Fun + Freedom + Free Candy = Halloween Magic!



I love Halloween. A lot. Ask anyone that knows me.  It is truly my favourite time of year.  I was even going to get married on Halloween, but my mom talked me out of it.  (OK, that was probably good, since my anniversary would have ruined the trick-or-treating…) 

Why do I love Halloween so much? There are soooooooo many reasons I love it. Number one is that I can wear a costume to work, and they can’t fire me. Well, they haven’t fired me yet anyways.

I do love costumes ALOT.  Aside from just believing that wearing a boa or a teeny, tiny top hat is just *divine* and *magical* – because it is – what I really love about costumes is that they free us from the constraints of our personas.  People are so wedding to their carefully constructed personas (hello Facebook!) that it is very rare to have an experience with others where they are fully outside the boundaries of their personas.

Costumes = Fun Free From Judgment

I recently went to a dress-up fund-raising event, and met a bunch of new folks.  Because we were all focused on the costumes, and the dancing, and the laughing, we had no cues for any of us to judge each.  We didn’t talk about our jobs or our cars, or how big our houses are.  The only context in which I know the people I met there was how far they were willing to go take the party to the next level.  Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one that took the fun train to Crazytown. And how good their 80’s jogger costumes were.   The point was we were all just free to get to know each other, be silly, dance and have fun in the present moment, since that was the focus of our experience.  We were truly just there to live in the moment and experience joy. 

Free Pass = Freedom to Envision Possibilities

On Halloween, our society gives us a special exemption to be whoever we want in a costume.  We also harken back to old traditions, and talk about witches, ghosts and things we might think be lurking around the edges of reality.  This is what underlies my love of Halloween so much…..the fact that folks can open their minds even just a tiny crack that magical, spiritual, and otherworldly things do EXIST!  Of course they do exist, it’s just that we spend so much time telling ourselves that they don’t exist and keeping our minds closed to any other possible interpretations of reality, that we can’t see those other versions of reality anymore.

We are constantly told by media, old dogma, religion and old power structures how the world is, and it is supposed to only conform to a certain set of beliefs.   But on Halloween, sometimes when we outside of our normal boundaries, we can get a tiny glimpse onto the other side of reality.

Since the alternate realities are closer together at Halloween, it also increases your chances of seeing something you might not otherwise.  You are able to be closer to your passed over loved ones, and even the intentions of people celebrating this holiday all over the world, creates the possibility for a massive alternative consciousness to be in existence.  All these influences help create the magic of Halloween.

Free Candy = Free Candy

Okay, this a no-brainer. Ask any elementary school kid.  Costumes AND free candy is just a fun, fun, fun combination.  When a child walks up to your door on Halloween trick or treating, even the most hard-hearted grinchy, Halloween-hating person’s heart lights up a little bit.  The excitement and joy a child (or me) is experiencing when they are dressed up, and going to see their neighbors who are going to give them free candy is exhilarating and contagious.

Fun + Freedom + Free Candy = Magic, Magic, Magic!!

So what happens when there is no judgment, people are open to possibilities and there’s free candy? When these are coupled with the vibrations of joy, freedom and excitement magic happens! Yes, that’s what happens. Magic.    

When we give ourselves permission to be someone else and create even a tiny space for alternate possibilities, that’s where real magic can come into our lives.  When we allow ourselves freedom of our own hardened beliefs, and amplify this allowance for possibilities with fun, the magic of transformation is able to occur in our lives.  Also, free candy never hurts.

Enjoy your Halloween. Most importantly, allow yourself to be open to all the possibilities, and to all the amazing potential of alternative realities, not just on Halloween, but every day.  If you want to believe in possibilities, and that your reality can be different, every day can be magical.

Yours with a pinch of Halloween *magic*,


Fang you very much…yes, that’s me the vampire at the top.

Talk To Your Dead Folks!

Since the veil is thinner at this time of year, now is the perfect time to make your call to the Other Side.  It’s a great time of year for mediumship readings.  If you would like assistance contacting your passed over folks, and finding out what they are up to (besides looking at your in your underwear obviously), please contact me for a mediumship reading *here*.   Happy Halloween!

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  1. Kara, This is my favorite time of year, too. So far October has started off with a BANG! Can’t wait to feel what is going to happen by Halloween :)

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