Soul Sisters Podcast

Hello readers,

I am very happy to share the second podcast of the “Soul Sisters” - myself and Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Lisa is a great intuitive, and has a lovely voice to listen to, and together you get the combined synergy of both of us!  Click below for a listen. (Our first podcast is also there, for your listening pleasure.) 

The topic for this podcast is: “Signs signs everywhere are signs …” It’s all about the different ways in which guidance shows up in your life.  It’s 22 minutes long, and at the end there’s a teaser for our next podcast, where we are inviting our readers to participate.  I’ll email out more details closer to the time we are producing the third podcast.

It’s a great sign that you are here, and likely means you are supposed to listen.  *wink*

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, or anything else you want to say in the comments below.

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