Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – GROUNDING


Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the second of the eight, is GROUNDING.

If you recall, we are building the foundational steps for good intuitive hygiene.  The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, the second is GROUNDING. I’ve already posted about the third, which is CENTERING and CONNECTING. These are foundational pieces to get your day off to a good start.

Grounding Is So Good for You!
Grounding is the single most important thing you can do every day. The importance of grounding cannot be overstated. While grounding is important for all of us, it is even more important for folks that are more sensitive to energies.

Grounding is the key to living in your body in on the Earth. While this may sound odd, grounding is the foundation to your optimal functioning.

The reason for this is that you are living, breathing energy circuit. Just like your fridge, you need to have your body’s energy system grounded in order to function properly. As a divine being in a human body, you are at all times drawing down energy from the top of your head, where it travels through your body, and back into the Earth, which completes your body’s energy circuit. We have proved scientifically, that our bodies have electric current running through them.

Most people in Western society are very ungrounded much of the time. This is because we spend so much time in our heads – surfing the internet, sending emails, worrying about things – and not much time in our bodies. Since many of us work in offices, and not with our bodies anymore, we often aren’t familiar with the ties to the connection of spirit within our bodies.

This also means, if we are not in our bodies we are not living in the present.

Why Do We Need To Ground?
In a nutshell, we need to ground so that our bodies, minds and spirits stay balanced. If we are unbalanced we start suffering physically, mentally and spiritually.

Like electricity in our houses, we have got to balance our body’s energies or we will short out, just like a fuse in your house.

“Grounding is the process by which we maintain an appropriate energy charge by releasing any energy which would constitute an excessive charge within the systems of the body, emotions, mind, etc.”

Our home’s electrical circuits are grounded to dismiss the extra electricity. And so it is with our bodies. For your subtle energy systems, grounding is any activity that brings your energies back into alignment.

We need a balance of all of our body’s chakra energies to function optimally. If we spend too much time at certain energy vibrations – for instance, in our head chakras – without being in balance with all of our chakras, our bodies and our minds become very unbalanced get really out of whack.

Being ungrounded can especially be a problem for intuitives, or those who spent a lot of time in intellectual pursuits. People who live mostly in their heads are more comfortable in the upper chakras – like their third eyes, and inside their heads – but may not pay much attention to the feelings in their bodies.

The problem is that intuition and intellect which is not grounded becomes unreliable. Being “ungrounded” can feel like spaciness, or head-fuzz. You may experience headaches or a lack of concentration. If your intuition becomes really ungrounded it can affect your personality, make you paranoid, or feel like you are in a daze all the time. Your physical symptoms might include stress, anxiety and numbness in parts of your body.
In short, when you are really out of balance your intuition and your thoughts, in addition to making you feel physically bad, can become UNTRUSTWORTHY. And since your intuition is your main guidance system, this is not good.

How Do We Ground?

Grounding is very simple. Humans instinctively know how to ground, as these are things which make our bodies feel “good”. Deep breathing, exercise, and eating are all activities which get you in connection with your body, and how it feels to be in your body in the present.

Being surrounded by nature is a natural grounding mechanism. Nature neutralizes all negative energy effortlessly and naturally. Touching your bare feet or other parts of your body, to the ground, or being immersed in water are the easiest and best ways to ground.
To ground you can do anything that brings you back into your awareness of inhabiting your body. Grounding rebalances your first two chakras, which represent your basic physical security in the world, and your emotions/creativity/sexuality, etc.


My daily grounding practice is very simple. I sit cross-legged or stand, outside on the ground. If I’m sitting, I fully feel by tailbone touching the ground, to ensure that I am completing my energetic circuit as best I can. If I am standing I feel my feel connected to the ground.

You can do this exercise inside, by sitting or standing on the floor and visualizing the process. I also like to be in a basement if possible, to be closer to the earth energies.
I first picture a grounding earth anchor, coming out of the bottom of my spine (or feet if standing) and anchoring me to the Earth. I focus my intention on this anchor keeping me grounded all day, while I visualize it going down into the earth. I use these words to keep my intention focussed:

Thank you Mother Earth,

for accepting my energy, and keeping me grounded all day.

Secondly, I picture a giant tap root coming out of the bottom of my spine, and pushing deep into the earth.

I focus on pushing all of my body’s energies down into the Earth as deep as I can push them, over the course of four or five deep, slow breaths. I also picture the roots spreading out into the Earth as they go. I focus on pushing all my unwanted and excess energy into these roots. I use the following words:

Daily Routine Wording:

Thank you Mother Earth for allowing me to release all my excess and unwanted energy, and accepting them. I give this energy to be transmuted and recycled back into the Universal energy field.

Once I have sent my roots down as deeply as possibly, and I feel like I have released all the unwanted excess energy that I have, I keep breathing, and do one final push into the centre of the Earth, and wrap my root around the core of the Earth.

Managing Your Energy Field Keeps You Healthy

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and to have daily intuitive hygiene routines. It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com to book a session with me. Contact me also if you would like to be part of my Intuitive Mentorship group locally in Edmonton.

In my next blog post, I will cover the next step in the Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene” – RELEASING and CLEARING.

Until next time, take care of your personal energy!

Intuitively yours,

Copyright 2016 – Conduit of Joy – Kara Thompson

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