No Vacation from Spirits – Re-committing to Best Practices for Intuitive Hygiene

No vacation from spirits! Remember to clear your entities daily!

No vacation from spirits! Remember to clear your entities daily!

Sometimes we dearly need a vacation. But what is it that we need a vacation from? Is it the work we do? Is it our daily routine? What practices do we always need to do to keep ourselves healthy? I had to ask myself these questions recently, when I took a short vacation to Texas with my husband.

I am an intuitive and a medium, and consider those responsibilities “work” as I do them professionally. However, part of that “work” incorporates daily practices that I do a person who is intrinsically an intuitive and a medium. Being wired this way is not actually an option for me. That’s just who I am.

So in the rush to escape my own personal daily grind – part of which includes being an intuitive and medium – I decided that I didn’t have to do any of my personal daily practices.

As a medium, one of my daily practices, is that every morning, I take 15-30 minutes of “office hours” to deal with crossed-over spirits.  I communicate with them if they have a message for me, clear them or just acknowledge them according to what their needs may be.  If I don’t take this time, I am usually badgered during the morning by these unseen folks, until I pay attention.  Our deal is that they don’t come into my thoughts at night or other times, and in return I give them my focused attention during the day during my office hours.

Ignoring my daily “office hours” practice turned out be a bad idea, but ultimately a great reminder of why I actually choose to do those practices every day! And as to why they are important to do every day!!

While I was snoozing away in Galveston, TX spring beach breezes, I noticed I did not get a good rest. I had bad dreams, and my brain could not let go of anxiety and stressful thoughts.  I was not well rested.  Even when I bunked down in the pleasant spring nights in Austin, TX, my head was still full of crazy troubling dreams and mental garbage that I could not seem to shake.  This meant I woke up grouchy, and un-rested for my vacation adventures.

So what was going on? Why was my vacation slumber not restful?

The lightbulb finally went on for me on about the third day of vacation, when I realized I was not doing my daily “office hours” with entities.

Because I wasn’t giving these entities my usual attention, they were coming to bug me and disrupt my life at all hours – including in the middle of the night and early morning.

I realized (and remembered) that not spending this 15 minutes a day, was not in my best interests, whether I considered it part of “work” or not. It took me many years to become conscious of these beings, and how they could affect my body, thoughts and emotions.  After all that time of unbalance and anxiety, I had realized that 15 minutes of focused attention was much better than days and nights full of anxiety and unwanted thoughts.

Once I finally resumed my daily practice of acknowledging, communicating and clearing entities, I felt much better. I started sleeping soundly with no disturbing thoughts. I woke up refreshed and alert. And I also learned some personal lessons about Texas history, as one of the entities was an aide-de-camp in a Texas battle who wanted me to acknowledge he was there.

I find I sometimes drift away from my own daily practices, even though I know they are good for me. I know they are good for me, but I can get bored and just forgot to do them.

These not-so-great experiences reminded me of the value of why I do these daily practices in the first place. When I remind myself of how much anxiety and sometimes depression that I used to have, I can very easily bring myself back into a place of gratitude that I actually found daily practices that help me empower myself out of those states. I have no desire to go back to living in those states of unconsciousness and powerlessness.

So this is also my reminder to you. Very often we learn foundational practices that may seem so simple or easy that we may de-value them.  There is a reason they are foundational practices – it is because they are so vital that without them we cannot build a successful day or life.

I encourage you to go ahead and make sure that you were doing those basic practices as an intuitive and/or medium that you know you should be doing.  Just like eating properly, brushing your teeth, and getting enough sleep, maintaining your energetic hygiene is just as vital to safeguard your emotional and spiritual health.

Dealing with entities – along with grounding and clearing yourself every –  day are very important practices for intuitives and/or mediums. Without them emotional and spiritual health can’t flourish.

After you read this post, I encourage you to go re-commit yourself to whatever basic practices you do.  If you don’t have a basic daily practice of grounding and clearing I encourage you to read my posts on them, and develop your own practice.  Mercury is currently in retrograde, and the celestial energies support your own actions in making this an ideal time to do anything “re” – including revisiting and recommitting to your own emotional and spiritual health.

I guarantee you will have a better day. And a better life!  I’d love to hear about your successes in the comments.

Check out my posts on “Eight Best Practices for Intuitive Hygiene”.  I offer mentorship and classes in best practices for intuitives.   If you are interested in these classes, please email me at, and I’d love to have your participation.

Stay healthy!  Intuitively yours,


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