“Coming Out of the Psychic Closet”: Erin Pavlina

This week’s interview is with Erin Pavlina.

Erin is a psychic medium and intuitive counselor who offers intuitive readings. Erin is also a medium and can often connect with deceased loved ones and relay their healing messages.

Erin has a popular blog which you can reach here.

Erin has previously written about her psychic “coming out” experiences in various posts on her blog.  I love this post she wrote about how to deal with public criticism as an intuitive.  It is really a beautiful manifesto on how to conduct one’s intuitive work with integrity, compassion and fearlessness, which you can view here.

Enjoy the interview with Erin!

Do you have specific “super powers” (ie. clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.)?

My dominant modalities are clairvoyance and clairaudience.  I occasionally get clairsentient feelings, especially when deceased people let me “feel” how they died, but it’s not terribly comfortable, so I prefer just seeing and hearing.  As I get going in a reading and have established contact with a person’s guides, I also am more claircognizant.

What general label to do you use for your “super powers”?  (intuitive, psychic, etc.) Why did you chose this term?

I started out calling myself a psychic medium, but the connotation of those words can bring out the stereotypes.  What I really do is intuitive counseling, so I’ve taken to calling myself an intuitive counselor.  During my readings I don’t just tell people what happened to them and what’s going to happen to them, I help them sort through their options with insight and wisdom from their guides so that my clients are free to choose the path that most empowers them.  I also refer to myself as a professional intuitive.  To me that sounds a little less “hokey” than psychic medium.

Do you believe you were intuitive/psychic as a child?

Definitely.  From the age of four I started having precognitive dreams, visits from deceased relatives, and sometimes I would just know when something major was about to happen.  My family all knew there was something a little different about me, but they took it in stride and were very supportive.

What kinds of experiences made you think this?

I’ll relate a story that illustrates a precognitive event.  When I was a young pre-teen, I remember driving with my mom to the grocery store and suddenly I said, “Mom we need to buy flashlights.  We have to buy them today, right now!”  She was surprised by my insistence but bought three flashlights.  Later that night my parents went out to dinner and left all three of us kids home alone.  There was a blackout and we all just happened to be holding our brand new flashlights.  We huddled under the covers until my parents got home.

Was your family aware of and/or accepting of your psychic abilities?

Yes, definitely.  I’m very lucky to have a very supportive family.  From an early age and to the time I declared I was going to be a professional intuitive they have been supportive and very proud of me.  Initially my parents told everyone about what I do, but they met with a lot of resistance from some of their friends who think all psychics are frauds and charlatans preying on the weak and vulnerable.  So now they are more selective when discussing what I do with others.

Who was the first person you told that you thought you were psychic?

I’ve been talking about my psychic abilities since childhood, but when I decided to become a professional psychic I was already writing a blog.  I think I shared the news in my blog and had people lined up to get a reading with me.  It was a humbling and slightly terrifying experience to head into uncharted terrain.

What was their reaction?

My blog readers were extremely supportive.  I blogged about all of my early experiences learning to do readings for others.  I wanted to demystify the process so people would know that psychic abilities are normal, it’s just about the level to which you want to train the abilities that differentiates professionals from non-professionals.

When did you fully accept that you were psychic?

I had just finished filming an episode of the Criss Angel MindFreak show where I and a paranormal investigation team had gone to a haunted hotel in Death Valley to do some filming.  So many wonderful things happened during the filming, and I remember when we were driving home I was having a conversation with my guides.  I said, “Did that just really happen?  Did I really connect with deceased energies over there?”  My guides replied, “Yes.”  I said, “I just can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I’m this psychic.”  They replied, “Doreen Virtue will confirm it for you.”  I thought that was pretty specific.

Three days later I was at Hay House’s “I Can Do It” conference.  I signed up for Doreen Virtue’s all day workshop, thinking something she said would confirm for me that I was really psychic.  But nothing happened.  On the last day, however, Doreen was doing a keynote address in front of thousands of people and she decided to do a few live readings.  I tentatively raised my hand, and even though there were hundreds of people jumping around trying to get her to pick them, she looked me right in the eye, pointed at me and said, “You. I have to read for you.”  I stood up, my hands shaking so badly I could barely hold the microphone.  She said, “You are psychic.  Very psychic.  Stop questioning it.”  I almost fainted.  Right there in front of thousands of people she gave me the confirmation my guides said she would.  I remember sitting down and saying to my friends, “Well I guess I’m psychic.”

Was there a turning point that made you accept your psychic gifts? If so, what was it?

The day I put readings into my online shopping cart was the day I accepted that I was going to be a professional intuitive.  I knew I was going down a road that was very public and came with a ton of responsibility.  But I felt fully capable of handling that responsibility.

Are you fully out of the psychic closet today?  If yes, why.  If no, why not.

Since I’m so public I can’t really be in the closet.  A Google search reveals all! But if I’m out and about and people don’t recognize me, then sometimes if my profession comes up I say I’m a blogger, a speaker, a writer, etc.  I discern whether I think they can handle “professional intuitive” and go from there.

What was the worst reaction you ever got after telling someone you were psychic?

In public I haven’t gotten too many bad reactions.  By email though, I get scathing letters all the time from people I don’t know who have never met me who tell me I either work for Satan or that I’m a criminal.  I’ve learned that it’s their issue, not mine, and to just leave them to their opinions.

What was the best reaction?

I have super supportive fans so I’d have to say that by and large the constant support I receive from them is the best reaction I’ve had.  Knowing that I’m helping thousands of people is extremely rewarding.  Helping people is all I’ve ever wanted to do and I feel great knowing I’m making a positive difference in the lives of so many.

How do you feel now about being psychic?

Awesome!  I wish everyone would tap into their psychic abilities and realize the vast resource they have at their fingertips.  It makes life that much easier.

What would you recommend to other psychics who are “coming out of the psychic closet”?

When you are confident and sure of yourself and your abilities, then coming out of the closet will be easier.  If you are unsure of yourself or where your abilities come from, people will pick up on your uncertainty and it will be harder to stand firm in your conviction.

What was one thing you feared about coming out that never materialized?

I thought it would be harder for me to be open about who I am and what I do, but as it turns out, I’m very proud of what I do, so it’s not difficult to express that.

What advice do you have for anyone else who is considering “coming out of the psychic closet”?

Be true to yourself, let others have whatever opinions they will have.  When you feel certain and strong you will step into your power and coming out will feel very natural.  And if people have a problem with you or what you do, remember that it’s their problem not yours.

Thank you very much Erin.


I’m still here, and you can always email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com if you would like a reading.

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