Happy Grounding Day!

Who is this little fella you ask? Why it’s the noble groundhog, who surprisingly we celebrate once a year - today- on February 2, Groundhog Day.

He is here to help you and I to remember how to ground.  I’ve been getting a lot of nudges about my need to ground, which is something that I “know” that I need to do, but that I sometimes forget.

What is grounding? The below explanation is a good one, because it stresses the balance aspect of grounding.

“Grounding is the process by which we maintain an appropriate energy charge by releasing any energy which would constitute an excessive charge within the systems of the body, emotions, mind, etc. (By analogy, our home’s electrical circuits are grounded to dismiss the extra electricity.)”

Just like electricity in your house, you’ve got to balance the energies within your body or you will short out, just like the fuses in your house.

So in a nutshell, for your subtle energy systems, grounding is pretty much any activity that brings your energies back into alignment. This usually means you must balance your upper chakra energies with your lower chakra energies, which are tied to earth energy.

Why do we need to ground? Because our lives are all about BALANCE.

We need a balance of all of our chakras’ energies to function optimally. If we spend too much time at certain energy vibrations without being in balance with all, our bodies and our minds get really out of whack.

Being ungrounded can especially be a problem for intuitives, or those who spent a lot of time in intellectual pursuits. These types of peoples are comfortable hanging around in the upper parts of their bodies, like their third eyes, and inside their heads, but may not pay much attention to their bodies or the world around them.

The problem is that intuition and intellect which is not grounded becomes wonky. A little ungroundedness can feel like spaciness, or head-fuzz, headaches or lack of concentration. But if your intuition becomes really ungrounded it can affect your personality, make you paranoid, or feel like you are in a daze all the time. Your physical symptoms might include stress, anxiety and not being able to feel parts of your body.

In short, when you are really out of balance your intuition can become UNRELIABLE. And if it is your main guidance system that is not good.

How do you ground? To ground you can do anything that brings you back into alignment with your first two chakras (basic physical security/emotions). This usually involves being aware of being present in your body. Good “no-brainer” grounding activities are:

 1. Sex – If you aren’t in your body during sex, you are doing something wrong. Plus it is free and fun.

2. Eating (particularly protein) – This is a good instant fix for emergencies, but it is easy to become overweight if you aren’t grounding in other ways.

3. Exercise – This naturally brings you back into your body, and makes you aware of all the parts of your body.

4. Cleaning your house – Cleaning gets you into your body, (plus it makes you happy because your house is clean).

Other good grounding techniques are things which help tie you to earth energies:

5. Being in nature – Walking or any other activities in a park, ravine or anywhere else you are surrounded by trees, grass, and animals are excellent grounders.

6. Hug a tree – I know this is repeating number 4, but it’s an easy fix.

7. Bathing/swimming – Again, bathing brings you right back into your body and helps you remember you exist on Earth.

8. Bare feet on earth – It gets your body energy directly in touch with earth energy, literally. 

Another grounding category is doing visualizations of yourself connecting with Earth energies. There are lots of good grounding meditations, but here are a couple of quickies:

9. Put on a bonnet – Picture yourself wearing an old-fashioned bonnet which is bringing your higher chakras down into your head. Then tie it under your chin. You have just brought your higher chakra energies back in.

10. Remember your root – Imagine your root joining you to the Earth’s energies, is coming out the bottom of your spine. Whenever you breathe in, breathe in the higher chakra energies in through the top of your head, through your body and down through your root which goes into the Earth. Picture your root advancing deeper and deeper down through the layers of earth until your root is deeply tapped in.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

When we become unbalanced, sometimes our guides have to use a harsh physical signs, to help us get back into balance, if we can’t get there ourselves. Let me use myself as a recent example.

Last weekend, I spent alot of time expanding my intuitive abilities and also doing a lot of intellectual, planning types of activities with my husband about his new business. This meant I was spending a lot of time in my upper chakras (consciousness/third eye/communication), and not much time in my lower chakras.

It felt good to feel “high” and happy, but I wasn’t paying much attention to eating or exercise, or my daily routine of spritzing with salt water.

So last night while bathing my kids, it was apparently decided that I needed a “slap upside the head” about getting back into my body. The shower rod came down and whacked me in the back of the head.

I was back in my body immediately, focusing on the pain in my head. I literally couldn’t ignore my body anymore. I had to pay lots and lots of attention to how my body felt. I had to stop and rest and think about my body.

Today I am still a little fuzzy-headed, but I am now paying attention again as to how I need to be grounding consciously every day. (Please guides don’t whack me again, I’ll try and remember this time. Please remind me next time in a more gentle fashion, I promise to listen.) Thanks to Lisa, for helping me “remember” this lesson.

Grounding is a key to successfully using your intuition. You must keep all of your energies in balance for your intuition to be reliable and useful to you. No chakra is more important than another. They must all be functioning for you to be successful as a human.

Don’t be as oblivious as me, pain as a grounding technique is effective but not very enjoyable. I have now posted notes all around myself reminding me to ground every day. I’ve committed to some daily exercise, and I have a photo of my groundhog posted right by my desk.

Happy Grounding Day! 


Need me to tune you in?  Help you ground and get in touch with what you are supposed to be doing?  Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com for a reading…

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4 Responses to Happy Grounding Day!

  1. Kelly says:

    Those are all great ideas for grounding! One way I do it is similar to your #8. I like to lie on the ground for awhile (even if it’s just my living room carpet) and imagine myself sinking roots into the earth to draw sustenance and comfort from it. Getting out into nature is one of the best ways, though! It’s my favorite.

    How’s your noggin?

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks for sharing your technique! There are lots of good ones. I like quick ones I can do almost effortlessly, so that I can get grounded quickly.

    My noggin is now fine. It was interesting that once I spent fours hours outside the day after, in nature, sledding with the kids, all my “fuzziness” went away. I guess spending time with trees and snow and sky was a good way to ground myself. Go figure!


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