“Coming Out of the Psychic Closet”: Charlene Murphy

Welcome back to the psychic interviews!! October is still Coming Out of the Closet month on this blog, so the interviews with psychics continue.

Next up is Charlene Murphy.  I came upon Charlene’s site awhile ago, and was not only intrigued by her work, but also the fact that after 20 years of being a psychic, she decided to finally come out publically.

Charlene is a psychic intuitive, Reconnective Healing practitioner, teacher, coach and writer. She has trained and studied under well-known psychic intuitives. She offers private and over-the-phone intuitive readings, in which she receives specific and detailed messages directly from your Spirit Guides. She is all about practical intuitive advice.

Her site can be found here at www.charlenemurphy.com.

Enjoy the interview with Charlene!

Do you have specific “super powers” (ie. clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.)?

I think we all have these psychic senses. I experience all of the “clairs”, but I’d have to say my strongest sense is clairaudience followed by claircognizance (clear knowing – seemingly out of the blue)

What general label to do you use for your “super powers”?  (intuitive, psychic, etc.) Why did you chose this term?

I use the word psychic to demystify and normalize it. Like I said, we all have psychic senses… the senses beyond the basic five senses. They are as natural as air.

Do you believe you were intuitive/psychic as a child?

Of course. We are all mostly psychic at childhood. It is our social conditioning that drowns it out.

What kinds of experiences made you think this?

Like all children, I felt things about people… if I liked them, if they were fake, if they were mean… despite their words or actions. I knew. I still do.

Was your family aware of and/or accepting of your psychic abilities?

My household was very open to Angels, auras, spirits, God. I grew up in a very spiritual home and so called “supernatural” occurrences were of the norm.

Who was the first person you told that you thought you were psychic?

My sister and I knew at a young age that we psychically read each other. Today, I’d call that telepathic, which falls under psychic senses.

What was their reaction?

It’s always been accepted as normal. We didn’t make a big deal out of it, think it was special or super-powers. We believed that everyone had psychic senses. Some people are aware of them. Others are not. But they are always there – waiting to be awakened!

When did you fully accept that you were psychic?

When I was 22, I realized that not everyone was as aware of their psychic senses than I was. That was the big difference. I always accepted it, but began being more quiet about it because I began to learn that it freaked people out. So, I went into the closet, so to speak.

Was there a turning point that made you accept your psychic gifts? If so, what was it?

Like I said, I always accepted my psychic awareness. It wasn’t until just this year that I decided to come out of the psychic closet to help people develop their sleeping psychic senses. I’ve realized over the years that I’ve taken my awareness for granted. Now I feel compelled to help others wake up, so that they can live purposeful and peaceful lives full of magic and meaning. People are so stuck and I feel a big need to help set their spirits free. Life is so easy and graceful when you choose to live on the psychic path. It’s so much fun! I want that for everyone!

Are you fully out of the psychic closet today?  If yes, why.  If no, why not.

Oh, yes! I must. I’m fully transparent and serve as an example of a spiritual being having a human experience. I’m happy to shine and share the truth of who we really are.

What was the worst reaction you ever got after telling someone you were psychic?

If people aren’t ready to hear it, which sometimes happens, I see them panic a bit and then either keep talking or change the subject, but NEVER acknowledging it. It’s quite funny, really. I don’t push it because it is clear that they are uncomfortable.

What was the best reaction?

My favorite reaction is when I meet another person who is awake and aware of their psychic senses. It’s like a homecoming! Very magical moments because we both know that we attracted each other and validate one another.

How do you feel now about being psychic?

I love it. I’m glad to be out and helping others develop their psychic-ness! Having this awareness makes life a lot easier. It naturally builds a person’s self esteem, confidence and ability to make correct decisions for themselves – quickly and fearlessly.

What would you recommend to other psychics who are “coming out of the psychic closet”?

Don’t hesitate. Jump right out of that closet. Read some good books, exercise your abilities, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. Don’t take this so seriously and know that it is your natural state of being.

What was one thing you feared about coming out that never materialized?

I did think my kids might think I’m a bit of a whack for going public, but they totally support me. Coming out only validated THEM more and now they are more verbal and accepting of their gifts.

What advice do you have for anyone else who is considering “coming out of the psychic closet”?

Do it! Shine brightly – because when you do, it gives others around you to do the same.

Thanks Charlene.


Are you coming out of the psychic closet yourself – need some confirmations?  Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com, and we can make a plan.

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3 Responses to “Coming Out of the Psychic Closet”: Charlene Murphy

  1. RedMango says:

    Very nice post!

  2. Kara – Kudos to you for this encouraging interview. I’m sure it will be the nudge that many of your readers with extraordinary talents need in order to find the confidence to come out. It’s sure difficult to express authentically when no one knows what we can offer.

  3. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks Tom. I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who have a high level of psychic ability, but who don’t advertise it. They just weave it into whatever service they are offering – their clients don’t even realize what a “value-added” service they are getting!


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