“Coming Out of the Psychic Closet” Interviews: Lisa Wechtenhiser

As I said on my last post, September is “Coming Out of the Psychic Closet” month here on Conduit of Joy. We welcome all psychics, healers, intuitives, six-sensories, channellers - we love and accept you here.  We applaud authenticity, and encourage you to be yourself, fully and completely.

Today, I’m publishing the second interview, in a set of interviews from intuitive folks who inspire me.  As I said before, each of the interviewees featured is a gifted psychic, and a teacher to other psychics.  I’m touched that each of these intuitives chose to participate in this project and thank each one of them for sharing so openly of their experiences.  Apart from their psychic gifts, the fact that each one of these people is genuinely and authentically themselves, is a huge gift to the world.

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Today, I introduce Lisa Wechtenhiser, the author of www.practicallyintuitive.com.  It is hard for me to be totally objective about Lisa, as she is a good friend, and I think she is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but I’ll try.

Lisa offers individual intuitive readings, as well as intuitive email and phone coaching. Lisa’s style of reading blows me away, as her clairaudience is instantaneous. This means while she is talking to you, she can also ask your guides questions and hear the answers instantaneously.  I have had the benefit of her gifts in several readings myself.  Her messages are not only accurate, but she gave me information from my guides I could use in my life immediately, in a very concrete way.  She is also a very funny, caring, down-to-earth person.

Visit her blog www.practicallyintuitive.com to get a reading.

Do you have specific “super powers” (ie. clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.)?

I am clairaudient which means I can hear guidance as clearly as if they were speaking to me in person.  As an empath, I can feel emotions that belong to others as well which often helps me when I am doing a reading for someone – I can “get inside” their emotions and know what they can’t really put into words.

What general label to do you use for your “super powers”? (intuitive, psychic, etc.) Why did you chose this term?

I consider myself an intuitive counselor because I use these skills in service to others.  I chose the term because it doesn’t come with the same baggage that the word “psychic” does and because there really is a lot of counseling-type interactions that go on with my work.

Do you believe you were intuitive/psychic as a child?

I was always very sensitive and picked up feelings of others easily (in particular, my mom) but thought everyone did that.  My mom was extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and it was just something that came naturally to both of is.

What kinds of experiences made you think this?

I was easily moved as a child – and knew what was going on with others even when none of it was spoken.  (I was so sensitive that I wasn’t allowed to watch Lassie because I cried myself into a frenzy at the end of the show where Lassie paws the screen as if waving goodbye.)

Was your family aware of and/or accepting of your psychic abilities?

Because my mom’s “abilities” were a given in our family, no one was surprised that I had some of those same skills – at least when I got older and understood them.  Early on, I was just known as “the sensitive one”.

Who was the first person you told that you thought you were psychic?

I don’t recall telling anyone – it was just something I knew I was and that was it.  I do think that being around my mom and understanding the connection between what she felt was going on and what WAS going on made it seem as if it was no big deal so I felt no need to proclaim it.

When did you fully accept that you were psychic?

I think it was about eight years ago when I started jumping into healing work in a big way learning Healing Touch.  “Stuff” from others just came to me and I mingled with others who didn’t have as pronounced a skill set and it dawned on me that this wasn’t something everyone had to the same degree I did,

Was there a turning point that made you accept your psychic gifts? If so, what was it?

Hearing my cats speak to me was pretty big.  :-)

Are you fully out of the psychic closet today? If yes, why. If no, why not.

Absolutely.  It’s who I am, it’s what I do.  I don’t go around telling people that when we first meet but if you know me for any length of time, you will come to know that I have these interesting skills and just sort of “know” stuff.

What was the worst reaction you ever got after telling someone you were psychic?

My cousin is a hardcore Evangelical Christian and believes I am doing the work of Satan and tells me so loudly. Stepping up to her challenge and telling her that she had no right to judge MY path working with God was a big turning point because it showed me that while I often keep quiet when others speak about certain things, I would brook no judgment of my work. I drew a line in the sand and it felt good.

What was the best reaction?

The best reactions are when I bring through information that helps clarify something for someone and they are able to take what they need from it.

How do you feel now about being psychic?

I really like it – it’s who I am and I am comfortable with it. Plus, it’s kind of off the beaten path and people are curious about it.  I like sharing that information and educating others who ask me about it.

What would you recommend to other psychics who are “coming out of the psychic closet”?

Always remember that you do this work in service to humanity and don’t be cowed by the judgment of others.  Be who you are and be it proudly!

What was one thing you feared about coming out that never materialized?

Early on, concerns I would be judged and made to feel like I’m doing a bad thing.  I was judged, yes, but have never, not once, felt that I was doing something bad.

What advice do you have for anyone else who is considering “coming out of the psychic closet”?

Do what feels comfortable to YOU.  You don’t have to keep up with anyone or measure your work by that of another.  Just be you – the very best you you can be and that’s enough.

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Thanks so much to Lisa. If you have a “coming out of the psychic closet” story to share, please feel free to post it here.

You can also get a reading here, as always, whether you are an intuitive or not…. Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.

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24 Responses to “Coming Out of the Psychic Closet” Interviews: Lisa Wechtenhiser

  1. Kara,

    Thanks for sharing my psychic side here – I enjoyed answering the questions and when I look back on my answers again it reminds me all the more that this is my path and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

    I’m happy to be in such good company with you and Anna.

  2. Eliza says:

    Intuitive counselor. I like that description. I too am finally able to put my life long talents to use serving others (it’s an incredibly wonderful and humbling experience), but have been struggling with what to tell people I am. I was using spiritual advisor, but that really isn’t quite right. Intuitive counselor is bang on.

    Interestingly, I was just taking a break from designing another workshop, when I popped over here in a round about way from Patricia’s Wisdom to Lisa’s site to here. Of course, it was meant to happen exactly like that :-)

    Fantastic interview, and I have subscribed to both Lisa’s site and Conduit of Joy!

  3. conduitofjoy says:


    I’m glad your answers reaffirmed that for you again. You have a great gift, the world is lucky to have you!

    I am honored just to be associated with all those I interviewed.


  4. conduitofjoy says:


    I’m so glad you found a term that fits for you. The question of “what to call oneself” I think is a tricky one for many people. Finding a term that fits you comfortably, and also tells people what it is that you do is important. I think it is important for all of “us” to help each other, no matter what we are called.

    Great to have you here and as a subscriber! Please share your coming out of the psychic closet experience if you want!

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  6. Kara,
    This was a wonderful and enlightening interview with Lisa.
    Lisa it’s so good to finally “see” you too!
    I find Lisa’s clairaudience to be amazing. What a precious gift!
    One of my other friends is amazingly clairaudient also, and we often laugh that between my clairvoyance and her clairaudience we’d make one superstar psychic!
    Keep on rockin’ Lisa!

  7. Joy says:

    I’m glad to see your series here..

    Hi Lisa,
    I *love* this interview..so light, so fresh..so *you*…
    There will be reactions to anything one chooses to pursue..so I say follow your heart, live a life of bliss while sharing with others..and release the reactions, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’..just labels really…
    You connect heart to heart..and you See..so keep connecting as you do, and watch your life blossom in extraordinary ways:) As you share, you inspire others…such a beauty filled cycle…

  8. Sara says:

    Kara — I love that you are doing these interviews about psychic and/or intuitive people. It’s sometimes a subject that people believe is too “out there.” Not me, I have seen and experienced the work of a good intuitive and it was amazing. I love that you are letting me know about many others, including Lisa.

    Lisa — Like Eliza, I came from Patricia’s site to your site and now here…and I’m glad I did. I’ve been noticing your avatar and the name of your site for some time as I travel the blogosphere. I loved this interview, especially the part about the “cats speaking to you” :~) It’s nice that you had your mom to help you recognize and appreciate your gifts.

    I also liked that you focused on the healing aspect of your work. I’m a believer that there are so many paths available to us for healing, if we are willing to open our minds and hearts to them. Thanks for sharing your gifts and helping others:~)

  9. conduitofjoy says:

    Sara, thanks for your kinds words. I love interviewing people! The interviewee’s answers helped me out, and I hope they will help out others in the process of “coming out”.


  10. conduitofjoy says:

    Glad I could help people “see” Lisa a little better. :) Her clairaudience amazes me too…probably because that’s not my forte either. Together our synergies do make us “supers”!


  11. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Joy, I’m thinking you meant to say “Kara” instead of “Eliza”… I’m glad Lisa’s sparkling personality came through this interview.


  12. Patricia says:

    Oh I am so glad folks came over to visit and meet Lisa and what a great interview from both of you – thank you for sharing.

    I am just attempting to do it all….and see what works for me….I keep working at just feeling the raining down of my abundance and funds….still concerned about that clear plastic umbrella blocking my view…

    Lisa your suggestion of the MMM course has just moved my worry levels down to zero…I am not sure I am fully understanding, but thought I would just do it again for the new month…

    I think I like being open to opportunities and possibilities – that is exciting for me…

    I do have one worry from working with the two of you…Kara you said the giant said I can just have the money if I make myself bigger…I think my brain is saying that means stay heavy in weight???but I think it is in there “Like throw your weight around” but I am worried because I am stuck again…and the test results are elevating…fatigue is back….

    I can feel the feelings, but can not find the toad’s answers????
    not flowing

  13. Patricia says:

    I forgot to say I loved seeing your picture Lisa :) and the art at the top of the page…super

  14. Hey! My buddies are here! (Waves to Joy and Angela!) and hi to some new friends as well (Sara and Eliza). Thanks for all the nice comments. I totally wouldn’t be me if I lost my intuitive/psychic/clairaudient skills because they are so much a part of who I am. Just like Anna and Kara (and maybe a few of you, too?), it’s just me.

    I often tell others that I’m just a dorky 12 year old at heart who can talk to angels. (“She talks to angels. Says they call her out by her name.”)

    Here’s a cute story – my cat Midjull (RIP Midgie) was the first one I heard and here’s what he said: “I am a cat. I’m a cat. A cat. Yes I am.” – that cracked me up because he was such a doofus that if he could talk, that’s totally what he would have said. I miss him, my sweet little familiar. :)

  15. Eliza says:

    My coming out story … hmmmm … I don’t think I was ever in the closet :-) My experiences have always been accepted by my family, and when my 2 brothers & I were young adults, we compared notes and discovered we shared the same experiences. My children, now young adults themselves, are quite open about their own experiences.

    I would say it is more of a case of growing in wisdom and confidence to a point where I consider myself to be in the crone stage. It is this point in a woman’s life she is ready to turn around and mentor other women to delve into their own natural gifts.

    To do this, I am currently running workshops on developing innate intuition, and will be adding one-on-one card readings, as well as workshops on tarot and chakras. And whatever other creative idea pops into my head as time goes on!

    Bottom line, I am absolutely passionate about women embracing their own intuitive and psychic powers. We all have them; we don’t all use them. This is a shame, because it makes our existence so much richer and truly is a ‘conduit of joy’ :-)

  16. conduitofjoy says:

    You are lucky you have always been able to be “out”! Like you, it was also about finally getting the confidence to be who I am really am too, and hopefully mentor other women.

    I applaud your efforts, as I am also passionate about women embracing their gifts. Keep on guiding with your silver and grace!


  17. I’m so glad to see that you’ve included Lisa in your interview series. Lisa and I have burned through some cell phone minutes many times — I wonder if that may be a clairaudient thing?

    @Lisa: Well said, my friend.
    @Kara: Again, great series concept. A pleasure to read these (I’ll have to come up with a fresh compliment…)

    Blessings to you both!

  18. conduitofjoy says:

    Slade, happy to have compliments from you of any type, any time!


  19. Steven H says:

    I just started reading Lisa’s blog recently so I got referred here (and got to learn a lot more about her and her work!)

    Very interesting stuff. This particular answer had me thinking a bit:

    “As an empath, I can feel emotions that belong to others as well which often helps me when I am doing a reading for someone – I can “get inside” their emotions and know what they can’t really put into words.”

    I think we can all experience empathy to some extent, some more than others, but it can also be exercised through meditation and compassionate acts.

    I was wondering do you think psychic ability can be exercised and learned (even for people who don’t have any prior signs)?

    Also, do any of you psychics work with businessmen to help build intuitive/creative mindsets (such as for marketing, or product-building, or business strategy)?


  20. conduitofjoy says:


    Since everyone is naturally psychic, I believe, and I think most others like me believe, that anyone and everyone can develop their psychic abilities as much as they want to. Many people I know who are know intuitive practitioners(including myself) had our abilities shut down for years, or weren’t aware of them at all, prior to developing them.

    There are many blogs/websites that offer free articles on psychic development, as well as programs. The ones I can think of off the top of my head and would highly recommend are:


    I’m not sure of any psychics that have specifically targetted products to build intuitive/creative mindsets for the corporate world. However, since Lisa and I both have day jobs in the corporate business world, perhaps we could explore further what you are after, and either work with you or point you to someone else that we know of. Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com if you’d like to connect further. I know I use my abilities on the job whenever I can, particularly when prioritizing work, or in the “grey areas”!


  21. Patti Foy says:

    Hi Kara, and hello again Lisa (I just came here from your blog where I left a comment)!

    Wonderful interview, thank you to both of you. Kara, I just read your “about” and can’t believe how much we have in common, and I, too, especially enjoy interacting with synchronicities, signs, and symbols; in fact I was going to make my whole blog about that but decided that would be too narrow. And Lisa, I have to tell you, when I was looking for a URL for my blog, practicallyintuitive.com was one of the first ones I checked on. Good move, nabbing that one!

    I think I am pretty well out of the closet. I’ve flung the door wide open with the recent creation of my blog. (Can you believe I’ve been practicing jyotish and channeling without hardly telling anyone? That gets tricky!) For some reason, I feel compelled to live more authentically lately than I ever have. Argh, what’s up with that?! It may be that I have recently had to face some harsh realities that have given me a more clear perspective on what’s important. Or maybe it’s just that I am older, er, wiser, ha ha! In reality, I’m sure it’s some of all of the above, and ultimately it’s who I am. Besides, it sure is freeing and very fun besides!

    Anyway, I am so grateful for ladies like you and everyone who’s commented. I love the earthiness here and think it will go a long way toward showing mainstream that intuition is a natural ability that can enhance everyone’s lives.

    I look forward to visiting again. Cheers!

  22. conduitofjoy says:

    Thank you for so much love! Good for you for coming out and living authentically. I am still working on integrating my day job side, and my intuitive side, one step at a time. I particularly appreciated your comment about the earthiness showing the mainstream that intuition is only to be embraced. I feel very strongly about helping that happen.

    I get so encouraged by encouragement by others like you that have so much to offer. If you think of a signs/symbols project that you would like to collaborate on, I’m all ears!


  23. Rei Williams says:

    Wow! I love the interview, and love this blog! Lisa, I have seen you around a bit, and it was lovely getting to know more about your path. I LOVE the idea of a month for psychics to “come out” – really beautiful!

    I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this blog sooner. But it’s great!

    I’ve been moving into greater authenticity myself. There wasn’t room for much intuition in my career path before. So… I’m listening to my heart about it. Exciting stuff!

    It’s nice to see how much things just flow, when we get out of our own way.

  24. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks! I love the fact that now we are in month two of “Psychics Coming Out”! Yay to authenticity. :) Every day I’m still working on getting out of my own way…


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