Keeping a High Vibration or “Feeling Like Every Day Is Your Birthday”!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and keep you on a HIGH!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and keep you on a HIGH!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Vibrations!

Oh the sensuality of summer!  Remember when you were a young child in summer?  You couldn’t wait to get out of bed, and it seemed like the sun would never go down, and there were endless birthday cupcakes and popsicles.  The sun warmed your skin after you ran through the sprinkler with your best friend, and you could smell the grass your dad just cut.  Your days were filled with laughter and fun and you couldn’t wait for the next day, so it could start all over again. You loved summer because you loved how you felt in summer.

When I remember these childhood feelings, I also get to add fun birthday parties on top of it, since July is my birthday month. All those things together, just about put me over the edge joy-wise.  It’s a lot of HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

Is it any wonder then, that I am a little obsessed with celebrating my birthday?

It has always driven my mother crazy that I am an “over-celebrator”.  Long after most people gave up celebrating with birthday parties, I continued to love celebrating my birthday – usually as often as possible.  Sometimes I celebrate it all week!  Let’s face it, I’m addicted to that good feeling.

Celebrating my birthday gives me an easy opportunity to manipulate people into celebrating with me (ie. being an Fun Fascist which I totally enjoy). I love seeing people uninhibited and totally enjoying themselves.  My birthday gives me a certain amount of power over my friends. (Yes, I am evil.) I can’t force you to have fun every day, but I have a little more leverage on my birthday – after all what kind of a party-pooper are you to turn down a party invite and to have a good time?

While I’ve tried to tone down the birthday thing, it just never worked for me.  I will always be the 6 year old in a party hat, jumping up and down as people walk under the streamers to help me blow out the candles on my cake.  Since I have accepted that’s just the way I am, I can appreciate this quality in myself.

Not only have I accepted this about myself, I actually believe that it might be healthy for other people to have more of this quality in their own lives. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate how amazing you are!

Celebrating my birthday keeps me on a vibrational high.  It ties in all the wonderfulness of summer– the heat, the full bloom of plants and trees, the freedom of holidays – with great childhood memories.  Every year, it allows me to be that excited small child again, delighted at having everyone at their party.

Why Be on A Vibrational High?

Being at a high vibration is us feeling our best, and being our most powerful creator selves.  All of our deepest and best memories of our lives, are those moments of joy, love and happiness that are us at our highest vibrational states.  Being in a high vibrational state is the key to the best things for us.  It makes all of those good things easier to receive too.  Maintaining a high vibration means:

-         We are in touch with our best creativity – we can create our best work or performance of any kind.  We can access all of our talents and inspiration when we are functioning at this level.

-         We receive our best communication with the Divine – whether that is our spirit guides or any other divine teachers. The higher our vibration is, the easier it is to communicate with your guides and divine teachers, and we receive the clearest messages as well.

-         We attract most easily those things we desire.  The higher our vibration, the easier it is for the highest and best things that we have asked for to come to us, and to be received by us.

Be Greedy For Joy!

 I invite you to be like my birthday self.  Be greedy for as much joy as you can handle.

My birthday gift for you, is to encourage you to capture these feelings for yourself.  Once you have the hang of re-experiencing these feelings, you can raise your vibration at any time, not just on your birthday.

Write down the top three things that make you feel the most JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS.  Take a moment and be 100% present with your memories or fantasies of those states of being in a high vibration.  Fully inhabit all of your senses, and notice everything your body is experiencing when you are visualizing yourself in this high vibrational state.  It is the most important, to fully experience the feeling, in as much minute detail as possible.  Record details of the following:

Where are you?

What is your body doing? Standing, sitting, dancing, running, laying down?

What is all around you? Describe everything in the room you are in, or what is surrounding you.

What are you wearing?

What are you smelling?

What are you tasting?

What are you touching?

Are these sensations on your skin?

What are you hearing?

What is the temperature that you can feel on your skin?

Yay!  Now have a guaranteed way to get yourself back up in that high vibrational state. Now you can feel like it is your birthday every day!

Life can be difficult, and all that you really control is your response to it.  Being at a high vibration is your secret weapon to making any situation better.  A high vibration gives you superpowers, and you get the added bonus of feeling great!  Any time you need to raise your vibration, you can now read the sensations your recorded, and re-imagine yourself back into them.

Regardless of what is going on around you, you have the choice to get yourself to a feeling place that matches what you desire your vibration to be.

Happy “every day” birthday to you! Relish that vibrational high!!


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