Total Authenticity – Manifest Your Best Life!

For the last little while, I had been mulling over how using your intuition to guide your life, being totally authentic and manifesting, all connected to each other. I intuitively know they are connected, but I was struggling with how I could explain exactly how this worked.  I put out a request to my Higher Self to show me something that explained this…. and I just found it!

I came across Andrea Hess’s post here, which brilliantly describes how these three things (intuition, authenticity, manifesting) are connected.

It all comes down to how much care we do or don’t take with aligning vibrationally with our own authentic truth. So what the hell does that mean?

It means that the more your daily life – what you think, wear, do, eat, drink, work at, and live with every day – reflects your authentic self, the more you are in vibrational alignment with your true purpose.  The more in vibrational alignment you are, the more your life looks and feels like the one that you really want, the one you came here to live. Andrea calls this attention to all your actions “vibrational hygiene”.

Her idea is that the more you take care with every little action in your life, the big actions, like “aligning with your soul’s purpose” will be taken care of.

You already know what is really in alignment with your most authentic self.  But sometimes, you might just not be conscious of it. It is easy sometimes to drift through periods of your life on auto-pilot, making many little decisions that aren’t really good for you.  The good news is that just being conscious of your actions is the start.  And even better, when you start living your life using your intuition more, always making your best decisions becomes easier and easier.

The more you bring everything in your life in alignment with your authentic self, the easier things get.  The more you are fully yourself, the more of what you desire, comes into your life.  When all of our effort every day is devoted to being our True Selves, we live our highest purpose. The great news is, using your intuition to help you do this, also makes it ten times easier.

It is VERY important how you tend to your vibrational health, as it influences everything that comes into your life.  It is responsible for what happens to you.

The more conscious you are of what you do and say, the more authentic you become. It is a matter of being fully conscious of exactly what you are doing for and to yourself, and the thoughts you are thinking.  All your tiny decisions determine what happens with and to you.

Here’s some of the gold from Andrea’s article:

When we align our vibrational state of Being, our Soul’s Divinity IS our thoughts, which gives rise to emotion, which moves us into action and self-expression. That sounds simplistic, I know. But why assume that creating a life of abundance and joy has to be complicated?

So where do we start? With small acts of “vibrational hygiene”!

Look around your environment. Is there anything that needs to be thrown out, rearranged, or reorganized so that your room becomes more of an expression of who you are? Do it! Stop reading for a second and just do it, right now.

As you go through your day, ask yourself: “Is this choice an expression of who I truly am?” So often, we don’t think of what we order for lunch or what we wear or what we watch on television as significant choices. But ALL of our choices either create alignment within our vibrational state, or create a misalignment. No choice is insignificant.”

Read her brilliant article and then continue making the world around you reflect your most authentic self. Please feel free to share what you did here.


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5 Responses to Total Authenticity – Manifest Your Best Life!

  1. Hey, Kara,

    Thanks for this!

    I noticed, starting about a year ago, that I almost HAD to live more authentically than I had been. I still can’t explain it, and think some of it simply is related to getting older and wiser and realizing “if not now, when?”

    But this is a great reminder that it’s not just in the big things (which is challenging enough) but also in the small things that we want that integration, or integrity. In fact, as you/she all but say, if we are having trouble with the big things, maybe practicing with the smaller things will help us get in the groove.

    Anyway, thanks so much! For some reason this gives me a boost of enthusiasm for paying more attention to this.

  2. Kara, I started breathing deeper and sitting up straighter as I read this article — makes me smile!

    I wasn’t even aware that I was doing an auto-pilot thing today (and not so blooming thrilled about it, either), but when I started to breath deeper and sit up taller I felt the change — thanks for the reminder!

    You are, indeed – a conduit of joy!!

  3. Sol says:

    Hi there, Kara!

    Yup, I followed your link and read Andrea’s article. Being authentic is really, really important for our well – being and I am happy she and you brought it up.
    When I read this, it brings up hope in me. It brings up wonder, because there are sooo many possibilities!

    All the best to you!

  4. VENKAT says:

    Hi Kara,

    Thank you so much for placing this information here. I read the book ‘Ask and it is Given’ and it mentioned about the ‘Vibrational alignment’ what what you want and align to the self.

    Understanding that was very hard and even after read the book so many relevant information after a year I finally got the idea that vibrational alignment with self is the actual thing required. I think, I am ready to receive the next level of information for my improvement. When I simply searched on ‘Vibrational alignment with self’ I got this web page.

    The simple information just cleared something in me and hopefully I will travel in a best new path.

    Thanks so much!!!!

  5. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Venkat,

    So glad you found this blog! Reading “Ask and it is Given” was also a giant leap for me at the beginning of my path to understanding more about intuition, manifesting and the laws of the Universe. They really are all inter-related, and the more you find out about one, you will begin to see how it ties to the other areas.

    I totally encourage you to read more Abraham-Hicks books, they are great. I would also encourage you to keep searching out free information contained on blogs such as mine. One of my favourite manifesting blogs is, written by Melody Fletcher. She has manifested many things in her own life, and has many, many excellent posts on manifesting and coming into alignment.

    Hope to see you here again, thanks for reading. Welcome to this amazing path! I think you will find that once you are on it the quality of your life in general, and all of your experiences just gets deeper and deeper and more profound all the time.


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