Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene” – CENTERING and CONNECTING

Eight Best Best Practices for Good "Intuitive Hygiene"



Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the third of the eight, is CENTERING and CONNECTING.

If you recall, we are building on the foundational steps which we have already covered. The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, and the second was GROUNDING.  These first two are key to get your day off to a good start.

Why do we need to do CENTERING and CONNECTING?

Your efforts in expressing gratitude and grounding yourself are preparations for the main event which is to actually connect with your divine guidance team. But because your superpowers are so big and fantastic – just like you can’t hook up to electricity without having a grounding agent that can contain that current – you have to prepare your body and mind to contain all that energy and information.

When you center yourself, you are actually balancing my root chakra energies of the earth with the energies of the crown chakras.  We must have equal amounts of both types of energies in order to have our chakras balanced, and to feel and use our intuitive abilities in their highest forms.

As you will recall from the grounding exercise, once I have visualized my energy wrapped around the Earth’s core, I pull my energy back up, through the ground into my body, all the way up my legs and spine, through my trunk and up through my throat.  (I actually already included this centering exercises in my last post on grounding, because they are so linked. So this is review if you did the exercises in the last post.)

I keep pushing my personal energy up through head and up into my third eye.  I open and cleanse my third eye as my energy passes through it.  I push it up through my Crown chakra and up into the sky. I breathe my energy right up into the sky, and wrap it around a star. I use these words to focus my intention:

I send my energy up to the Divine, and bring it back down into balance with my earth energies. I thank you Divine Self, for your guidance today. 

The final step in the centering process is to pull my energies back from the sky, back down through my crown and throat chakra and into my heart chakra.

This balances out the earth energies and the sky energies.  This creates the feeling of being grounded in my body, while having access to the divine energies as well. As well as feeling calm and centred, it means I am in full command of my intuitional/intellectual capabilities.  Like a strong tree, I can pull in so many things through my leaves, and withstand storms, because I have strong roots anchoring me.  Having both types of energy in my heart, brings them into balance, and having them mingle in my heart chakra adds in my right balance in all ways.

This centering process ensures that I am optimally balanced – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and therefore optimally ready to approach my day.

Doing this centering exercise guarantees that all day, my actions come from a loving heart-centred place for myself and all other humans.  I use these words to focus my intention:

I balance the energies of the earth and the sky to bring me into right alignment.  I mingle these energies in my heart, so that I treat myself all other humans with love and respect as I go about my day. 

I keep breathing, and visualizing and feeling these energies mingling in my heart, until I feel balanced.


The next important part of CENTERING and CONNECTING is actually hooking up to your divine teachers and guides. This will differ depending upon your belief system.  Since my personal belief system includes shamanism as well as mainstream intuition (whatever that is!) I also include power animals as well as the more common reference to guides.

Thank you, thank you, thank you [guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and helpers]. 

I ask that the white light of the [Holy Spirit/my Highest Self/All That Is] protect this communication and allow only that which is in alignment of my highest purpose to come through.

I seek the wisdom and assistance of my [guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and helpers] for my highest soul growth.

[Guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and         helpers].  Please help me understand your messages, and discern your presence.

Please show me guidance and information about _______________.

I ask in providing this information to my clients, that I be able to communicate your information in the easiest way for them to understand.

Thank you for your divine guidance.

The important pieces here are that you are:

  • seeking information that aligns with your highest purpose and your soul’s highest growth so that it is good information for you (and/or your clients)
  • asking for the information to be in alignment with that which is the highest vibration, so that you will know your information is true and valid
  • asking for the information to be easy to discern so that you know it really is your divine teachers communicating with you

There is much more I could say about connecting to your divine team, but l will leave that for other posts and whole courses on the subject. If you are interested in pursuing this connection piece further, you can contact me for other classes I offer that address these issues at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.

It’s Good For You

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and daily intuitive hygiene routines.  It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com to book a session with me. Contact me also if you would like to be part of a small pilot program of Intuitive Mentorship program locally in Edmonton, to help intuitives address these issues.

In my next blog post, I will cover the next steps in the Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”  – RELEASING and CLEARING.

Until next time, take care of your personal energy!

Intuitively yours,


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