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Welcome to another empath interview in the series “Empaths R Us”!

I’m so excited to help others access a great community of empaths. Finding community is such an important part of reclaiming yourself as an empath, and all those empaths who are interviewed are so generously sharing their personal experiences with all of us.

Today’s interview is with Ronni Ann Hall, a spiritual teacher and professional intuitive empath for animals & people (and writer/designer).

Ronni Ann loves to help encourage other sensitives/empaths to embrace their gifts, and is believed to be part fairy.  Ronni Ann’s professional intuitive empath site Ronni’ s Psychic Room can be accessed here.

She loves to teach her passion for discovery and exploration of all forms of psychic communication.  She has many creative and entertaining projects including an illustrated online class, fun e-book, entertaining workshops, Comfort Cards, and an illustrated fairy deck filled with wisdom. The link to Ronni’s projects is here.

1. Empath means “becoming one”. Empaths have the ability to become one with something (humans, animals, crystals, environment,  etc.) How would you describe the kind of empath you are?

I’d have to say animals and Nature energies (what I call Fairies), and of course, people.

2.       How would you describe your most dominant empath skill?

It’s a toss up between feeling others’ feelings, and that deep knowing of what is happening under the layers.

3.       At what age did you consciously become aware that you were more sensitive than others?

As a child, I slept-walk, had nightly visitors, left my body and “sat” on the ceiling. I had many episodes of “de-ja-vu” that I realize as an adult, were empathic feelings of picking up other’s deep feelings as information, and possibly, having premonitions. I assumed at the time that everyone did these things and that they weren’t uncommon, but I didn’t share any of this.

4.       How did this empathic ability affect your childhood?

See #3. I often embarassed my parents announcing what I knew about their guests and no one wanted to acknowledge. These observations were often discounted. My father, a psychologist, told me I was “projecting” onto others, but I was always spot on. I often had stomach flus from taking on others’ stuff around me. With friends, I simply didn’t express what I felt, but I did have an affinity with their dogs! :)

5.       How did your parents or family reaction to your hypersensitivity?

It was tough on my Mom, who was also sensitive, but who didn’t express that sensitivity. My Dad saw me as “delicate.” He was also very sensitive and closed it off. I learned from them to close down, I think, and literally didn’t cry in public until I was fourteen and the family dog died. I expressed my sensitivity and emotions through a sick stomach most of the time and tried to always be very positive and upbeat.

6.       Did you view of your empathy change as you became an adult?

Absolutely. When I took my first animal communication class, I realized my empath ability allowed me to communicate with the animals and help them. I now embrace and teach others to use their empathy as a skill. A huge change from the little girl who closed it all down.

7.       At what age did you fully realize what being an empath meant?

Around 18 I had intense panic attacks when I lived at college, a huge, crowded place. It was when my sensitivity became a huge burden. I had no tools and no knowledge of my ability. I simply overloaded all of the time. I did not see the benefits of the gift then and realized my ability to feel so much was not always a good thing :) Only after becoming a communicator and meeting other psychics did I realize being an empath was a good thing and the reason why I received so much information.

8.       What did you feel like when you realized that there were other empaths in the world?

Grateful. There was a name for it. I wasn’t flawed or had something wrong with me, in fact, my ability could help many people and animals, and there were others who truly understood and lived life at a deeper level like I did.


9.       How would you say this empathic ability shaped your life overall?

It’s given me great depth and information. Overall, it is a huge part of who I am.

10.   Do you consciously use your empathic skills in how you make a living?

Yes. Absolutely. I now use it for all parts of my business. I use the skill to communicate with animals and tap into what’s underneath, as well as, help people with the missing pieces of information they need. I use it to decide what colors or images to use in my artwork and what feels right in all decisions.

11.   What are the best techniques that you have found to keep your emotional boundaries intact with others?

Alone time!! It’s been crucial. I need that time to sort out what is mine and what is others and just center within me. I try to get out in Nature to refill as much as possible also.

12.   What is your favourite thing about being an empath?

Helping others and my own animals. I love the discovery process: learning, putting the puzzle pieces together, analyzing and finding big answers.

13.   What is your least favourite thing about being an empath?

Picking up on loved one’s feelings from far away and carrying it unknowingly. And, I still don’t like malls, crowded stadiums or rooms. I’ve learned tools how to deal with them, but still not my favorite places.

14.   What is your best piece of advice for other empaths?

In the past year I wrote an e-book that included all the tools I’ve learned on what helps me. That book contains all that I would want to share with another empath for survival and thriving. Perhaps they can avoid the pitfalls I’ve encountered. I also created an online class, “The Care of the Sensitive”, working with gentle, nature tools to balance your sensitivity.

15.   Do you believe there is any difference between empathic skills and intuitive/psychic skills?

For me, it’s the same thing. My empathic feeling skill is my strongest intuitive skill that I have and gives me the most information.

Thanks again to Ronni Ann!  You can access Ronni Ann’s main site here.


Always available for you to consult at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.

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5 Responses to Empaths R Us – Ronni Ann Hall

  1. Sol says:

    Oh, I do agree with Ronni on the crowded malls and so on. Those places give me headaches. I wonder if much of the negative emotions I feel are actually residue emotions from others?

    As usual, you’re doing a great job with the interviews Kara! I wouldn’t have the courage to do anything like that myself (I’m even scared of guest posts), so I really appreciate these interviews. I love fairies and it seems Ronni does too! The picture with her and the fairy wings are just.. so comical and cute at the same time! Just like fairies!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Sol,

    Nice to see you here. I’m sure alot of your headache is caused by others emotions. You could try visualizing a big blue bubble with an oily outer surface on it (so that others emotions tend to slide off more) before you go into a mall, or just by taking a saltwater bath when you get home to clear all of the residual emotions from others off.

    I appreciate your appreciation. You would be very surprised how generous people are with themselves and their and how easy it to interview them. I truly appreciate all those that agreed to participate.

    If you are afraid of something, it may be a good idea to do that thing. Perhaps take a baby step and just ask one person for an interview (I’d be happy to do one for instance :) – particularly by email). You can do it.


  3. Lori says:

    Ronni is the real deal down to her core and has one of the most genuinely joyous natures I have ever encountered. There are many out there with ‘gifts’ but the gifts don’t amount to much if they are clouded with ego. Taking one of Ronni’s courses is like talking to your best friend. She reaches into your heart and somehow finds a way to bring joy and a tenderness of lightheartedness. A real empathic gal pal.

    Thanks for interviewing her. She is one of God’s blessings… that’s for sure.


  4. conduitofjoy says:


    What a glowing report on Ronni! It makes me look forward to getting to know her even more. Thanks.

    Empaths really are some of Earth’s greatest human treasures.


  5. Hi Ronni,
    I’m always so in awe of people who can communicate with animals. I don’t have this ability although I sincerely love animals. I find it to be amazing! It’s a pleasure meeting you.

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