeys, plus the other coaching, and since I normally charge $120 per in-depth journey, it is a good deal.)

Price: $240 for 4 weeks

Once this intuitive coaching process is offered as a regular program on my blog, the price will likely double, so if you want to take advantage of it, please take advantage of it now.  Once I have received enough responses, I will close this offer.

(Even if you wish to schedule this coaching for a few weeks or a month away, I can lock in the price for you now.)

Please email me at, as soon as are know if this works for you.

Looking forward to working with you make your life better!


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