Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – REPLENISHMENT

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Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and a fifth best practice of the eight, are practices of REPLENISHMENT.

I’m sharing my best practices in these posts so that you can function in the best possible way, as an intuitive person.  The practices so far have been:





Replenishment is very important for intuitives, as we often exist in a normal state where we are over-giving, whether consciously or unconsciously.  This means on any particarl day, we usually are in need of giving to ourselves energetically.

Today I wanted to talk about how we may unconsciously keep destructive practices stuck in our heads, and the ways we can learn to free ourselves. By learning to give ourselves some deep replenishment every day, in small ways we can fill up our tanks again. Regenerative activities, where we give ourselves love, care and rest, are times of deep self-replenishment.

Last week where I live we just went through a huge dump of snow. There were many days of very cold weather. It was so cold that it was only possible to go outside if you absolutely had to.  We had to surrender to the weather, and hunker down inside until it was warm enough to do our normal outside activities.  My reaction was predictable. More cold? More snow? What a drag!  Having to stay inside and cuddle under the covers? Wait a minute… Snuggling? Resting? Sleeping? Aren’t those all activities I love?  Why am I resisting? I love all those things. When I do them, I feel loved and happy and restored.

In fairly short order I was adapting. If I felt sleepy and tired while I was working I would take a nap, then after resting as much as I desired, I got back up and did some more work. Or not. I did what work I had to, and didn’t bother to force myself to do more than I had to.  I went out to shovel snow, and took it slow and steady, taking time to notice how the snow falling around me calmed and comforted me.

All of this is very new and recent behavior for me.

In my old my world, with its emphasis on hard work and logic, I had forgotten that many activities where we “don’t use our brains” are necessary for us as humans, particularly to make that treasured brain work.

The idea of an activity or non-activity – like napping (what!!), having a hot bath with candles in the middle of a work-day (!!!) – was just about enough to blow my head off.

I came from a corporate world that only valued me for my productivity, not my happiness.

When I was first working for myself I had to post a sign in my office for myself that said “Your worth is not your productivity”.  I had to keep reminding myself that I had worth as a human outside of the time I was working, and the money that I was making. If it was 10 am on a Tuesday and I hadn’t yet produced something I deemed worthy, I was my harshest critic. There was no need for any external criticism, I was the meanest critic to myself there could ever be.

Taking a nap at 2 pm? My level of contempt for myself was unbelievable…how dare I?  how was that making money? How was that taking care of my family?

I had to ask myself some crazy questions like….

  • Why was is it so important that I must drive my body to attune to this artificial cycle?
  • Why did my work have to be completed in such a specific time-line?
  • How did pushing myself so hard create more for me? More money? More creativity?

Nothing warranted my crisis–like behavior, but after living in that cage for so long, I didn’t need the bars anymore.  I had internalized my cage.

Time is Never Wasted

The idea that I had lost is that time is never wasted.  Meaning is created just by us existing.  In order for us to “be successful” whatever those things mean to us, we require the time to regenerate.

I was so used to specific hours of productivity on specific days, that it became almost impossible for me to do anything else in those hours.  If I couldn’t immediately and directly see the pay-off of time = money, then I condemned anything else I was doing in those hours as useless.

Our bodies as well as our minds and souls require time to move off those specific tasks we may ask them to focus on and think about other things.  We need to move and sleep and ponder and wander….

Slowly over the last two years, I have realized that not only are regenerative activities necessary, they are also very beneficial.  In fact, they recharge me to go back to my work.

Compassion for me produces so much more for me – creativity, money, happiness – than driving myself without regard for how I feel or function.

Regeneration Replenishes

In my drive to maximize my work output, I forgot that in order to function at optimal capacity, my brain and my body need time and space to rest and replenish.

There is a reason that farmers rest fields for a growing season.  Soil needs time regather what it needs from the wind, snow, and rain.  It requires time in order to replenish itself, to reload itself full of nutrients, before it can produce amazing crops and share those nutrients with our bodies.

The time of being empty and unproductive is completely necessary for nutrients to generate.

I realized that I paid poor lip-service to words like “down-time” and “rest”.  The reality for me, and for many of us is that we can’t even force ourselves to rest even under Dr’s orders. Our bodies give us significant messages through injury. Sadly, we are often in such a rush to be productive and busy, that we end up reinjuring ourselves shortly after injury.

Thankfully along with my own deconditioning, I was able to observe self-employed friends who modelled some excellent behavior for me.  They provided an alternative model of living, which I had never seen before.  They modelled self-care and self-love and focusing on what was truly important in their lives. They showed me in a very real way that humans do their best and most creative work when they are happy and comfortable.  They are the most productive when they are comfortable and happy.

I was able to start dismantling my cage, and giving myself permission to work and live in alignment with what works for me.  I was able to replenish myself and create much more for myself.

So please. Go nap. Regenerate!  Create.

Love, Kara

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