Descend Before You Ascend – Grounding for Integration

When I asked what to write about, and the answer I received was “grounding”, I thought “Really? Hasn’t that been done to death?”  But the more I wrote, and the more I thought it, the more I realized that grounding is more important now, than ever. 

Those who regularly access their intuition, know they must ground before they start.  Grounding firmly roots you inside your body.  If you are not rooted in your body, your lower chakras will not be balanced.  Your lower chakras must be balanced, to have the best connection with your upper chakras. The stabilizing Earth energies balance the energies you pull down from the Heavens.  (It makes me think of putting on your rubber boots when you are about to go fly your kite in a lightning storm.)  The vital link between grounding and using your intuition is why grounding is such a popular subject in intuitive circles. 

Grounding can be accomplished in a variety of very simple ways, that I have discussed in a previous post.

Grounding can be done by visualizing your roots growing down into the earth, eating, breathing, doing physical exercise, or anything else that really centers you in your body.  Seems easy to be grounded you say? It is easy. The hard part (for some of us) particularly at this time, is to stay grounded.  I try to remind myself often to ground. In fact, I have a note by my computer at work, which says “Ground. Now.”  This is because I really do need to ground as often as I spy that note.

I find I can become ungrounded easily these days.  There is a lot of buzz about entering into the astrological phase, which many describe as the end of the Mayan calendar.  While this may sound scary, what it means is exciting.  The end of Mayan calendar time marks the beginning of the leap in the evolution of human consciousness.  Depending on whose calculations you subscribe to, this exciting phase may have started in October 2011 (though much has been made of December 2012 date). While the meaning of the Mayan calendar ending is discussed extensively elsewhere, my point in mentioning it is, even if you don’t subscribe to any of these beliefs, as an intuitive person, you have probably personally experienced the feeling of time speeding up.  It is hard to deny, as a human just living your life in this world, that something is in fact is shifting now.

So what does grounding have to do with the end of the Mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness, you ask?  Grounding has everything to do with this phase.  Grounding, and re-grounding throughout your day, is more integral to your emotional and energetic well-being now, than it has ever been. 

Fully Feel Your Feelings

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel who has been working a lot lately with the energies of the end of the Mayan calendar/evolution of human consciousness.  

His fascinating videos on his Youtube channel, describe how we can best use the energetic influences of this time, and also why it is very important for you to be able to stay grounded in your body.

In his videos, Tom stresses that it is important during this time to let yourself fully feel any emotions that rise to the surface. 

In order to fully feel your feelings, you must be fully and completely present in your body.  This is where the grounding comes in.  If you are not present in your body, it is not possible to fully feel your feelings, and process them.  Tom reiterates that by allowing yourself to fully feel your feelings, you have the opportunity to finally comprehend the lessons, that arose from the experience, that caused those feelings. 

Tom’s channeled information speaks about how time barriers between old emotional issues from this life, as well as past life issues, are collapsing. This means that we may currently experience old issues arising that we thought we have mastered. The purpose for this resurfacing is so that we have the opportunity to learn the lesson contained in these old lessons for the last time. 

Now is the time for you to be fully conscious of why these feelings are arising, and the lessons to be learned from them.  You have the chance to fully grasp the lessons that you chose for yourself, when you came here to Earth.

One point that Tom makes, is that we are nearing the end of thousands of years of patriarchal systems, which have always told us that we are mental creatures, who just happen to live in a body.  Now, we are entering the era where we have the opportunity to fully realize that we really are spiritual beings who are gifted with life inside an amazing body.  Our precious bodies are fully integrated with, and cannot be separated from our spiritual selves.

Do you see where the grounding is coming in again?  To fully experience our feelings, and open fully to our spirituality, we must fully inhabit our bodies.  To fully inhabit our bodies, we must feel grounded inside those bodies.  This means feeling present in our bodies, not disembodied, not floating around up in the ethers, but fully integrated, with feet planted firmly on the earth.

Another side effect of this transitional time is that it is very intense emotionally. When we are processing lots of emotions, we need time to recover. The more emotion we are processing, the more time we need to recover.  So we need to take it easy on our bodies, give them lots of sleep and pay attention to our physical needs.  Lots of sleep and healthy food is essential at this time.

Grounding Keeps Us in the Real World

Grounding is also a way of keep us in touch with our real, three dimensional world.  It keeps us in touch our very “earthy” elements, the elements of our human-ness that we associate with our animal nature.  When we are grounded, we are conscious of our body’s needs.  This is includes not only those things about our bodies that may be unpleasant – pain, suffering, hunger – but it also keeps us in touch with those things that bring our bodies the most pleasure –  eating, sensing our world, sex.  Grounding keeps us in touch with how we smell, touch, see, hear, and otherwise experience our three dimensional world.  Grounding keeps us “real”.  It reminds us that we cannot experience our feelings or our spiritual aspects apart from our three-dimensional physical aspects. 

Grounding is about integration, the integration of all of the parts of our selves.  Our bodies and spirits have been seen as separate entities for a long time, and now is the time to re-integrate them.

Now is the time for our integration as complete multi-dimensional human beings.  We exist as bodies which are meant to be fully integrated consciously with our wide-awake spiritual natures. 

Now is the time to integrate and honor all aspects of ourselves, from the mundane to the sacred.  We humans who clean toilets, also channel the wisdom that created worlds – and we cannot do one of these without the other.  (See how cleaning a toilet grounds you!) 

Now is the time to fully realize what it means to be spiritual beings having a human experience.

Make the most of this amazing opportunity for your own personal evolution.  Knowing grounding techniques will help you stay centred, be a solid container for your emotions, and help you master your own personal lessons.


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Copyright 2011 – Conduit of Joy – Kara Thompson

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6 Responses to Descend Before You Ascend – Grounding for Integration

  1. Kara,
    I loved this. Grounding is so important. I know I don’t do it often enough. I think when your an open intuitive channel you’re more easily stressed out and affected by your environment. I know I am. I have to start paying more attention to grounding. I use the roots grounding exercise sporadically and it is really helpful. Thank you for reminding me!

  2. Hi Kara,

    I must not be reading the same things you are as I have not run across all of the discussions that you referenced. I have definitely noticed the time speeding up though and am always in need of some grounding. I hadn’t really connected it the way you did though. It makes a lot of sense.

    I would love to do a reading with you, probably need to get Skype because I don’t have a landline and am in the US. Glad to see you are doing them again :)

  3. njbr says:

    Great Post, however I fear that from this moment on, whenever I hear mention or see a reference to grounding the thought of cleaning toilets will be the first thing that enters my mind.

  4. conduitofjoy says:

    @njbr – LOL…that is perfect! That will instantly ground you! on the other hand….sorry to leave you with that.

    Nice to see you here.


  5. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Julie,
    Some of Tom’s stuff I read, and some I learned through watching a bunch of his videos, so some of the information might be in his videos (which are packed full of info).

    I would love to do a reading for you too. I’ll contact you offline, we could try it with a cel phone (or Skype).

    Even though I have limited time, I really get so much joy from doing them, that I found I didn’t want to stop altogether. :)


  6. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Angela,

    Nice to see you here.

    I know I can always use grounding, at any given time. Like you, I tend to be overly open, and I also think because my day job uses my head alot (which yours does too), it makes me need more grounding throughout the day.


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