Visioning Your 2015 – Vision Board Creation


Last night I was preparing images for an “end of the year” ritual that enriches each year.

Every year I use a vision board as a visual reminder of those larger goals that I want in my life. Even if we know what we want, in our daily lives we tend to allow external events to pull us out of alignment with our overall vision. We tend to unconsciously drift from these desires. A vision board is a way to remind ourselves daily, of the feelings and experiences that we truly desire. It can be another tool to cut through the detritus of our daily lives, and communicate our deep desires straight to into our subconscious.

Part of this exercise is reviewing last year’s vision board.  When I looked at my 2014 vision board, I realized that while some of what I desire had well and truly happened. I also realized that to my surprise, some of the feeling states I had requested HAD happened, even if I didn’t realize it at the time.

My desire to teach manifested in a big way. This year I enjoyed teaching my own classes on “Working With Spirit Guides”, and started teaching a university course.

There were some things that didn’t happen or partially happened. On my vision board, I had included an image to represent of a book I wanted to write. While I didn’t write a book in 2014, an outline for an e-book – on a subject which I hadn’t even considered – was downloaded into my head one day. I’m planning on writing this e-book in 2015.

I chose a photo of a lush jungle to represent an the feeling I wanted to experience with my kids – spending time together in “deep nature”. While I didn’t go on a trip to a jungle this year, I realized that my family did spend ten days in a beautiful house in the forest on a lake. We spent most of this time outside, immersed in the water, and the sun. We spent some quality time in the trees as well.

A photo of gorgeous blue-green water also graced my vision board. The feeling this photo evoked in me, summed up the delicious invigorating experience of being immersed in clear, beautiful water. I spent lots of time this summer immersed in the lake, swimming, jumping out of a boat and paddle-boarding.

The interesting thing is, that I DID have many of these experiences. I asked for the feeling I wanted, and in many cases I received it. I put my energetic signature out there (eg. “I want the joy of swimming in a energizing body of water”), and the Universe took care of the “how”.

When I’m making a vision board, I try to capture the emotions that I desire to create. It is important to use images that embody the type of emotions you wish to experience. This is key, as sometimes the actual experience that happens is different – and often better – than the one that our puny human brains come up with.

I encourage you to make your own vision board. Take some time and think about what emotions you wish to evoke through experiences this year.
Spend some time gathering images that embody your images and then focus on arranging the images how you would like. Place them where you want, so that you get a layout that pleases you, that will bring you joy every day. Add whatever you want to make it feel significant or special to you.
Include a statement of gratitude for the abundance you have, and add a couple of photos of yourself into the vision board, to cement yourself into your future. Make sure the photos make you feel happy to look at.

Adding the phrase “All of this or something even better!” lets the Universe know that you are after the feeling the image evokes – the vibrational signature of the experience – so that you are open to having a different actual experience, and aren’t too hung up on “how” it will happen.

Put it out there this year, and see HOW it gets delivered!


If you would like to make a vision board in person with others, I’m offering a Vision Board Creation workshop in Edmonton from 2:00-5:00 on January 26, 2015. We’ll spend some time reviewing successes and challenges in 2014, and then release the year. We will focus on building on your successes in 2014, to create more abundance for you in 2015. Tickets are $30/person, which includes all supplies (there will be tiaras and glitter!). Reserve your spot on Eventbrite here.

I’m also offering a package of intuitive sessions to help you review and release 2014, and jumpstart your 2015. I’m offering two one-hour intuitive sessions for $247 (reg. $334). We can use one of the two sessions as a cord-cutting session if we find something from 2014 that you really need to let go of. Click the link here to pay, and send me an email so I can send you my schedule for appointments.

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