Let It Go! Release Your Old Year

Listen to Elsa and "Let It Go!"

Listen to Elsa and “Let It Go!”

This last week in my life was unbelievably bad.  Things happened to me that were the kind of crazy that is so ludicrous, that you know they have to be a cosmic joke somehow.  I cried so much that even thinking about crying more, exhausted me.  “Why is this happening to me?” I asked myself. And then I remembered something about myself.  I can be really bad at letting go of things.

What’s that saying that desire is the root of all suffering?  Well I would also like to say that our inability to let go when it is TIME to let go, also causes way too much suffering, of our own devising.

To every thing there is a season.  And when that season is done, and that thing no longer works for or benefits you, it is time to let that thing go.  The thing can be a relationship, a job, or really any situation in your life.  You may really, really not want to let that thing go, and you may be very afraid to let that thing go. There may be nothing in sight to replace that thing.  But as scary as that seems, it doesn’t matter.  You still have to let go.

If you know, underneath your fear and your doubt and your absolute denial – if you absolutely know – that you have to let that thing go, it has to go. Or very bad things can start happening to you.  The Universe will start out gently pointing out to you that it should go.  Then the lessons get more explicit. Finally they will get harsher and harsher, the harder you try to hang on.

Nine years ago, when the writing was on the wall at a job I really needed to leave, I refused to read that writing.  I told myself that I needed to stay: for the money, the stability, etc., etc. These were all perfectly reasonable excuses, but underneath, I knew the job was not good for me. When I persisted in staying, inexplicable issues arose, indicating that I really shouldn’t stay and wasn’t wanted. And I still didn’t leave.  In fact, I didn’t leave that job, until it was unfairly ripped out from underneath me.

After that job was torn away, I was so busy being angry and caught up in how unfair it was that I lost my job, it took years for me to see that leaving that job was a huge blessing, and did nothing but benefit me.

Did I have a new job lined up before I left the old? No.  But I did a get a job – one where I was more respected, and had great co-workers – shortly after that.

Which brings me back to yesterday.  I’m a “hard learner”.  The writing on the wall was there in my current situation, for a long time.  I hummed and hawed for months, I too-ed and fro-ed, but none of it improved anything.  I started being repeatedly banged over the head by the Universe.  It was more and more painful each time.  Was I so much smarter this time?  No.  But this time,  I realized I had a choice.  I could fight and fight a losing battle, or I could chose to surrender.  So I gave up.  And if last week’s clues to leave the situation were any indication, I really hope to never, ever know what the final smack from the Universe would have been.  Giving up never felt so good.

Am I ready for the next step? I think so.  I have done all the preparation I can think of, and much like having a baby, there is never “a perfect time”.  I will just proceed imperfectly.

Am I afraid? Yes.  But I know that my fear of the future can’t be worse than the fears that held me prisoner in the past.  I will just choose to keep going.

Am I glad I let go? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Once the walking away option was pointed out to me, and I tried it on, I could feel deep in my bones that it was the right thing for me to do.  So I encourage you to do the same.

  • Are you struggling trying to hang onto a friend or lover who no longer loves you? Or that you no longer love?
  • Do you really need to leave your job because each day it leaves you a little less of who you are?
  • Are you tired of feeling guilty about a situation you can’t change?

LET IT GO.  Just surrender.  Be willing to see what happens next if you release your attachment.

Today and tomorrow are the perfect time for surrender, before the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). We are in our final time of darkness literally and symbolically, before the light returns.

Gratefully and gracefully release what you need to, and be at peace with that decision. You will receive something else in its place, but for now just focus on the graceful releasing.  Realize why you have held on, but also realize now that something that is no longer nourishing you is draining you, and taking the spot of something better that can feed you with new life.

Bless it and all that it has been in your life. And then…..Let it go.

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the return of the light.



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3 Responses to Let It Go! Release Your Old Year

  1. Cindy Scott says:

    That was great Kara! You are so right. I think I need to dump a load of crappy stuff! But I live in Red Deer. (You’ve been to my home before)
    Anyway email me back & maybe we can set something up!

  2. linda c thomas says:

    Excellent post. Thanks for reminding us how holding on to anything keeps us stuck.



  3. conduitofjoy says:

    Hi Cindy,

    So nice to see you here! We ALL need to dump crappy stuff. If you want me to help you with the “dump”, I do readings on the phone too. Of course I am happy to come down to Red Deer like last time if there is enough interest. If you have a few people who would like readings, I’d love to set something up with you. :) My email address is conduitofjoy@hotmail.com


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