Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays + Intuitive Stocking Stuffers!

Hello dear readers,

The holidays are upon us.  In North America this means lots of holiday gatherings and parties, and also lots of shopping for gifts. 

For many people, gift shopping probably means more time spent rubbing shoulders with lots of strangers in malls. Family and work parties, mean that often we are gathering with people who we don’t know, or those who we might tolerate only once a year.  For those of us of who are empathic, these experiences can cause us to unintentionally end up absorbing a lot of yucky emotions from other people.  This accumulation of others’ emotions can leave empath folks overloaded emotionally, and feeling very un-Christmas-y.

So how can we avoid absorbing all of these yucky feelings of others?

I recorded a podcast with my friend Lisa, over at Practically Intuitive, which contains tips to keep your emotional boundaries more intact this holiday season.   Click *here* to listen to this podcast for some techniques to help you avoid empath overload.  Lisa has alot of great podcasts, and she also has some great promotions on her intuitive services over the holidays. I highly recommend her!

Intuitive Stocking Stuffers!

Have an intuitive friend or family member who you would like to give a little something extra to? How about a quick intuitive reading?  Or perhaps someone needs a suggestion as to what to get you?

Try out my“20 minutes for $25” readings. They are fun for me to do.  They are bite-sized readings about one question. I usually get a guiding image, which provides me with all the information you need to know about the question at hand.

In the New Year, I’ll be making some changes to the way I provide intuitive services, and accordingly my pricing and services will be changing. So, as of January 1, 2012, my “20 minutes for $25” will be replaced with a new type of reading, at an increased price.

My“20 minutes for $25” readings are for sale until midnight on December 31, 2011.  These readings can be purchased, and then redeemed up to February 28, 2012.  (When redeeming please email me prior, for my availability).

Happy Holidays To All of You!

I just wanted to say a hearty “thank you” to all my loyal readers for continuing to read my blog, and order my readings.  I get so much joy and satisfaction from doing readings for you, and reading your comments on blog posts, and emails to me.  I look forward to many more from you in the upcoming year.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season.  Here’s sending love and light, from my house to your house.


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One Response to Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays + Intuitive Stocking Stuffers!

  1. Nick says:

    Happy holidays to you as well, hoping things slow down for you at least for a few days.


    fyi – I’ve sent you a couple of emails, hopefully they’ve made it to your inbox !

    take care and merry xmas !

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