Intuitive You – Eight Best Practices for Good “Intuitive Hygiene”


Living as an intuitive is definitely a challenge in this world.  If you are an intuitive you know that while information about the world comes to you through your regular five senses, you also get extra doses of of information through your extra senses.

This may be unwanted knowledge popping into your head – like your boss is having an affair with a co-worker – or emotional barrages into your body – like feeling all the hate your neighbor is filled with. Without even trying to, you absorb other people’s stress, fear and anger all day long, like a big empathic lint catcher.  Even something simple, like watching TV can be a nightmare, with all the fear and trauma on the news and on TV shows continuously.

After absorbing all this toxic crap all day, even day, you can end up feeling like an emotionally wrung-out dishrag. So what to do sensitive you?  Is there a way for your extra-perceiving self to survive in this world?

Yes there is.  And what you have oh intuitive and empathic one, are gifts. You are a precious jewel. And jewels need to be protected!

Just like brushing your teeth to maintain your oral hygiene, to get rid of nasty bacteria, you can also adopt good routines of “intuitive hygiene”.  These daily habits will ensure your health is protected against the “bacteria” of others’ toxic emotions and negativity.

Obtaining these habits for yourself is away of taking control of your gifts.  These habits allow you to block some of these nasties coming into your energy field, and how to drain and clean away anything negative that make it into your energy field.  You will learn ways of consciously grounding, and also consciously connecting with divine teachers.  Doing this type of daily practice, is a way of making your extra sensitivities work for you, instead of against you. 

After living for many years on an emotional rollercoaster – caused by my unknowingly picking up others’ emotions constantly – it was such a relief to exit that crazy ride. After reading about the daily practices of other intuitives and psychics, and trying techniques out for myself, I realized how much my quality of life improved.  Over the long-term, I could see how my daily life as a human, as well as my intuitive practice, were so much better as a result of using these best practices daily.  I even developed a short-hand blurb, in case I don’t get a chance to do my full version first thing in the morning, since this practice is so important to me.

My goal with my next blog posts is to help you develop your own daily routine.  This will help you feel like you are being your most authentic self, when you aren’t weighed down by others’ stuff.  I’ll provide you with the basic guidelines for a daily routine that will help you get the most of your life. Remember that what I recommend is only “the truth according to me”, the practices I have found that work best for me.  Since each of us is different, you may need to modify a technique, or need more it.  I would encourage you to adopt and adapt what works for you.

Next blog post we will start off talking about the importance of GRATITUDE, and its key role in an intuitive’s life.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this gratitude prayer I say every morning:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to my guides, power animals, Higher Self and Divine teachers and healers.  I so appreciate you presence in my life, and I am eternally grateful for all of the assistance you provide me on a daily basis.”

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Intuitively yours,


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