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Welcome to the second post in my series of Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”!  Today I’m going to share with you the first of the eight practices that I do every day around GRATITUDE.  Gratitude is truly what I consider the first best practice in maintaining good intuitive hygiene.

Why do we want to express gratitude every morning? Because:

  • We want to be in a high vibration, and gratitude is one of the highest vibrations
  • We fully express our life purpose(s) when we are in the present moment, and gratitude focusses us here in the present moment
  • We want to remember how much abundance we already have, and gratitude reminds of how much abundance is also available to us in any moment

On a day like today, where I have started out in a lower vibration – partly due to minor physical pain – this practice is particularly helpful.   The practice of gratitude, is excellent for helping us raise our vibrations, and at the same time, helps us emotionally remember and experience, that we ARE grateful, despite any challenging and difficult life experiences life throws at us.

High Vibration of Gratitude

Gratitude in remembering what we are already enjoy, raises us up to higher vibrational level. Gratitude is the default energy state we come into this world with.  It embodies the natural universal law of giving and receiving.

Being in this higher vibration, sends an energetic signal out to the Universe.  Since gratitude and joy are some of the highest vibrations we can emit, we become a joyful energetic match for more of whatever it is we are enjoying.  Since like attracts like, this means more of these joyful things can come into our lives.

Gratitude sends your joyful energetic beacon out in the Universe, and attracts joyful things back to you.  By practicing gratitude, you will attract not only more things to be grateful for, but these are higher vibrational situations too.

Focus on the Present Moment

Gratitude connects our brains with our hearts, our thoughts with our feelings.  When we are in gratitude for what we have, we can totally focus and be thankful for those things.  When we are totally focussed on what we have, we don’t obsess over what we believe we lack – which causes anxiety and dissatisfaction.  Focussing on gratitude brings you into your optimal state – into the present moment.

When we are in the present moment, we are fully inhabiting our lives. Being fully present is the path to living our soul purpose(s), much of which is often simpler than we realize. We express our soul’s purpose through being fully present in our own lives, as well as through the interactions with other people that we have every day.  Being in this present moment through the expression of gratitude helps us to come closer to this purpose as well.

Your higher vibrational state has a profound effect on others, as well as yourself.  An atom is 99.999% energy and only 0.0001% matter.  This means that when you activate an energetic frequency like gratitude, it has a profound effect on all those atoms around you, including other people.


Practicing the expression of gratitude, helps us to acknowledge and celebrate all of the things that we have in our lives, including our very existence.

When we acknowledge the many things which we are fortunate enough to have – friendships, health, living in a peaceful place – as well as our basic needs of shelter, food, and income – we realize how much we truly already have.

When we add to that tally, all the incredible gifts we have as people who are consciously in touch with their intuition, and the access we have to divine guidance, we can count ourselves amongst the truly fortunate.

When we remember how much we have, it fills us with a sense of contentment and peace.  And it reminds us that as much abundance as we already have, there is always that much and more available to us, if we open ourselves to it.


The first thing I do as part of my daily Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”, is the GRATITUDE practice.  I start by mentally reviewing my last 24 hours.  This serves a few purposes.

a)    It helps me remember and realize all the excellent things that happened for me over the last 24 hour of my life, and to really realize how wonderful they were. This is particularly great if the day before was a super busy day, and I didn’t have time to fully be present in these experiences.  Taking a quiet moment to do this is vital.

b)    My mental review helps me re-experience how great, the great events were.  Since we are seeking the highest vibration possible to us on any particular day, this helps me get in the mental and emotional state to emotionally experience – fully feel – my gratitude for my life and everything in it.

I use the following wording, but you can adapt this to whatever your belief system is. Since I rely on my personal guides, my personal power animals, and any other divine teachers I am lucky enough to have guidance from, I make sure I thank them for their assistance.    Thanking my Higher Self, is my thanks to my divine slice of the Universe.  I also include the Universe in general, as the Highest Power.  As long as you are expressing gratitude to a higher power for what you have received, that is the important part.

Daily GRATITUDE wording:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe, Higher Self, guides, power animal, and divine teachers.  I so appreciate your presence in my life, and am eternally grateful for all of the assistance you give me on a daily basis.”

I hope sharing why this daily gratitude practice is important, will encourage you to incorporate it into your own daily best practices for “intuitive hygiene”.

Do you have your own gratitude practice or recommendations? Please share them in the comments.

If you need assistance or answers from readings from your guides, I am just an email away at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.

Intuitively yours,


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