Singing An Intuitive Song

“Music is the only thing that you and God can experience in the same way.”

“The Thousand” – Kevin Guilefoile

I have long wondered about the connection between music and intuition. I have been interested in why so many professional intuitives, myself included, have hobbies or careers as musicians. I know professional intuitives that have been opera singers, choristers, lead singers for rock bands and more.

Long before I was consciously using my intuition, I sang. I sang all the time when I was by myself, as well as in lots of classical choirs, jazz combos and with rock bands. Any opportunity I could find to sing, I sang. It wasn’t something I just liked doing, I absolutely loved it. It was more like something I had to do, that I was compelled to do. It pretty much consumed my life, not in a bad way, but I just wanted to do it all the time.

I took singing lessons, and singing courses in high school, and university which I excelled at. In fact, I totally identified with singing, it became one of the ways I self-identified – Kara the Singer.

So where am I singing today? I’m not singing anymore.

Apart from the occasional duet with the radio, I’m not singing in any “serious” or consistent way today. If you would have told this to the Kara of 1987, or 1993, or even 1997, she would have laughed at the thought of herself not singing. She would have argued with you that it would be impossible to actually be Kara and not be singing. But here I am, not singing.

When I was in my late twenties, and wondered if I should keep singing, professional type way, and experimentally made a conscious decision to stop. Starting the day I stopped, a tiny whisper started in my head that just wouldn’t go away. It was bugging me day and night. It was saying “Go sing”. It bugged me all the time, every hour, and sometimes every few minutes. This made me crazy until I literally couldn’t stand it anymore, and started singing again.

A description of intuition from professional intuitive Andrea Hesse (who was formerly an opera singer!) finally made the penny drop for me. She was describing the process of your own intuition speaking to you. She says “The voice [of intuition] is persistent, but not insistent”. Now that I listen to my intuition consciously and regularly, it dawned on me that this exactly what intuition does.

Intuition is the tiny persistent whisper that just keeps suggesting something over and over again, until or unless you use your free will to actually do it. It doesn’t force you to do anything, but for those things you would benefit from, it suggests over and over again, in a very tiny, quiet voice.

It will keep bugging you until you follow the advice being offered, or persistently ignore it. It doesn’t insult you or say it in a negative way. It just says things like “Go sing” over and over again, until you actually do it or shut it down. If you do what is suggested, it is nicely silent until the next time you need it.

I finally figured out that I probably don’t sing anymore, because I consciously bring forth my intuition in my writing, and by doing intuitive readings. The intuitive connection I have now is actually the same voice, my intuitive voice. This is my same connection to God/Higher Self. I now believe that singing was my easiest and best way of unconsciously connecting with God at that time in my life. I wasn’t a fan of organized religion, but I still hungered for my connection to Source, and it was there in singing.

I loved the feeling I got when I sang. It was the feeling that I was a vessel, partly filled with me, and partly with a Higher Source. I remember being on stage singing a Baroque solo, and feeling the moment when the Higher Source came into me. I can recall the glorious feeling throughout my body when I just became a delivery system, a vessel, for that Higher being to deliver its musical message to the audience. It was my voice, but I was not the one directing it anymore. My vocal training and talent were helping it transmit, but I was really just a tool of the Divine.

The feeling I had in my body and in my soul at that time, was just pure bliss. It really was like a slice of Heaven. No wonder I always wanted to sing!! It was my all natural high, and I just wanted to feel that way all the time.

But there was a downside. Since I didn’t know how to ground or even that I needed to ground, in order to handle that kind of power surge, I often crashed after lots of singing. After a weekend of singing and being so “up”, I often became ill. Although I loved the feeling of creating music with others in choirs, I needed alone time to re-ground. It is interesting how singers instinctively know how to do things like eating to bring themselves “down” after performing. If I would have known that I needed to ground myself, and how to ground in a healthy way, my experience would have been much different.

Looking back now, in the context of the bigger picture, I think one of the reasons I loved singing so much, was that it was a great way for me to experience being in touch with the Divine. I suspect my ego and mind wasn’t ready at that time to accept being an intuitive. Totally aside from the intuitive aspect, I loved singing and it brought me joy, and made other people happy, and I had many amazing experiences and formed many amazing friendships.

I’m not suggesting that all of you singers have to go out and do intuitive readings for people. But I do think that as a singer, if you wanted to you, you have a head start in developing your intuition consciously. You already know the feeling of connecting with the Divine, and so you already have an instant shortcut. If you want to develop your intuition to use in all areas of your life, you are already ahead of the pack!


So now I’m dying of curiousity singers….What do you think? What is your experience with singing and your experience of the Divine? Please share in the comments! I am particularly interested in hearing from all my friends that I know from my singing days!



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10 Responses to Singing An Intuitive Song

  1. This? Woo-sister of mine, is fabulous! And so so so true! What a great connection to make. Love it.

    Beautifully said and beautifully true. Thank goodness that I got my intuitive powers early – if you heard me sing, you’d know why.

    Yours in woo-dane-ness and song,

  2. Kelly says:

    Kara, I found this post VERY interesting because I was also a singer! Up until about six years ago, when I dropped it all together (when I dropped organized religion), my entire identity was as a singer. Because most of my singing was done in the “worship” vein, I was consciously connected with the Source, and did a lot of prophetic singing, so in that way I knew I was using my intuition (or rather, I gave credit to the holy spirit). I miss it, I won’t lie, and lately have begun singing around the house again because I feel divine power absolutely surge through me, electrifying me, whenever I do. It’s a charge. I don’t know that I’ll ever sing publicly again, and doing so doesn’t really interest me anymore, except for the idea of singing with others, since the channel to Spirit is more intense with more people added. But I’m certainly waking up to song again privately. Anyway, thank you for giving me the opportunity to think about this and share it with you! I’d never considered the connection between singing and intuition in the way you suggested. Excellent.

  3. Kenda says:

    Kara…your essay blew me away. First, I had no idea you were doing this sort of thing (a professional intuitive). I have been a ‘closet intuitive’ my whole life. I used to sit in church and ‘color’ people’s auras with my crayolas on my drawings of them. I learned to shut up about what I was perceiving at a very young age. It wasn’t acceptable table talk in my fundamental christian home and I learned that very fast. So much of what you wrote about being a singer rings true for me. As a professional voice TEACHER now, I often tell my students about the spiritual experience of being sung THOUGH, as it were. Sometimes…I think my favorite part of teaching is watching my student experience that for the first time. I too “QUIT” singing for a time in my early thirties after a painful divorce and move ‘back home’. It was, as you described, a conscious and intentional decision and it drove me, literally, crazy. I had a small episode with mental health and ,in the end, healed myself by agreeing with Source to be a vessel again. I often remark to to students that a singer is someone who cannot choose not to sing…we are born and not made. It would be as silly as asking someone not to breathe. Thank you for your insights in this…I literally couldn’t stop reading this. It was like you were speaking FOR me as I read.

  4. Hi Kara,
    This was a really fascinating post. You really got me thinking.

    I never thought about the connection to the divine and singing, but I have to say it really makes sense to me. Overcoming any self consciousness and singing with abandon for the pure joy of it sounds like what the divine itself experiences.

    I also never thought of eating as wanting to ground oneself. That makes a lot of sense too. I can see why that would bring you down from a high. I guess my next question is though, why do you want to come down from a high after singing? Is it too much? Where does this need come from. I’m just curious.

  5. conduitofjoy says:


    Thank for the love! When we lived in the same city, once you shared with me how you read others auras. I was so jealous, because I couldn’t see them at all! I tried and tried for weeks after that but I just gave up. I was so amazed at what you could do, and how easily you could do it, I wanted to be just like you (well, your kick-ass alto also inspired envy).

    I’m so glad that you are encouraging your students and talking to them about the spiritual part of it. Honestly, I never even put all of this together until lately. I have never had anyone speak to me about it overtly.

    I think you are totally correct, that a singer is someone who cannot choose not to sing. I still think of myself as a singer, because that’s what I am at heart, even if I’m not singing every day.

    I have to tell you that melding my voice with your incredibly deep rich, voice is still a very treasured singing memory for me.

    So glad you are still singing, and sharing your talent with others.

    Love Kara

  6. conduitofjoy says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. You are a blessing, and a gift to the intuitive world.


  7. conduitofjoy says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like I came at the singing from almost an opposite side. My parents didn’t take me to church, but I loved singing religious songs in choir because they were Latin and other languages, and I felt that brought me closer to God. At the time, I assumed it was because of the words of the songs!

    I never “consciously” sang as part of my worship of God (as I never felt I had a genuine connection to God as part of an organized religion). But thanks to your comment, now the wheels are turning in my head, as to how I might combine my live connection now, with singing!! Thanks!

    I’ll be interested to hear how you incorporate singing back into your life again, and how that feeds your intuition. Hallelujah for intuitives who sing!


  8. conduitofjoy says:


    Glad it got your attention! I think lots of singers just instinctively ground themselves without giving it to much thought. Since eating is way to bond with others after a concert, but also happens to really bring one back into your body (and down into your lower chakras) I think it was done without thinking to much. It was a normal thing to go and eat after a concert, even if it ended at 11:00pm.

    Speaking only from my own experience, I became so ungrounded because I assume that I was only occupying my upper three chakras (throat, inner eye, crown) while I was connecting with Spirit and the audience. So it literally felt like my head was blown open – like putting your finger in a light socket. It was really fun when it was happening, but tiring after. It was too draining physically and mentally to stay there for long. The longer in that ungrounded state, the longer it would take to recover. Perhaps others didn’t feel this to the same extent, but I’m sure most had similar experiences, because it took most people a few hours to “come down” enough to be able to sleep or concentrate after a concert. (I always thought it was just the excitement.)

    Since I now know about how to visualize grounding, how to quickly ground myself through visualizing and breathing, I think my singing would be a completely different experience. I’m starting to think about it again, just because I’m so curious what it would be like now!! :)


  9. Kara,
    Thank you for explaining it so well. I understand now. Yes, I can see how being in the upper chakras would leave you ungrounded. I was curious because I tend to feel kind of floaty and euphoric after readings. I think this is what happens to me – I just never put it together. I hadn’t been doing grounding exercises even though I know better. Thank you’ve helped me a great deal.

  10. Kara,

    This is a GREAT post! I’d never thought about singing like that before. I don’t sing much but I do know that listening to certain music and dancing are my corresponding activities. I don’t do them much anymore either but whenever I do I ask myself why I don’t do them more often. They are so cathartic and loosen everything up. It’s much more easy to be “in touch” with everything after a good session of that. The neat thing about dancing is I think it’s kind of uplifting and grounding at the same time.

    Did you see the kids who sang at the end of the Oscars? And have you seen the film “As It Is In Heaven”? Not exactly what you’re saying, but definitely kin. :-D


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