The Gift of Self-Knowledge – Winter Solstice

Winter solstice, a time to re-focus on self-knowledge.

The Gift Of Self-Knowledge – Winter Solstice

Winter solstice is today December 21, 2013.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the year. Around these northern parts that means that today, December 21, the sun is only up from 8:48am to 4:16pm today.  Our day is just over 7 hours long.  Many people go to work and school in the dark morning, and come home in the dark, not encountering the sun all day.  That’s a lot of darkness. 

It is also very cold here right now, with lots of snow.  With the windchill today, it feels like minus 24 C.  Dark and cold takes its toll on our bodies, and our souls.  Our natural inclination as humans in dark and cold temperatures is to go into hibernation. We default into instinctual self-preservation.  Our bodies and souls want to hide until more hospitable conditions come about.

And that is why the solstice is so exciting for us northern global dwellers.  It gives us hope. 

Even though tomorrow is only two seconds longer than the day before, winter solstice day is when the promise of light and heat becomes reality again.  The light and heat is coming back.  Even though the difference to each day is miniscule at first, each day slowly gets longer. Our lives will eventually get warmer and easier. 

Tomorrow our daylight only increases by two seconds, and then the day after it will increase by 11 seconds, the next day by 26 seconds…  But then, before you know it, somehow, magically it is June 21, the days are endless and sunny, the grass is green, and it is plus 32 C. Life is warm and easy and full of light again.

It is easy to get discouraged when we feel like we are in the dark about ourselves and our lives.  We can feel like we lack insight and self-knowledge.  Sometime we feel the coldness of thinking we are alone.  But just as the sun ALWAYS comes back, we can always release our past beliefs, and those things which no longer serve us.  What is always waiting for us is the memory that that we are all part of one huge consciousness of love.  We always have the opportunity to start fresh again.  We can always re-discover our own brilliance.

When life is dark, you may feel your insight and self-knowledge will never return.  But even if your ability to see where your life is going seems miniscule,  it will come back. Eventually the sunny skies of self-knowledge will return, and you can again experience the warmth of being part of the One.  The One to which we all belong, is unconditional love, and you are a part of that always, even when you cannot remember you are.

Today on the winter solstice your can re-focus on your self-knowledge, and:

·         Be mindful of those things that you want to release – those ideas, people, situations that no longer serve you.  Release them.

·         Focus on the things that will bring you the feelings you want in your life – those ideas, people and situations that bring you joy, love, passion. Welcome them in.

·         Remember that we are all part of the One consciousness, which is based on unconditional love.

·         Give thanks for all of these things.   

Happy Winter Solstice!  Enjoy the return of your Light!


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