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Conduit of Joy? I think so!!

Conduit of Joy? I think so!!

About Me

I’m an intuitive and medium, a mother, a writer and a corporate world worker.

I’m deep and philosophical, and also prone to being a nut who dresses up in ridiculous costumes.  I’m left brained (with a BA and a professional degree to prove it), and I’m right brained (singer, artist, writer, and empath) too.

Best of all, I combine my left and right brain talents and skills, with my training, background, and life experience to empower you to take the next best steps for you.

Let me help you to be your best self by booking a reading and working with me *here*, and also take advantage of the free material on my blog, *here*.

Great to see you here! I love hearing from you, at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com.



The Extended Version…

I was a spiritual seeker from an early age, even though my parents didn’t go to church.  Friends and other family went to different types of churches, and I tried to find a connection with God in these places.  Luckily, I was widely exposed to many different types of religion and philosophies at a young age – Christianity, Buddhist philosophies, Islam, Bahaism – which made me realize that not everyone viewed the world the same way.

I realized when I was very young, that I could always feel others emotions and pain.  This over-empathy to people and animals often caused me a lot of emotional pain. Although this was difficult, I learned how to channel my sensitivity into the arts – particularly writing, music and singing.

I was always encouraged to love nature and appreciate how amazing the natural world was.  My love of nature continues to be strong and is inextricably linked to my love of the Divine.  Nature has always replenished me, and I have always been able to most clearly connect, first unconsciously, and now consciously, with the Divine in nature.

As I got older, I stopped trying to find a church in which to express my spiritual self, but my yearning for spiritual connection and fascination with religions continued. U read extensively about religions and spirituality, and took lots of religion courses.

My career choices often went against the core of my being.  I mostly developed my analytical and logical side.  I suppressed my more spiritual side for many years.

In 2001, I learned how to journey for myself and others – to bring back messages from the spirit world.  This was part of a Micheal Harner-inspired shamanic drumming circle. Shamanism’s nature-based focus complemented my existing personal spiritual beliefs, and it was the perfect fit to introduce me to an alternative way to navigate reality.

After the birth of my children, I started to spontaneously open more and more to spontaneous spiritual experiences in a natural and organic way. More and more information started coming through spontaneously, including past life information.  Dreams and energy work helped in receiving these messages.  I opened up again to connecting with the Divine.

In July 2009, I started getting information for others again.  When readings for strangers were spot-on, I gained confidence in my skills and kept learning and practicing.  My abilities kept expanding.


Now, I combine my analytical and research-0riented left-brain skills, with my natural right-brain intuitive and empathy to do readings for others.  This fantastic combination fills my readings with intellect and intuition.

My greatest fulfillment comes from helping transform clients’ lives as a result of the information I bring through for them.  It is deeply fulfilling to help others connect with their passed over loved ones, their Higher Selves, power animals and guides, and see this empower them.

I love writing about intuitive subjects, and sharing my experiences and knowledge on this blog.  I treasure the community that is created by connecting with others who read this blog, and share their experiences here.

I am grateful for the many amazing clients I have had the honor of working with, and for those who read this blog.

Welcome! I look forward to hearing from you too.


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