Soul Sisters Podcast – Ask Us Anything!

Hello readers,

The intuitive podcasting duo of the “Soul Sisters” - myself and Lisa from Practically Intuitive are podcasting again.

For the podcast we are recording tomorrow, we are asking you to send us your questions.  We’ll answer as many as we can on the podcast…but you’ll have to listen for your answer!  I’ll post the podcast on Sunday or Monday.

The big bonus for you is that you’ll have the combined woo-woo power of two intuitives tackling your question.  Imagine all the insight we could bring for you!

Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail, and I will accept your questions for the podcast in the order I receive them. (I’ll email you after the recording if we don’t have time to use your question on the podcast.)

If I don’t happen to be able to answer your question on the show, you may to consider a new type of reading I have just started called “20 Minutes for $20″. You email your question to me (similar to the “Answers to the Universe”) and I email you back everything I get in 20 minutes of communing with your guides.

If you are interested, click on my new “20 Minutes for $20″ page to see how you can get a quick answer.

Thanks!  See you in podcasting land!


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2 Responses to Soul Sisters Podcast – Ask Us Anything!

  1. Hello Kara,

    Is the Soul sisters podcast available in this website? can you please provide a link I would like to listen to it ?


  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Rafaele,

    Thanks for reading! Here’s the link to where you can listen to this podcast.

    Hope you enjoy it.


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