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Lately I have expanded my skills into doing mediumship readings.  While I think I was always fascinated by mediums, I never identified as one…until recently. 

However, over the last few years, while I was doing intuitive readings for clients, passed over loved ones started showing up with messages for them.  This started happening with greater and greater frequency.  Finally I decided if these passed over ones wanted to contact their loved ones in body, that I would try and make that process easier by learning how to contact them directly, on request. So I started specifically developing my mediumship skills.

In a way contacting those who are passed over, is really more understandable than conversing with spirit guides or other entities.  I was explaining the difference to my husband like this.  Communicating with someone who was once a person in a body, and who used body language and words to communicate, is a lot easier in some ways than trying to understand those other higher vibrational entities (eg. spirit guides, angels, etc.) that may not have had a body, or only appear a light, and  may communicate with me in other ways.  The latter can be freaky since those types of experiences are usually not within the “normal” range of most human’s experiences while they are on earth.

When I tried to figure out why I “suddenly” have mediumship skills, I realized that as the result of some scary experiences with some passed over folks, when I was a child, I inadvertently shut down my access to information from them. I didn’t have anyone to help me contextualize my experiences, which I found scary.   All  I had to help me understand my experiences were movies and popular culture, which of course portrayed those on the other side as scary, spooky, and up to no-good.  Since I knew what I had experienced was real, and since these things “couldn’t be real”, instead of going crazy, I unconsciously shut down communication with the other side.

Anyways, I have learned many things on my long journey, in interpreting the spiritual world differently, to arrive at the place where I am now.   After dealing with my own fears about ghosts, and unfounded beliefs about what was out there, I am now honored to deliver messages for these people on the other side who have passed, to those of their loved ones they wish to help here.

When I have had others do mediumship readings for me, I have experienced a deep sense of peace, knowing that I can still be surrounded by my loved ones.  I found it exciting and liberating, that even though my loved oens are no longer in body, they are still around me, and willing to communicate with me.

My clients have told me the messages they have received in these readings have made them feel healed of unresolved issues with their loved  ones.  Some clients have also felt that passed over loved ones have  inspired them to continue a certain difficult path in their lives or gave them messages of reassurance.

If you are local to me (in Alberta, Canada), I also offer mediumship gallery readings in person.  This means I can come to your house, or small gathering and pass along messages from those on the other side to those in the gallery.  This is similar to what you might see on the TV show “Long Island Medium”.

Please contact me at if you are interested in any of these mediumship readings. 

Enjoy your summer!


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