Snail It! Accepting the Slow

Accepting the Slow

Accepting the Slow

Snail It!  Accepting the Slow

Has this ever happened to you?  In January you are filled with a feverish excitement, things are so full of promise and you’ve got plans, and your world is going to change!

Flash forward to February – perhaps today – and things haven’t gone as smoothly as you would have liked.  Maybe lots of things happened that were outside your control – maybe management decided you needed to move offices, maybe you got really sick, maybe your partner lost their job – whatever has happened in the last month, somehow things aren’t so rosy and you’ve lost your momentum.

You feel like giving up the whole thing, because you are so far behind where you wanted to be, it just seems pointless.  Plus it is February, a very bleak month at the best of times.

Don’t give up yet!  Sometimes Divine Timing is slow. Slower than we would like.

Look to the snail for inspiration in these times.  Even though it may look ridiculously slow, a snail leaves a trail. It makes its mark on the world.  Even though a snail may be perceived to be so slow as to be laughable, their mucous trail means that they are protected from what they are travelling over.  Snails inch steadily forward until they get what they are going.

Sometimes we run too hard. Sometimes we get carried away by our own ambition. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our life circumstances.  That is all OK. Sometimes you need to rest and re-group, whether you know it or not. 

Honoring slow-downs in your life, is about honoring your own needs, and also divine timing.  Sometimes things needs to go more slowly, to allow other things to happen, or fall into place.  Slowness in your life may be allowing you to release what you no longer need, or allow time for you to become strong enough to handle what is coming.  Slow has its place in our lives, just as much as fast.  Snails can symbolize re-birth, and cycles of life.

Like the snail, sometimes you need to go slowly.  Look at what parts of your life no longer serve you, and release them.  Once this energy is freed up, like the snail, you can use this extra energy to fertilize those things you still desire, that are sprouting.

Once you have rested and re-evaluated, pick one small action that you can accomplish to keep moving yourself forward.  Steady forward action is the most important thing, as action is the antidote to fear.

Action is a form of gratitude. By taking even a small action you are sending out the vibrational message “Even though it hasn’t been going so well, I am still excited about this dream, and I am going to keep going. I’m going to keep moving even though it can be tough and scary at times.”

Anyone can talk about what they are planning to do.  The proof of the pudding is in the doing.  Getting what you want and where you want to be comes through ACTION.

So even though your movement forward may seem so miniscule that it is not even worth it, it is still action. Like the snail, with you your gentle progress you are sending out the energetic vibration that you are moving forward in pursuit of what you desire.  For that reason, sometimes the smallest actions can be the most important ones, as they can be the hardest actions to take.

Don’t forget that you need other humans too.  When we are in a hurry to reach a destination, we can forget this.  Even though snails seem self-sufficient as hermaphrodites, they still need other snails to fertilize them.  Just like snail, two people can help each other fertilize their dormant ideas.  A fresh perspective from another person can help you take another more enlightened step along your best path.

Accept where you are, reach out if you need to, and keep moving along.  If you need some extra intuitive help about what your next steps might be, I am still here too, leaving my trail.

Snail-ingly yours,


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