Goodbye Control Freak – Babysteps Part 3

So many times we get so attached to not only what we want, but the WAY in which we want it.  The trick to getting the result we want is to focus on what we would like as the end result, but trust our intuition to show us how to most easily get there.

Once we ask for what we want, we have to TRUST that our guides will point us in the right direction to get there.  After all, there might be a quicker, faster, better way to get to our ultimate goal than our limited human mind can think of.

We have to have a quiet enough mind, to listen to those very subtle voices that point us in the right direction.  If we can listen to those intuitive prompts and do what they are indicating, the results will also make us happier.

I’m still taking babysteps towards some bigger goals.  But sometimes I get caught up on the process for getting there.  I know being a control freak this way, slows me down in these goals.   I have to be reminded again and again, about how the process speeds up when I release myself from my expectations of HOW I am going to get there.

There were many examples of this, over the last few weeks, in my own life.  Every time I released control, listened to my intuitive prompts and acted on them, I was happy I had done so.

I want to sell my house, and had some real estate questions that I needed to have answered quickly by a realtor who knew what they were talking about.  I thought about calling a friend who is a realtor, but was concerned about the awkwardness I would feel about having her handle the deal for me, and decided not to contact her.  My intuition kept prompting to call her anyways.  I did contact her, even though my rational mind didn’t think it would work out for the best.

Not only did my friend answer the question, but in her answer she also addressed the unspoken potential awkwardness (which I hadn’t even raised) and referred me to another realtor.  Talk about over-delivering!  Not only did her answer solve my immediate issue, it solved the larger problem of who could help me sell the house!  Chalk another one up for listening to intuition, and my guides for pointing me in the right direction.

Another example happened when I needed some boxes to declutter my house.  I drove to the cardboard recycling centre, and noticed the guy in front of me unloading boxes out of his truck.  I was embarrassed to be seen taking the boxes out of the dumpsters, so I decided to pull in front of him, so I didn’t have to interact with him.  My intuition prompted me to talk to him anyways. I didn’t want to and resisted. I checked all the dumpsters. They were all empty and had no boxes. By the time I got to the last dumpster, I was right beside his truck, which was full of boxes.  So I finally relented, listened to the intuitive prompting and talked to him.

I asked him if he had any boxes I could use.  Not only was he delighted to dig through is truck to find me the best boxes, and have me help him unload his truck, but it turned out he was a handyman.  This was great news since I had been looking for a handyman to do some repairs around my house.  Again, not only did he solve my immediate problem, but talking to him potentially solved the problem of not knowing a handyman to make the repairs to my house.

In ultimately listening to my intuitive prompts, even though they did not appear to be good ideas to my rational mind, each time I received more than I expected.  I got help beyond my immediate problem.  This means that not only that I got answers I needed right away to take me closer to my larger goals, but other issues in my life also got solved.

There were many more examples than this, but every time, by just trusting my intuition, and taking the action suggested, it took me in the right direction.

If you can detach from whatever you conceive as the way your problem “should” be solved, by listening to your intuition you will likely get to your ultimate goal FASTER.  Your whole team is just waiting for you to ask for their help.  I ask my guide team every day for their assistance on any problem I need to find a solution for.

Focus on the WHAT, and not the HOW.  Your guide team is ready to show you what to do to take care of the details.

P.S. It even happened when picking the photo for this blog post.  I got the intuitive “ping” wen I found this image, but was very tempted to ignore it for various reasons….but how could I? :)

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4 Responses to Goodbye Control Freak – Babysteps Part 3

  1. susan says:

    Hi Joy,
    Been gone for the summer and it appears I’ve come back just in time to hear what I need to be “reminded” of here – it’s the what not the how. You have no idea how helpful that was to read today! Appears I need to go dig out a lot of your blogs – goodness only knows what else there is! Thank you for these words today!

  2. conduitofjoy says:

    Yay SuZen! So glad it was what you needed to hear. It’s so great how we can be “mirrors” for each other, and remind each other of the lessons we sometimes forget. I am always grateful for that myself. :)


  3. Hi Kara, how funny! I can just picture you resisting the guy with the boxes, been there many a time myself. Wonder how many opportunities I may have missed in the past by resisting? No matter, listening ears are open now.

  4. conduitofjoy says:

    Yay for listening ears! Yes, who really wants to be embarrassed? But that’s what it seems like many of the intuitive nudges I’m getting, are asking me to risk doing. Have I ended up being embarrassed because of the actions I took? Maybe a little, but the end result is always worth it.

    Nice to see you here.


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