The Sweetness of the End

While October is still “Coming Out of the Psychic Closet” month, I decided to switch things up a little.  I’m running this post, then it will be back to the interviews.  There are three more interviews coming up, with perhaps one or two posts interspersed.

To all my readers, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  I am truly thankful to have you all here sharing with me in this adventure…

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The Sweetness of the End

All things end.  This is one of reasons we value something – it must be enjoyed now, as it may vanish.  This goes for ice cream sundaes, summer, friendships, and ultimately our physical lives.   If things lasted forever, they wouldn’t be precious to us, we would take them for granted.

We act like we will live forever, not remembering in our day-to-day lives that our physical existence could suddenly be cut short, in an instant. To quote Bonnie Raitt “Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste…”

I had pause to reflect on this lately.  An elderly friend who is dying, phoned me from the hospital.  She requested that I bring her a piece of apple pie.  I had to fight exasperation as she described what she hungered for.  Didn’t she know how busy I was today?   “I’d love a pie that’s full of somebody’s own apples, they taste better that way.”   She was probably also hungering for a day from her youth, where people like me weren’t too busy to make a pie.  I was stopped in my tracks.  I realized at that moment, not only that there were more important things than my to-do list, but that the little things, like eating a piece of pie, must truly be savoured. I remember that from moment to moment, we must truly savour and appreciate what it is that we are given.  I imagined how sweet that pie would taste to her, knowing it would be one of her last. She eventually got her pie, and I got a wake-up call to living the present moment.

Sometimes we are plagued with the over-abundance that we experience in our lives, particularly in the Western world.  We have so much, that we can become overwhelmed.  Because we have so much, we can’t appreciate all of it.  We take our abundance for granted.

But when our choices are suddenly limited by time, we are liberated.  Savouring each single moment we have left to live, liberates us to taste the Divine Spark in a piece of pie. By fully inhabiting ourselves in the present moment, we are living our lives to the fullest. We are remembering why we are here. We are here on Earth to fully experience the beauty and the joy of this world, every single second that we are able to.  That is why we have all the wonderful senses that we have.

It’s hard when we are in the midst of our daily lives to think of each moment as precious.  That is why an ending, big or small, can be a wake-up call to be fully alive and fully inhabiting our Selves RIGHT NOW. Anything that brings us back into the moment, back into the gratitude for all the abundance we have, just by virtue of being alive on this Earth right now, reminds us of our Divinity. Our gratitude  reminds us that we are all One.  Everything existing here, right now, are all part of the one big cosmic Party.

It’s fall here, and the trees outside are covered in golden leaves today.  It is unseasonably warm.  The sunshine and the warmth seemed extra sweet, as the weather here at this time of year is hardly ever this warm.  Soon the days will be shockingly cold, and dark for months and months.  In a few months when the snow billows and the temperature falls to bitingly cold, it will be unfathomable that a day like this could have ever existed.

So I am treasuring each minute today.  I am savouring the sweetness of this last day of warm weather, knowing there may not be another like this for at least six months.  The fact that this day with its unseasonable warmness, the bright blue sky above and the shining golden leaves all around me, came about at all, given our harsh fall season, makes me relish my mere existence even more.

Was there precious moment  lately of something that you knew would end that filled you with joy nonetheless? Was there a bitter-sweet moment that made you glad to be alive and experiencing it?  Please share here!


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3 Responses to The Sweetness of the End

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  2. Patti Foy says:

    Hi Kara,

    What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post. Thank you!

    I love your pie story, and it reminds me of a similar situation I found myself in where my sweet friend Earnie was dying as well. He loved ice cream and he damn well wanted some! (I think he was desperately thirsty, and the nurses were being stingy with the ice cubes.) Of course, no one would let him have ice cream since he was a diabetic. I thank God to this day that I did not waste a moment in dashing off to the store to buy some sugar-free ice cream for him. He relished every slurp as he gobbled it down. Little did I know that I got it to him none too soon, as he would be gone before the next day. That was as precious a moment for me as it was for him… or maybe moreso.

    More recently? Well, there’s now! I’m getting to sit here on my sweet little netbook and comment on a blog post that warmed my heart, written by a generous lady whom I’ve been priveleged to discover. I’d say that’s pretty swell. (In fact, you’ve sparked so many little a-ha’s that I’ve written a Kara-inspired post myself! Come see!)

    OH, and I can’t forget, I’m getting to enjoy weather quite like yours. Fantastic, isn’t it?!

    Lots of blessings!

  3. conduitofjoy says:

    Wow! and in turn, let me thank you for your reminding me that life’s every moments, like the one I spent reading your comment, and post, make me very grateful that I am right here on this Earth, right now.

    Much love to you,

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