Were You Cleopatra’s Leg Waxer?

Lately my intuition has been nudging me to offer some past life readings.  Past life readings can offer insights where a reaction of extreme fear, pain, phobia or other issues arise suddenly in your life, that seem disproportionate to the triggering cause.

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Was that Really Me?

While past-life readings are fascinating, my struggle in the past with these readings has always been about wanting to be able to prove that they are “correct”, with some kind of external validation, which is really not possible.

However people who have received past-life readings from me, have felt a tangible connection to the information from their past lives. While the reactions have not been extreme, it seems more like most describe a subtle knowing, as if it there is a dawning of a faint glimmer that was buried deep within their unconscious.

People who have had past life readings feel a resonance between the past life and their present life.  It is almost like they can sense an echo of that former life in their present life. These validations have varied from a tingly feeling in the body, to an “aha!” about why that have had an affinity for a certain landscape, or a “knowing” about why they have always inexplicably been attracted to a certain way of life.  There has always been some reminder in their current life which confirms a resonance to a past life.

I don’t do past life readings just so that you can be amazed that you were Cleopatra’s leg waxer. Sure it might be interesting to have that proximity to a famous historical figure.  But more importantly that peeking back into that time for novelty’s sake, is knowing whether you mastered the lessons you were supposed to be learning in that lifetime. And just so you know, most people I’ve read for have been normal people living normal lives in their times…

How Can A Past Life Help Me Now?

I only do past-life readings for practical reasons. Sure it might be fascinating to observe the fashions in Salem right during your witch trial, but those things are not really helpful to you now.

The reason for going back to a past life is to help you progress and heal yourself from past trauma.  It is to assist you in releasing anything left unresolved so you can move past it in this life. What happened that you ended up being branded a witch? How does that affect you in your life now?  Do those issues keep you from living up to your highest potential?

When doing a past-life reading for you, I ask to be taken back to your most relevant past life.  I ask to bring back information for you about a life that caused you to bring any unfinished business into this life. (Since there may be more than one, I asked about the most relevant lesson for you.) The purpose of doing this type of reading, is to help you release anything that may be holding you back from your full potential in this life.

What have other people found out? Here are a few examples:

-       A fishwife in 18th century England, abandoned by her sailor love, repeating in this life her pattern of believing her happiness would only be in the future, and not valuing what she had in the present.

-       A priest in ancient Egypt who witnessed his fellow priests killing the King/God, resulting in the woman in this life into being torn between her sense of duty and the truth of her experience of reality.

-       A young noblewoman in 17th century America, who was burned by her community at the stake, for claiming to be able to communicate with God, causing a man to have extreme fear in this life of revealing that he is an intuitive.

All of these people were able to acknowledge that they felt these past lives rang true for them.  All were able to see the issue brought back for them had a relevance for them, and that addressing the old issue would allow them to move forward and progress with their lives.

Do you have an inkling that you have a lingering issue from a past life?  Something that has never quite made logical sense to you?


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In your past life reading, I ask your guides to share the past life which contains any unresolved issue that affects you in this life.  This reading includes a bonus 20 minute phone call to work with you to release this fear/pain. This added step, is the key to helping you benefit the most from the lesson revealed for you.

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