Why Asking Your Spirit Guides to Find A Great Pair of Shoes is Not Frivolous

(Unfortunately I do not own these shoes…)

I have heard the opinion that asking your guides, and using your intuition, for anything other than “serious” what-is-my-soul-purpose kinds of requests is not okay.

Personally, I use my guides and my intuition all the time for many different purposes.  When I am getting dressed in the morning, sometimes I ask my guides to help me find clothes that best help me do what I need to do that day.  For instance, I have asked what the best outfit for me to wear to help me clearly get an important message across at work.  I have asked them to help me find the very best birthday present for someone, which is something they really need.  I have asked them to help me find a fabulous pair of shoes that best expresses who I really am.

(For the record, I want to say that I do not ask my guides about everything in my life.  I do not ask them if I can go to the bathroom, what I can eat for breakfast, or if I can cross the road.  It is important to remember that we always have free will, and that we are always responsible for making our own choices regardless of what anyone advises us to do, including our guides.)

From my perspective, our guides don’t distinguish between serious and frivolous requests from us.  Since their jobs are really to help us be the most authentic human beings we can be, all of our requests would be considered important.  Also, who’s to say whether picking a certain pair of shoes on a certain day is less important than anything else?

The bottom line is, I ask my guides for help when I am looking for something that is in alignment with my soul’s highest purpose at that time.  Sometimes what is in alignment with my soul’s highest purpose is wearing a fabulous pair of shoes!  This may sound incredibly frivolous to you.  Why would I waste my guides’ time helping me find a pair of shoes?

Because being your most authentic best self is not frivolous.  Expressing yourself fully and authentically through your word, deed or even appearance is not frivolous.  It is what we are here to do.  We are here to be our most authentic selves.  Part of that authenticity is to act, feel and dress exactly like OURSELVES, not anybody else.

I picked the example of the shoes, because it is frivolous, on the surface.  However, anything that we are drawn to do that feel authentically “us” lead us further down our own individual paths.   Even something as simple as a wearing a pair of shoes that feel like they fully express who we are, can be a great next step down our own paths.

Also, who knows what may happen as a result of me wearing those shoes.  Perhaps someone that needed to talk to me, looked at my shoes, and decided to start a conversation with me.  Perhaps looking good in those fabulous shoes gave me the extra bit of self-confidence to do something that I normally would not have done.  Perhaps wearing those shoes caused me to stumble and the visit to my doctor, ended up with her finding a life-threatening illness, just because I “happened” to be in her office. We have no way of knowing how these small choices affect us, but they do.  Great things can happen as a result of the cumulative effect of all those small, seemingly unimportant decisions we make every day.  There are always important reasons for us to fully go with those small decisions that make us feel fully ourselves, even it just makes us feel happy about being who we are.

While there are often big doors on our paths, something like the fabulous pair of shoes can act like a tiny key for our daily activities, unlocking the tiny doors of our daily paths.  The only way we get to the bigger paths, with the “important” questions, is by following those tiny paths that lead into our bigger paths.  Also, using our intuition and strengthening it on the smaller decisions, gives us the confidence we need when it comes to making the bigger, life altering kinds of decisions. 

So embrace the fact that your guides, through your intuition, are here to help you, and ask them for what you need help with every day.  Each decision that reflects the authentic you, will bring you closer and closer, step by step, to who you are meant to be.

Enjoy being YOURSELF!


Need a little help tuning into your own guides?  I’m happy to do a Guided Image Reading, to help you get some answers.  Email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.


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4 Responses to Why Asking Your Spirit Guides to Find A Great Pair of Shoes is Not Frivolous

  1. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Kara,
    I like your story here. The really funny thing is that the majority of people aren’t even aware that they have a spiritual team around them to help steer them to the best decisions for that moment.

    How cool would it be if there was a class in elementary school called : connecting with your guides or something like that. Sure beats math. ;)

  2. conduitofjoy says:


    I really do wish everyone knew how easy it is to get help from their guides, just by asking and listening. But when I think about it listening is highly underrated in our society, so listening to our guides is probably the trickiest part anyways.

    Guess what I’m teaching my kids? They are learning how to ask for help from their teams. :) I just wish someone would have told me about 40 years earlier.


  3. David says:

    You make a few really important points. Many years ago, when I first became aware of subtle beings, I got in the habit of asking them about everything. At a certain point, I realized 2 things:
    - the beings I was talking to just wanted attention – they didn’t have my best interests at heart and some knew less than I did.
    - I was abdicating my free will and responsibility.
    I quickly corrected things. Your 3rd paragraph touches on the 2nd point. But the other point is to make sure they’re you’re guides and there to support you, not just some random beings. ;-)

    Agree with the overall article. Make use of the resources you have. But make sure it’s to engage your life, not avoid anything. Guides will help see to that also. (laughs)

  4. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your comments. When one is beginning communication with guides, it is a process to find the right balance between asking them for assistance, but not asking them about every.single.thing – because as so rightly say, abdicating your own free will.

    I totally agree with your point about making sure that the folks you are talking to are “your” guides – not just some random attention seekers. I didn’t cover that in this post, but I certainly start out every day by asking for the help of my guides, including discernment to hear their advice as well as setting the intention of their advice for my highest good.

    I wanted to write the post to show that sometimes small things, are important pieces of the big picture. It’s not always about the life or death, the Charles Heston larger than life things we need help with!


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