Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – RELEASING


Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the fourth of the eight, is a RELEASING practice.

If you recall, we are building the foundational steps for good intuitive hygiene.  The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, the second is GROUNDING, and the third is CENTERING and CONNECTING.

This practice of RELEASING, goes with grounding.  In fact I often release as I ground.  I mention it separately though as it is a very important practice to do.

Why do we have to RELEASE?

RELEASING is a process which I can often barely wait to get to in the morning, particularly if I have been worrying about something, and want to get rid of it from my energy field.  One of things that many intuitives may not realize is that in general, we need to be constantly ridding our energy fields of unwanted energy that is not our own.  If we are doing work for other people, and tapping into their energy fields on purpose, we need to do this even more consciously and more often.

As a professional intuitive, every day, I am consciously interacting with other peoples’ energetic fields to read the information contained within in. Even as a teacher for intuitive students, I am consciously interacting with students energy fields.  This means after each reading, or each class I need to and choose to consciously clear my own energy field.

We Constantly Accumulate Energetic Debris

We are always encountering other people’s energy fields.  This is part of being a human, and living with other humans.  As soon as you in the physical presence of, or interacting in any way with another human, you are in each other’s energy fields. As humans we feel a variety of emotions – love, happiness, sadness, anger, fear.  The higher vibrations make us feel happy and raise us up.  However, we do experience the range of human emotions which is also a normal part of our human condition. For example, when we have been angry or sad, bits of those emotions get left in our energetic fields, even when we aren’t angry or sad anymore.

Our energetic bodies want to get rid of the lower vibrations as we are always seeking to feel good, and want to keep floating up the vibrational scale towards feeling good.  Lower vibrations turn into leftover pieces of energetic debris.  This debris either stays in our energetic fields until we get rid of it, which means it can also be shared into another human’s energetic field accidentally.  This debris is particularly likely to enter, or be absorbed, into the energy fields of other people who are empathic and sensitive.  Empathic people – which many of us are – tend to have energy boundaries which are more open and porous. [This is also why we will talk about SHIELDING/SAFEGUARDING later on.]

If you are a empathic or sensitive, it is possible to shield against other people’s energetic debris, to some extent.  However, the flip side is, in order to wield our superpowers and access our intuition, we do have to have more porous boundaries so we can connect with others.  This means these shields eventually “wear off” or weaken as we are in contact with others energy fields.  When I have used a shield, I find mine only last about 3-4 hours.   Because shields aren’t a long-lasting solution, we will also discuss SHEDDING later.

Having our energy fields interact with other humans is normal and good, as we use this intuition to guide us toward situations that serve us best, and away from others that don’t.  However, for folks that are more sensitive this energetic debris needs to be cleared often, otherwise we sense this with our bodies and it makes us feel bad.  The more debris in our energy feel, and the more “off” or badly, we can feel.

This means, all day every day, you are accumulating other people’s unwanted, energetic debris, which I will call “stuff”, in your own energy field.  And just like the empathic sponges that we are, we keep accumulating that “stuff” in our energy fields until we get rid of it.  Sometimes this stuff clears naturally – your body instinctively interacts with natural elements – like when you go for a walk in the park, and all the trees and nature help you neutralize this stuff.  But it is important to know how to consciously rid yourself of it, so that you are always able to clear out your energy field if you want to.

As an intuitive person, it benefits your emotional, spiritual, and physical health the most, if you can keep your energy field as free from this energetic junk as possible.

What Happens If We Don’t Release?

If we don’t get rid of this stuff – ours and other peoples’ – we bring this energy garbage into our own lives, and into the lives of other people and it makes us feel bad. Potentially the accumulation of this energetic garbage over years and years may manifest in your physical body as toxins and disease. At the least, energetic garbage that we carry around with us, makes us function at less than optimal levels.

You know energetic debris exists if you have ever walked into a room where other people have been fighting.  You automatically pick up the energetic debris of the people who were fighting, and it makes you feel icky.  When you think about absorbing the anger and fear of many, many people, over and over again, you begin to get an idea of just how bad this can make you feel.

For professional intuitives, if we don’t get rid of this excess, unwanted energetic debris, we may end up bringing it into our readings for other people.  Think about the process of bringing intuitive information through for other people, as seeing through a window.  If the window is grimy, then we can only partly see through it, and whatever we do see through it will be filtered through that grime.  If that grime on the window is the junk in your energy field, then the information you bring through may not be accurate, as you have not been seeing clearly because the grime was in your way.

In order to have reliable intuition, we need to have that window as clean as possible.   We need to clear it of whatever grime might on it, whether that is energetic debris produced by ourselves or others.

If our window to the Other Side isn’t clean, then everything that shines through that window will be tinted with the dirt that we are looking through.  Practically what this means is that if you are giving a reading for someone, but you haven’t released or cleared your energy field, you will interpret the information for that person through your own dirty filter.


So How Do I Get Rid of This Energetic Debris?

I have two methods which I used to get rid of this energetic debris in my energy field.  The first I simply call the Angelic Swoosh, and the second I call the Psychic Carwash.

Angelic Swoosh

I often use this one if I am short on time.  I ask for one of the Archangels to come and help me, (I have an affinity with Archangel Gabriel) and then I picture the wings of that angel and its massive energy, bathing me in an infra-green light, which I intend to totally burn off any and all excess energetic debris.  The wording I use is:

Archangel Gabriel, please use your ultra-green light, to burn up any unwanted and excess debris from my energy field, and transmute it back into the universal cycle of energy.

Then, with a quick swoosh up and down of its mighty wing, that energetic debris is gone.  Then I usually do a quick jump up, and intend that when might feet touch the ground again, all the ashes of that debris are gone too.

The second exercise I call the Psychic Carwash (or Clearing Snow Tornado).

I usually do it when I am walking. If you live in a winter climate, you may find this useful to do while you are walking outside in the winter if snow is gently falling around you.

I invite an Archangel in (Archangel Michael or Raphael work nicely in addition to Gabriel), and ask them to help me release energy which no longer serves me.  My intentional wording is:

I now ask Archangel Micheal to help me release all energy and energetic debris which no longer serves me and to help me clean and clear my energy field, so that it contains my chosen energetic vibration alone.

Notice that my wording always emphasizes free choice. This is because even if you ask your divine helpers for assistance, you are still always in charge of what you do and the choices you make.

Then I picture softly falling snow, which starts to swirl around me, like a snow tornado.  I use the image of snow, as it is frozen water and water is a natural neutralizer.  Water neutralizes your energetic field and cleanses it.

I picture the Psychic Carwash cleansing my entire energy field and chakras.  It travels around my entire body, swirling from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet three or four times, or until I feel like my energy field has been cleansed.

I do a quick check to see if there are any dark spots left in my energy field. If can still sense something there, or something that doesn’t want to leave, I ask for extra assistance from the Archangel.

If you are somewhere where you are aware that you are accumulating alot of energetic garbage, you can also use a quick method, like washing your hands and saying:

I release any and all low vibrations which no longer serve me.


You will know you have been successful at releasing when you tune into how your energy field feels.  You may feel neutral, empty or “clean”.   What does this feel like for you?  Have you ever experienced having your ONLY your own emotions in your energetic field?  Do you feel nothing but your own neutral energy and neutral emotions?  If you are not used to having only your own energetic field (from years of absorbing other peoples’) this may be a strange feeling for you.  However, you will soon realize how good it feels.

We will explore this more in the next post, but for now enjoy that clean and clear feeling.

Managing Your Energy Field Keeps You Healthy

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and to have daily intuitive hygiene routines. It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com. I also do small group or individual intuitive mentorship to help other intuitives along their own path.

Until next time, enjoy clearing out your energetic field.

Intuitively yours,

Copyright 2016 – Conduit of Joy – Kara Thompson


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