Self-forgiveness – Remember to Love the Human

Sometimes with all the emphasis on following an intuitive path and striving for spiritual maturity, we can forget the main thing that makes us deliciously human – our free will.

We are not angels or saints or robots.  Humans are distracted by egos and emotion.  Humans often screw-up and make mistakes.  In fact, it is often by making mistakes that we discover what we really do want.  Our free will gives us the opportunity to experience what we choose in our lives, and to learn from those choices.

In the past month I have had some very mundane “human” problems crop up in my own life.  These issues arose in the general categories of “relationships” and “money”.   If you are a human being over the age of 10, you may be familiar with them.  Both of these arenas usually reflect where we in relationship with the Universe and ourselves.

Now, these were not catastrophic problems that ruined my life or anything, but they were certainly opportunities for me to look at certain blindspots in my life.  They were opportunities for me to look at things I really would have rather to continue to ignore.

So how did I fix these bugaboos?  First, by admitting that I am not perfect, and that I was in fact wrong.  Then, by trying to accept that me not being perfect is okay.  In short,  self-forgiveness.

Self-blame or “How did I let this happen to me?”

While I was bewildered and angry by these situations, I was probably the most angry at myself.  My internal conversations were along the lines of “How could I have could I have let this happen?”, “How could I have been so unaware of that?”  But regardless of how aware I was or wasn’t, blaming myself did not change my situation.  I had played a part in creating these situations, and I was responsible for taking some very concrete steps to fix them.

So how did I get to the “best solutions” stage?  One can only attract the best solutions if your energy is at a high level.  Since like attracts like, in order to find the best solutions, my personal energy had to be high, and I had to be at the clearest vibration I could produce.   Being stuck down in the place of fear and anger only attracts low level solutions. So how did I start solving these problems?

I only got there by first forgiving myself.  I had to practice self-forgiveness for any decisions I made that brought me to this place where I landed.  I had to forgive myself for being  only human. All humans, aware of their intuition or not, get blindsided, particularly by their own egos.  Being a good intuitive, as well as being a decent human being, involves acknowledging your own weak spots, and actively working to be aware of them and accept them as part of who you are.  Monitoring yourself for your own “issues” is a constant process, but necessary for your success as a human (and an intuitive).

These issues in my life, forced me look at aspects of myself I could no longer avoid.  I didn’t enjoy delving into these things, but it was necessary, and time to do it. I had to forgive myself for any decisions that led me to me to that point in time. Self-forgiveness has allowed me to move on.

Allowing, Accepting and Moving On

Unearthing old ego patterns and examining old emotional wounds, shines a light on what drives our unconscious behavior. Just the act of giving these things our attention – bringing them into consciousness – allows us to free ourselves from them.

Unearthing fear and pain out of their dark places of sadness and wounding to examine them, imbues them with the light of our love – the love for ourselves. Once we have looked at them, we are released from their unconscious control over us.   Once we know why what has driven poor choices in the past, we are freed to make different choices.

Forgiving ourselves for making mistakes, based on these emotions and patterns is the final blessing in this process of self-examination. It breaks the chains of our self-punishment that keeps us bound in lower vibrations of self-loathing.

Self-forgiveness allows us to free ourselves from the past.  It allows us to look at ourselves anew, as humans with an unlimited potential to create and help others, and ourselves. Self-forgiveness is the ultimate tool of compassion for ourselves, and in the evolving of ourselves to a higher state which is our natural birthright.

You Ain’t All Purty, But You’re Lovable

Accepting those parts of ourselves that aren’t perfect is part of our ultimate self-forgiveness.  Loving those parts of ourselves that we don’t even like, is our greatest gift to ourselves.  Self-compassion and self-love are the lessons we must learn in order to love others too. Self-forgiveness is the only way that we can embrace the gift of human existence, and continue stumbling along in our lives.  Self-love opens us up to get the universal solutions that lead us back onto our best paths.

By practicing self-love and self-forgiveness we open the door for our best solutions.  By exercising gratitude for who we are, and realizing that we do fall short of perfection, we open ourselves to universal solutions to our issues.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect. What matters is your willingness to learn your lessons, and to take actions to get back on your best path.  It also helps to remember that learning those lessons usually is the best and necessary path for your soul growth.

So, lighten up, love yourself and live.


Need to remember why you are so lovable? Your guides and higher self can tell you….email me at so I can get you in touch with these lovers of you.

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2 Responses to Self-forgiveness – Remember to Love the Human

  1. Kara,
    This was an excellent post. I really connected with it.
    When we make mistakes I think it’s wise to remember that we’re human and must love ourselves regardless. I also think if we’re open to it – just as you’ve stated here – we can learn and grow so much from our mistakes that when we look often we’re glad that we had this experience.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. conduitofjoy says:


    Thanks for your comment. Accepting ourselves, warts n’ all, can be challenging, but it is always ultimately rewarding. :)


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