Practical Spiritual Tips for When Fear Kicks You in the Gut


I get it. You are sitting here in front of your computer right now, desperate.  Your gut is tied up in knots. You haven’t slept since the middle of the night, as you are so worried. You don’t have enough money. Your problems are overwhelming you. You have no idea how you are going to solve your massive problems. You are responsible for so much.  You feel like you no one will understand how terrible your situation actually is. You feel so alone.  You are paralyzed and stuck in your fear and anxiety.

This has been me too.  I believed in all of these lies so strongly.  Some of the solutions that I thought of included wanting to end my life, burning my house down, taking a rest in the mental hospital.  These “solutions” seemed so attractive because they all offered some kind of relief.

But I want to help you get back to genuine relief in your life.  The kind of relief were you are actually in charge of your life, instead of feeling victimized by it.  The kind of relief where you choosing powerfully and making empowering changes in your life.  It may not happen instantly, but we can start moving there right now.

I’m here to remind you that as real as all of these fearful thoughts seem, they are all lies. They are lies you are telling yourself, because you have forgotten.

You have forgotten that you are here on Earth in an amazing world. You have forgotten that you are a powerful creator and that you have so much abundance and love available to you.  You have forgotten that if you focus on lack, you create more lack.  Above all, you have forgotten that movement is your friend, and being stuck will keep you trapped – I am here to start you moving again.

You may want to remain curled in your tight little ball of fear.  That’s fine, you can choose whatever you would like.  But if you would like to choose movement out of fear, with this post I would like to gently take you by the hand and guide you back to the place where you can remember all of these things for yourself. I would like to take you back to a place of relief and ease.

You are going to spend the next few minutes doing some simple exercises.  These practices are going to help you start moving out of your paralysis, and help you shift your emotional state.  Tune into how you are feeling at right at this moment.

Read through this post, and do the simple exercises described.  Our goal is to shift you into a more empowered space by the time you are done.

1.       Ask yourself “Is this my fear/anxiety?”

Seems like a silly question, but if you are an empathic person, you pick up so much energetic debris from other people/animals/entities all the time, that you likely completely unaware of.  When you discover the answer is “no” – as it is 99% of the time – simply ask that the fear is “returned to the sender”.

2.       Ask yourself “Is this fear or excitement?”

I have done so much learning about this for myself lately and how in so many places in my life, I have misidentified excitement as fear. Our bodies react to the two physical states in almost identical ways, so we may have learned to identify almost of all our excitement as fear.

Once again if the answer is excitement and not fear – which it is 99% of the time – acknowledge your excitement and ask your body to be able to feel that excitement fully.

3.       Ground or expand your energy field.

The lie that fear and anxiety try to get us to believe is in our separateness from everything else.  It may seem so real that you are all alone right now.  It can be hard to believe that we are all in this together, and never separate even though it may feel so real.

Often fear makes us feel like we are not even in our physical bodies.  This is another lie.  So at this point, you want to do anything that brings you back into your body.  Grounding – by simply visualizing yourself as a tree, and imagining your roots reaching deep, deep down into the ground to the centre of the Earth – is an instinctual act, that brings all human back into a grounded, balanced state.  You can also exercise, eat or take a bath or shower to bring yourself back into a physical state of groundedness. You can read more about grounding here.

You can also expand your energy field to shift yourself back into oneness.  Visualize expanding your energy field as large as your room, then the building you are in, then as large as your neighborhood, your city, your country, your continent, the Earth and then expand out off of the Earth. I usually notice at some point in this expansion process that my body sighs, and that is usually the moment where I notice I have re-integrated my energy body back into alignment with everything else. I often get a sense of relief, that lets me know this has happened too.

4. Being Grateful for What You Have  

Another lie of being separateness is that we don’t have abundance in our lives. Often this shows up as a lack of money or love.  The truth is that there is abundance all around us, but when we are afraid we forget how to look for it.

Start by making a list of the top three things you are grateful for today, yesterday and for the past week. You want to list these things, and then fully feel in your body, your gratitude for them.  Feel in your body how fantastic that ray of sunshine was that you were resting in.  Feel in your body how great the earth smelled after the rain. Feel in your body how great you felt after your friend made you laugh.

If you can’t think of anything start with very basic things – you woke up this morning, you had enough to eat, you have running water, etc.  If you live in North America you have so many things you take for granted that many people around the world long for every day.  The more things you can list the better.  When we turn our focus onto those things we are creating, instead of those thing we are lacking we start creating more of what we want. Whatever we focus our attention on increases.

Making this list may be challenging in the beginning, but it will get easier as time goes on.

5. Reminding Yourself that You are a Powerful Creator!

You ARE a powerful creator, but you may have forgotten this.  If your life truly sucks, take a moment to realize and acknowledge that you have created all of this suckage – so you truly must be a powerful creator to create so much chaos in your life!

Once you have acknowledged that you are a creator, now is the time to make a list of all of those things in your life that you have created.  To remind yourself that your separateness is a lie, you are getting yourself to focus on all of the things you have created.  If you are afraid because of a lack of money, focus on any creation of money and abundance you have created this week.  Did you create a free cup of coffee for yourself? Find a dollar on the ground?  Create a refund?  When you start to notice what you are creating, you will create more.  Notice and celebrate all the abundance – financial and otherwise – that you are creating every day. How do you feel now after taking stock of what you are able to create in this present moment?

If you need more empowerment and reassurance, you can go bigger. What have you created for yourself in your life overall?  A great job/loving relationship/great friendships?  Even if you don’t have these things anymore it doesn’t matter – they are proof that you are an amazing creator and you can create these things – and more – for yourself if you choose to.  You created them!!

How do you feel now? Have you shifted even slightly out of fear? Are you ready to do some more shifting?

Remember that to keep moving is your best friend.  Bringing abundance into your life is accomplished by movement of any type.

You can also physically move.  This physical reaction will help you move into other concret action to move forward. Ask which is the best action that you can choose today, to get you back in charge of your life.  Choose to take that one action.  Make sure you continue to be  gentle and kind to yourself, as you continue to take any actions towards fully inhabiting your life again.

Repeating these exercises every day while you need to, will help you shift out of your fear and back into a higher vibrational state.

Sending you ease and love as you continue on your path!



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