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I can see your answers! Conduit of Joy!

I can see your answers!


Please choose a reading from the readings featured below….

Intuitive Email Reading

One Question – Guided Image Reading ($67 CAD)

This is an email reading with one Guided Image, good for answering one burning question.  Turn-around time is usually within 48 hours.

Best types of questions for this type of reading are…Is moving to Shanghai or London the best choice for me right now?

Is this relationship really in my best interests right now?

Is it best for me in this moment, to have another child or go back to work?

a)  Purchase your reading by electronic money transfer of $67 CAD to my email address (, then

b) Email me your question, and

c) Usually within 48 hours, I will email you back your Guided Image Reading by email.


Intuitive and Mediumship Phone Readings

We can discuss whatever you wish during these live phone sessions, including:

  • any questions you have for your guides
  • contact with those crossed over
  • developing your own intuitive abilities
  • who your power animal is
  • etc, etc, etc!

I will record and email you an MP3 when we are finished.

 ~ 30-minute Live Phone Reading ($97 CAD)

~ One hour Live Phone Reading ($197 CAD)

b) I will email you back with my next available appointment.

While we chat, I tune into your guides and/or passed over loved ones for the information you need the most right now.  During the call you can ask as many questions as we can cover in the time we have.


*Tree of Life* In-depth email reading ($267) *includes 20 min follow-up phone call

This is the granddaddy of all of my readings.  I use the Tree of Life to connect with your masters and guides, and also your power animals and any other helpers. I use my shamanic training, and come back with a written report that is chockful of information for you.  We explore every resource open to you and learn the full picture of your life at this moment.  We get multiple sources of information for your questions. Sometimes those who are passed over also come to assist.

I connect with your guides and my guides and together we bring through suggestions, options and ideas for you to consider and act on, which is sent to you by email.  If you want to follow this up with a phone call to clarify any of the information that comes through, I’m happy to do that.  There is usually alot of information for you to digest and it can take time to digest it.

You get information from your guides about what you need to know right now in your entire life, as well as:

*Astral entity clearing (to clear your energy field of any uninvited guests and hangers-on)

**Introduction to your power animal and other animal helpers (your own individual “totem” power animal, your guide in animal form).

***Advice from masters and guides (whoever shows up for you!)


a)    Purchase your reading by electronic money transfer to my email address (, then

b) Email me one or two main questions,

c) I will email you back your report of usually 2-3 pages (or however much comes through).  This may take up to two weeks depending on my schedule, as there is alot in-depth work for this type of reading.  Then, we arrange to set up a follow-up phone call.


After Your Reading – TAKE ACTION!!!!

Information is power.  The information given to you in your reading is intended to empower you.  However, you have freewill.  This means you are the one that has to make the conscious decision to act on the information given to you in a reading.

Reflect on your reading, and what feels the best to take you along your path – right now.  You will not only help yourself, but you will also have an empowering affect on others in your life.

All you need to do is take the first step. The Universe will conspire to help you take the second and the third, etc….