No Vacation from Spirits – Re-committing to Best Practices for Intuitive Hygiene

No vacation from spirits! Remember to clear your entities daily!

No vacation from spirits! Remember to clear your entities daily!

Sometimes we dearly need a vacation. But what is it that we need a vacation from? Is it the work we do? Is it our daily routine? What practices do we always need to do to keep ourselves healthy? I had to ask myself these questions recently, when I took a short vacation to Texas with my husband.

I am an intuitive and a medium, and consider those responsibilities “work” as I do them professionally. However, part of that “work” incorporates daily practices that I do a person who is intrinsically an intuitive and a medium. Being wired this way is not actually an option for me. That’s just who I am.

So in the rush to escape my own personal daily grind – part of which includes being an intuitive and medium – I decided that I didn’t have to do any of my personal daily practices.

As a medium, one of my daily practices, is that every morning, I take 15-30 minutes of “office hours” to deal with crossed-over spirits.  I communicate with them if they have a message for me, clear them or just acknowledge them according to what their needs may be.  If I don’t take this time, I am usually badgered during the morning by these unseen folks, until I pay attention.  Our deal is that they don’t come into my thoughts at night or other times, and in return I give them my focused attention during the day during my office hours.

Ignoring my daily “office hours” practice turned out be a bad idea, but ultimately a great reminder of why I actually choose to do those practices every day! And as to why they are important to do every day!!

While I was snoozing away in Galveston, TX spring beach breezes, I noticed I did not get a good rest. I had bad dreams, and my brain could not let go of anxiety and stressful thoughts.  I was not well rested.  Even when I bunked down in the pleasant spring nights in Austin, TX, my head was still full of crazy troubling dreams and mental garbage that I could not seem to shake.  This meant I woke up grouchy, and un-rested for my vacation adventures.

So what was going on? Why was my vacation slumber not restful?

The lightbulb finally went on for me on about the third day of vacation, when I realized I was not doing my daily “office hours” with entities.

Because I wasn’t giving these entities my usual attention, they were coming to bug me and disrupt my life at all hours – including in the middle of the night and early morning.

I realized (and remembered) that not spending this 15 minutes a day, was not in my best interests, whether I considered it part of “work” or not. It took me many years to become conscious of these beings, and how they could affect my body, thoughts and emotions.  After all that time of unbalance and anxiety, I had realized that 15 minutes of focused attention was much better than days and nights full of anxiety and unwanted thoughts.

Once I finally resumed my daily practice of acknowledging, communicating and clearing entities, I felt much better. I started sleeping soundly with no disturbing thoughts. I woke up refreshed and alert. And I also learned some personal lessons about Texas history, as one of the entities was an aide-de-camp in a Texas battle who wanted me to acknowledge he was there.

I find I sometimes drift away from my own daily practices, even though I know they are good for me. I know they are good for me, but I can get bored and just forgot to do them.

These not-so-great experiences reminded me of the value of why I do these daily practices in the first place. When I remind myself of how much anxiety and sometimes depression that I used to have, I can very easily bring myself back into a place of gratitude that I actually found daily practices that help me empower myself out of those states. I have no desire to go back to living in those states of unconsciousness and powerlessness.

So this is also my reminder to you. Very often we learn foundational practices that may seem so simple or easy that we may de-value them.  There is a reason they are foundational practices – it is because they are so vital that without them we cannot build a successful day or life.

I encourage you to go ahead and make sure that you were doing those basic practices as an intuitive and/or medium that you know you should be doing.  Just like eating properly, brushing your teeth, and getting enough sleep, maintaining your energetic hygiene is just as vital to safeguard your emotional and spiritual health.

Dealing with entities – along with grounding and clearing yourself every –  day are very important practices for intuitives and/or mediums. Without them emotional and spiritual health can’t flourish.

After you read this post, I encourage you to go re-commit yourself to whatever basic practices you do.  If you don’t have a basic daily practice of grounding and clearing I encourage you to read my posts on them, and develop your own practice.  Mercury is currently in retrograde, and the celestial energies support your own actions in making this an ideal time to do anything “re” – including revisiting and recommitting to your own emotional and spiritual health.

I guarantee you will have a better day. And a better life!  I’d love to hear about your successes in the comments.

Check out my posts on “Eight Best Practices for Intuitive Hygiene”.  I offer mentorship and classes in best practices for intuitives.   If you are interested in these classes, please email me at, and I’d love to have your participation.

Stay healthy!  Intuitively yours,


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Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – REPLENISHMENT

cage head

Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and a fifth best practice of the eight, are practices of REPLENISHMENT.

I’m sharing my best practices in these posts so that you can function in the best possible way, as an intuitive person.  The practices so far have been:





Replenishment is very important for intuitives, as we often exist in a normal state where we are over-giving, whether consciously or unconsciously.  This means on any particarl day, we usually are in need of giving to ourselves energetically.

Today I wanted to talk about how we may unconsciously keep destructive practices stuck in our heads, and the ways we can learn to free ourselves. By learning to give ourselves some deep replenishment every day, in small ways we can fill up our tanks again. Regenerative activities, where we give ourselves love, care and rest, are times of deep self-replenishment.

Last week where I live we just went through a huge dump of snow. There were many days of very cold weather. It was so cold that it was only possible to go outside if you absolutely had to.  We had to surrender to the weather, and hunker down inside until it was warm enough to do our normal outside activities.  My reaction was predictable. More cold? More snow? What a drag!  Having to stay inside and cuddle under the covers? Wait a minute… Snuggling? Resting? Sleeping? Aren’t those all activities I love?  Why am I resisting? I love all those things. When I do them, I feel loved and happy and restored.

In fairly short order I was adapting. If I felt sleepy and tired while I was working I would take a nap, then after resting as much as I desired, I got back up and did some more work. Or not. I did what work I had to, and didn’t bother to force myself to do more than I had to.  I went out to shovel snow, and took it slow and steady, taking time to notice how the snow falling around me calmed and comforted me.

All of this is very new and recent behavior for me.

In my old my world, with its emphasis on hard work and logic, I had forgotten that many activities where we “don’t use our brains” are necessary for us as humans, particularly to make that treasured brain work.

The idea of an activity or non-activity – like napping (what!!), having a hot bath with candles in the middle of a work-day (!!!) – was just about enough to blow my head off.

I came from a corporate world that only valued me for my productivity, not my happiness.

When I was first working for myself I had to post a sign in my office for myself that said “Your worth is not your productivity”.  I had to keep reminding myself that I had worth as a human outside of the time I was working, and the money that I was making. If it was 10 am on a Tuesday and I hadn’t yet produced something I deemed worthy, I was my harshest critic. There was no need for any external criticism, I was the meanest critic to myself there could ever be.

Taking a nap at 2 pm? My level of contempt for myself was unbelievable…how dare I?  how was that making money? How was that taking care of my family?

I had to ask myself some crazy questions like….

  • Why was is it so important that I must drive my body to attune to this artificial cycle?
  • Why did my work have to be completed in such a specific time-line?
  • How did pushing myself so hard create more for me? More money? More creativity?

Nothing warranted my crisis–like behavior, but after living in that cage for so long, I didn’t need the bars anymore.  I had internalized my cage.

Time is Never Wasted

The idea that I had lost is that time is never wasted.  Meaning is created just by us existing.  In order for us to “be successful” whatever those things mean to us, we require the time to regenerate.

I was so used to specific hours of productivity on specific days, that it became almost impossible for me to do anything else in those hours.  If I couldn’t immediately and directly see the pay-off of time = money, then I condemned anything else I was doing in those hours as useless.

Our bodies as well as our minds and souls require time to move off those specific tasks we may ask them to focus on and think about other things.  We need to move and sleep and ponder and wander….

Slowly over the last two years, I have realized that not only are regenerative activities necessary, they are also very beneficial.  In fact, they recharge me to go back to my work.

Compassion for me produces so much more for me – creativity, money, happiness – than driving myself without regard for how I feel or function.

Regeneration Replenishes

In my drive to maximize my work output, I forgot that in order to function at optimal capacity, my brain and my body need time and space to rest and replenish.

There is a reason that farmers rest fields for a growing season.  Soil needs time regather what it needs from the wind, snow, and rain.  It requires time in order to replenish itself, to reload itself full of nutrients, before it can produce amazing crops and share those nutrients with our bodies.

The time of being empty and unproductive is completely necessary for nutrients to generate.

I realized that I paid poor lip-service to words like “down-time” and “rest”.  The reality for me, and for many of us is that we can’t even force ourselves to rest even under Dr’s orders. Our bodies give us significant messages through injury. Sadly, we are often in such a rush to be productive and busy, that we end up reinjuring ourselves shortly after injury.

Thankfully along with my own deconditioning, I was able to observe self-employed friends who modelled some excellent behavior for me.  They provided an alternative model of living, which I had never seen before.  They modelled self-care and self-love and focusing on what was truly important in their lives. They showed me in a very real way that humans do their best and most creative work when they are happy and comfortable.  They are the most productive when they are comfortable and happy.

I was able to start dismantling my cage, and giving myself permission to work and live in alignment with what works for me.  I was able to replenish myself and create much more for myself.

So please. Go nap. Regenerate!  Create.

Love, Kara

Want to learn more about how deep self-replenishment can increase your intuitive abilities?  Sign-up for my course on “The Eight Best Practices of Intuitive Hygiene” starting in March.

This four part on-line course is only $147, and will introduce you to the best practices for living your life in best alignment with your intuitive abilities. You’ll get daily practice, an e-book and support from me.

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Practical Spiritual Tips for When Fear Kicks You in the Gut


I get it. You are sitting here in front of your computer right now, desperate.  Your gut is tied up in knots. You haven’t slept since the middle of the night, as you are so worried. You don’t have enough money. Your problems are overwhelming you. You have no idea how you are going to solve your massive problems. You are responsible for so much.  You feel like you no one will understand how terrible your situation actually is. You feel so alone.  You are paralyzed and stuck in your fear and anxiety.

This has been me too.  I believed in all of these lies so strongly.  Some of the solutions that I thought of included wanting to end my life, burning my house down, taking a rest in the mental hospital.  These “solutions” seemed so attractive because they all offered some kind of relief.

But I want to help you get back to genuine relief in your life.  The kind of relief were you are actually in charge of your life, instead of feeling victimized by it.  The kind of relief where you choosing powerfully and making empowering changes in your life.  It may not happen instantly, but we can start moving there right now.

I’m here to remind you that as real as all of these fearful thoughts seem, they are all lies. They are lies you are telling yourself, because you have forgotten.

You have forgotten that you are here on Earth in an amazing world. You have forgotten that you are a powerful creator and that you have so much abundance and love available to you.  You have forgotten that if you focus on lack, you create more lack.  Above all, you have forgotten that movement is your friend, and being stuck will keep you trapped – I am here to start you moving again.

You may want to remain curled in your tight little ball of fear.  That’s fine, you can choose whatever you would like.  But if you would like to choose movement out of fear, with this post I would like to gently take you by the hand and guide you back to the place where you can remember all of these things for yourself. I would like to take you back to a place of relief and ease.

You are going to spend the next few minutes doing some simple exercises.  These practices are going to help you start moving out of your paralysis, and help you shift your emotional state.  Tune into how you are feeling at right at this moment.

Read through this post, and do the simple exercises described.  Our goal is to shift you into a more empowered space by the time you are done.

1.       Ask yourself “Is this my fear/anxiety?”

Seems like a silly question, but if you are an empathic person, you pick up so much energetic debris from other people/animals/entities all the time, that you likely completely unaware of.  When you discover the answer is “no” – as it is 99% of the time – simply ask that the fear is “returned to the sender”.

2.       Ask yourself “Is this fear or excitement?”

I have done so much learning about this for myself lately and how in so many places in my life, I have misidentified excitement as fear. Our bodies react to the two physical states in almost identical ways, so we may have learned to identify almost of all our excitement as fear.

Once again if the answer is excitement and not fear – which it is 99% of the time – acknowledge your excitement and ask your body to be able to feel that excitement fully.

3.       Ground or expand your energy field.

The lie that fear and anxiety try to get us to believe is in our separateness from everything else.  It may seem so real that you are all alone right now.  It can be hard to believe that we are all in this together, and never separate even though it may feel so real.

Often fear makes us feel like we are not even in our physical bodies.  This is another lie.  So at this point, you want to do anything that brings you back into your body.  Grounding – by simply visualizing yourself as a tree, and imagining your roots reaching deep, deep down into the ground to the centre of the Earth – is an instinctual act, that brings all human back into a grounded, balanced state.  You can also exercise, eat or take a bath or shower to bring yourself back into a physical state of groundedness. You can read more about grounding here.

You can also expand your energy field to shift yourself back into oneness.  Visualize expanding your energy field as large as your room, then the building you are in, then as large as your neighborhood, your city, your country, your continent, the Earth and then expand out off of the Earth. I usually notice at some point in this expansion process that my body sighs, and that is usually the moment where I notice I have re-integrated my energy body back into alignment with everything else. I often get a sense of relief, that lets me know this has happened too.

4. Being Grateful for What You Have  

Another lie of being separateness is that we don’t have abundance in our lives. Often this shows up as a lack of money or love.  The truth is that there is abundance all around us, but when we are afraid we forget how to look for it.

Start by making a list of the top three things you are grateful for today, yesterday and for the past week. You want to list these things, and then fully feel in your body, your gratitude for them.  Feel in your body how fantastic that ray of sunshine was that you were resting in.  Feel in your body how great the earth smelled after the rain. Feel in your body how great you felt after your friend made you laugh.

If you can’t think of anything start with very basic things – you woke up this morning, you had enough to eat, you have running water, etc.  If you live in North America you have so many things you take for granted that many people around the world long for every day.  The more things you can list the better.  When we turn our focus onto those things we are creating, instead of those thing we are lacking we start creating more of what we want. Whatever we focus our attention on increases.

Making this list may be challenging in the beginning, but it will get easier as time goes on.

5. Reminding Yourself that You are a Powerful Creator!

You ARE a powerful creator, but you may have forgotten this.  If your life truly sucks, take a moment to realize and acknowledge that you have created all of this suckage – so you truly must be a powerful creator to create so much chaos in your life!

Once you have acknowledged that you are a creator, now is the time to make a list of all of those things in your life that you have created.  To remind yourself that your separateness is a lie, you are getting yourself to focus on all of the things you have created.  If you are afraid because of a lack of money, focus on any creation of money and abundance you have created this week.  Did you create a free cup of coffee for yourself? Find a dollar on the ground?  Create a refund?  When you start to notice what you are creating, you will create more.  Notice and celebrate all the abundance – financial and otherwise – that you are creating every day. How do you feel now after taking stock of what you are able to create in this present moment?

If you need more empowerment and reassurance, you can go bigger. What have you created for yourself in your life overall?  A great job/loving relationship/great friendships?  Even if you don’t have these things anymore it doesn’t matter – they are proof that you are an amazing creator and you can create these things – and more – for yourself if you choose to.  You created them!!

How do you feel now? Have you shifted even slightly out of fear? Are you ready to do some more shifting?

Remember that to keep moving is your best friend.  Bringing abundance into your life is accomplished by movement of any type.

You can also physically move.  This physical reaction will help you move into other concret action to move forward. Ask which is the best action that you can choose today, to get you back in charge of your life.  Choose to take that one action.  Make sure you continue to be  gentle and kind to yourself, as you continue to take any actions towards fully inhabiting your life again.

Repeating these exercises every day while you need to, will help you shift out of your fear and back into a higher vibrational state.

Sending you ease and love as you continue on your path!



I am here if you require empowerment and awareness through a reading.  Readings are only $100/hr this week (regularly $200/hr)  – as that will create the most for both of us!  Email me at

Copyright 2016  : :  Conduit of Joy   ::  Kara Thompson

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Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – RELEASING


Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the fourth of the eight, is a RELEASING practice.

If you recall, we are building the foundational steps for good intuitive hygiene.  The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, the second is GROUNDING, and the third is CENTERING and CONNECTING.

This practice of RELEASING, goes with grounding.  In fact I often release as I ground.  I mention it separately though as it is a very important practice to do.

Why do we have to RELEASE?

RELEASING is a process which I can often barely wait to get to in the morning, particularly if I have been worrying about something, and want to get rid of it from my energy field.  One of things that many intuitives may not realize is that in general, we need to be constantly ridding our energy fields of unwanted energy that is not our own.  If we are doing work for other people, and tapping into their energy fields on purpose, we need to do this even more consciously and more often.

As a professional intuitive, every day, I am consciously interacting with other peoples’ energetic fields to read the information contained within in. Even as a teacher for intuitive students, I am consciously interacting with students energy fields.  This means after each reading, or each class I need to and choose to consciously clear my own energy field.

We Constantly Accumulate Energetic Debris

We are always encountering other people’s energy fields.  This is part of being a human, and living with other humans.  As soon as you in the physical presence of, or interacting in any way with another human, you are in each other’s energy fields. As humans we feel a variety of emotions – love, happiness, sadness, anger, fear.  The higher vibrations make us feel happy and raise us up.  However, we do experience the range of human emotions which is also a normal part of our human condition. For example, when we have been angry or sad, bits of those emotions get left in our energetic fields, even when we aren’t angry or sad anymore.

Our energetic bodies want to get rid of the lower vibrations as we are always seeking to feel good, and want to keep floating up the vibrational scale towards feeling good.  Lower vibrations turn into leftover pieces of energetic debris.  This debris either stays in our energetic fields until we get rid of it, which means it can also be shared into another human’s energetic field accidentally.  This debris is particularly likely to enter, or be absorbed, into the energy fields of other people who are empathic and sensitive.  Empathic people – which many of us are – tend to have energy boundaries which are more open and porous. [This is also why we will talk about SHIELDING/SAFEGUARDING later on.]

If you are a empathic or sensitive, it is possible to shield against other people’s energetic debris, to some extent.  However, the flip side is, in order to wield our superpowers and access our intuition, we do have to have more porous boundaries so we can connect with others.  This means these shields eventually “wear off” or weaken as we are in contact with others energy fields.  When I have used a shield, I find mine only last about 3-4 hours.   Because shields aren’t a long-lasting solution, we will also discuss SHEDDING later.

Having our energy fields interact with other humans is normal and good, as we use this intuition to guide us toward situations that serve us best, and away from others that don’t.  However, for folks that are more sensitive this energetic debris needs to be cleared often, otherwise we sense this with our bodies and it makes us feel bad.  The more debris in our energy feel, and the more “off” or badly, we can feel.

This means, all day every day, you are accumulating other people’s unwanted, energetic debris, which I will call “stuff”, in your own energy field.  And just like the empathic sponges that we are, we keep accumulating that “stuff” in our energy fields until we get rid of it.  Sometimes this stuff clears naturally – your body instinctively interacts with natural elements – like when you go for a walk in the park, and all the trees and nature help you neutralize this stuff.  But it is important to know how to consciously rid yourself of it, so that you are always able to clear out your energy field if you want to.

As an intuitive person, it benefits your emotional, spiritual, and physical health the most, if you can keep your energy field as free from this energetic junk as possible.

What Happens If We Don’t Release?

If we don’t get rid of this stuff – ours and other peoples’ – we bring this energy garbage into our own lives, and into the lives of other people and it makes us feel bad. Potentially the accumulation of this energetic garbage over years and years may manifest in your physical body as toxins and disease. At the least, energetic garbage that we carry around with us, makes us function at less than optimal levels.

You know energetic debris exists if you have ever walked into a room where other people have been fighting.  You automatically pick up the energetic debris of the people who were fighting, and it makes you feel icky.  When you think about absorbing the anger and fear of many, many people, over and over again, you begin to get an idea of just how bad this can make you feel.

For professional intuitives, if we don’t get rid of this excess, unwanted energetic debris, we may end up bringing it into our readings for other people.  Think about the process of bringing intuitive information through for other people, as seeing through a window.  If the window is grimy, then we can only partly see through it, and whatever we do see through it will be filtered through that grime.  If that grime on the window is the junk in your energy field, then the information you bring through may not be accurate, as you have not been seeing clearly because the grime was in your way.

In order to have reliable intuition, we need to have that window as clean as possible.   We need to clear it of whatever grime might on it, whether that is energetic debris produced by ourselves or others.

If our window to the Other Side isn’t clean, then everything that shines through that window will be tinted with the dirt that we are looking through.  Practically what this means is that if you are giving a reading for someone, but you haven’t released or cleared your energy field, you will interpret the information for that person through your own dirty filter.


So How Do I Get Rid of This Energetic Debris?

I have two methods which I used to get rid of this energetic debris in my energy field.  The first I simply call the Angelic Swoosh, and the second I call the Psychic Carwash.

Angelic Swoosh

I often use this one if I am short on time.  I ask for one of the Archangels to come and help me, (I have an affinity with Archangel Gabriel) and then I picture the wings of that angel and its massive energy, bathing me in an infra-green light, which I intend to totally burn off any and all excess energetic debris.  The wording I use is:

Archangel Gabriel, please use your ultra-green light, to burn up any unwanted and excess debris from my energy field, and transmute it back into the universal cycle of energy.

Then, with a quick swoosh up and down of its mighty wing, that energetic debris is gone.  Then I usually do a quick jump up, and intend that when might feet touch the ground again, all the ashes of that debris are gone too.

The second exercise I call the Psychic Carwash (or Clearing Snow Tornado).

I usually do it when I am walking. If you live in a winter climate, you may find this useful to do while you are walking outside in the winter if snow is gently falling around you.

I invite an Archangel in (Archangel Michael or Raphael work nicely in addition to Gabriel), and ask them to help me release energy which no longer serves me.  My intentional wording is:

I now ask Archangel Micheal to help me release all energy and energetic debris which no longer serves me and to help me clean and clear my energy field, so that it contains my chosen energetic vibration alone.

Notice that my wording always emphasizes free choice. This is because even if you ask your divine helpers for assistance, you are still always in charge of what you do and the choices you make.

Then I picture softly falling snow, which starts to swirl around me, like a snow tornado.  I use the image of snow, as it is frozen water and water is a natural neutralizer.  Water neutralizes your energetic field and cleanses it.

I picture the Psychic Carwash cleansing my entire energy field and chakras.  It travels around my entire body, swirling from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet three or four times, or until I feel like my energy field has been cleansed.

I do a quick check to see if there are any dark spots left in my energy field. If can still sense something there, or something that doesn’t want to leave, I ask for extra assistance from the Archangel.

If you are somewhere where you are aware that you are accumulating alot of energetic garbage, you can also use a quick method, like washing your hands and saying:

I release any and all low vibrations which no longer serve me.


You will know you have been successful at releasing when you tune into how your energy field feels.  You may feel neutral, empty or “clean”.   What does this feel like for you?  Have you ever experienced having your ONLY your own emotions in your energetic field?  Do you feel nothing but your own neutral energy and neutral emotions?  If you are not used to having only your own energetic field (from years of absorbing other peoples’) this may be a strange feeling for you.  However, you will soon realize how good it feels.

We will explore this more in the next post, but for now enjoy that clean and clear feeling.

Managing Your Energy Field Keeps You Healthy

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and to have daily intuitive hygiene routines. It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at I also do small group or individual intuitive mentorship to help other intuitives along their own path.

Until next time, enjoy clearing out your energetic field.

Intuitively yours,

Copyright 2016 – Conduit of Joy – Kara Thompson


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Eight Best Practices of “Intuitive Hygiene” – GROUNDING


Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the second of the eight, is GROUNDING.

If you recall, we are building the foundational steps for good intuitive hygiene.  The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, the second is GROUNDING. I’ve already posted about the third, which is CENTERING and CONNECTING. These are foundational pieces to get your day off to a good start.

Grounding Is So Good for You!
Grounding is the single most important thing you can do every day. The importance of grounding cannot be overstated. While grounding is important for all of us, it is even more important for folks that are more sensitive to energies.

Grounding is the key to living in your body in on the Earth. While this may sound odd, grounding is the foundation to your optimal functioning.

The reason for this is that you are living, breathing energy circuit. Just like your fridge, you need to have your body’s energy system grounded in order to function properly. As a divine being in a human body, you are at all times drawing down energy from the top of your head, where it travels through your body, and back into the Earth, which completes your body’s energy circuit. We have proved scientifically, that our bodies have electric current running through them.

Most people in Western society are very ungrounded much of the time. This is because we spend so much time in our heads – surfing the internet, sending emails, worrying about things – and not much time in our bodies. Since many of us work in offices, and not with our bodies anymore, we often aren’t familiar with the ties to the connection of spirit within our bodies.

This also means, if we are not in our bodies we are not living in the present.

Why Do We Need To Ground?
In a nutshell, we need to ground so that our bodies, minds and spirits stay balanced. If we are unbalanced we start suffering physically, mentally and spiritually.

Like electricity in our houses, we have got to balance our body’s energies or we will short out, just like a fuse in your house.

“Grounding is the process by which we maintain an appropriate energy charge by releasing any energy which would constitute an excessive charge within the systems of the body, emotions, mind, etc.”

Our home’s electrical circuits are grounded to dismiss the extra electricity. And so it is with our bodies. For your subtle energy systems, grounding is any activity that brings your energies back into alignment.

We need a balance of all of our body’s chakra energies to function optimally. If we spend too much time at certain energy vibrations – for instance, in our head chakras – without being in balance with all of our chakras, our bodies and our minds become very unbalanced get really out of whack.

Being ungrounded can especially be a problem for intuitives, or those who spent a lot of time in intellectual pursuits. People who live mostly in their heads are more comfortable in the upper chakras – like their third eyes, and inside their heads – but may not pay much attention to the feelings in their bodies.

The problem is that intuition and intellect which is not grounded becomes unreliable. Being “ungrounded” can feel like spaciness, or head-fuzz. You may experience headaches or a lack of concentration. If your intuition becomes really ungrounded it can affect your personality, make you paranoid, or feel like you are in a daze all the time. Your physical symptoms might include stress, anxiety and numbness in parts of your body.
In short, when you are really out of balance your intuition and your thoughts, in addition to making you feel physically bad, can become UNTRUSTWORTHY. And since your intuition is your main guidance system, this is not good.

How Do We Ground?

Grounding is very simple. Humans instinctively know how to ground, as these are things which make our bodies feel “good”. Deep breathing, exercise, and eating are all activities which get you in connection with your body, and how it feels to be in your body in the present.

Being surrounded by nature is a natural grounding mechanism. Nature neutralizes all negative energy effortlessly and naturally. Touching your bare feet or other parts of your body, to the ground, or being immersed in water are the easiest and best ways to ground.
To ground you can do anything that brings you back into your awareness of inhabiting your body. Grounding rebalances your first two chakras, which represent your basic physical security in the world, and your emotions/creativity/sexuality, etc.


My daily grounding practice is very simple. I sit cross-legged or stand, outside on the ground. If I’m sitting, I fully feel by tailbone touching the ground, to ensure that I am completing my energetic circuit as best I can. If I am standing I feel my feel connected to the ground.

You can do this exercise inside, by sitting or standing on the floor and visualizing the process. I also like to be in a basement if possible, to be closer to the earth energies.
I first picture a grounding earth anchor, coming out of the bottom of my spine (or feet if standing) and anchoring me to the Earth. I focus my intention on this anchor keeping me grounded all day, while I visualize it going down into the earth. I use these words to keep my intention focussed:

Thank you Mother Earth,

for accepting my energy, and keeping me grounded all day.

Secondly, I picture a giant tap root coming out of the bottom of my spine, and pushing deep into the earth.

I focus on pushing all of my body’s energies down into the Earth as deep as I can push them, over the course of four or five deep, slow breaths. I also picture the roots spreading out into the Earth as they go. I focus on pushing all my unwanted and excess energy into these roots. I use the following words:

Daily Routine Wording:

Thank you Mother Earth for allowing me to release all my excess and unwanted energy, and accepting them. I give this energy to be transmuted and recycled back into the Universal energy field.

Once I have sent my roots down as deeply as possibly, and I feel like I have released all the unwanted excess energy that I have, I keep breathing, and do one final push into the centre of the Earth, and wrap my root around the core of the Earth.

Managing Your Energy Field Keeps You Healthy

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and to have daily intuitive hygiene routines. It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at to book a session with me. Contact me also if you would like to be part of my Intuitive Mentorship group locally in Edmonton.

In my next blog post, I will cover the next step in the Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene” – RELEASING and CLEARING.

Until next time, take care of your personal energy!

Intuitively yours,

Copyright 2016 – Conduit of Joy – Kara Thompson

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Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene” – CENTERING and CONNECTING

Eight Best Best Practices for Good "Intuitive Hygiene"



Welcome to the next post in my series called Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”.

Today’s best practice and the third of the eight, is CENTERING and CONNECTING.

If you recall, we are building on the foundational steps which we have already covered. The first best practice for good intuitive hygiene was GRATITUDE, and the second was GROUNDING.  These first two are key to get your day off to a good start.

Why do we need to do CENTERING and CONNECTING?

Your efforts in expressing gratitude and grounding yourself are preparations for the main event which is to actually connect with your divine guidance team. But because your superpowers are so big and fantastic – just like you can’t hook up to electricity without having a grounding agent that can contain that current – you have to prepare your body and mind to contain all that energy and information.

When you center yourself, you are actually balancing my root chakra energies of the earth with the energies of the crown chakras.  We must have equal amounts of both types of energies in order to have our chakras balanced, and to feel and use our intuitive abilities in their highest forms.

As you will recall from the grounding exercise, once I have visualized my energy wrapped around the Earth’s core, I pull my energy back up, through the ground into my body, all the way up my legs and spine, through my trunk and up through my throat.  (I actually already included this centering exercises in my last post on grounding, because they are so linked. So this is review if you did the exercises in the last post.)

I keep pushing my personal energy up through head and up into my third eye.  I open and cleanse my third eye as my energy passes through it.  I push it up through my Crown chakra and up into the sky. I breathe my energy right up into the sky, and wrap it around a star. I use these words to focus my intention:

I send my energy up to the Divine, and bring it back down into balance with my earth energies. I thank you Divine Self, for your guidance today. 

The final step in the centering process is to pull my energies back from the sky, back down through my crown and throat chakra and into my heart chakra.

This balances out the earth energies and the sky energies.  This creates the feeling of being grounded in my body, while having access to the divine energies as well. As well as feeling calm and centred, it means I am in full command of my intuitional/intellectual capabilities.  Like a strong tree, I can pull in so many things through my leaves, and withstand storms, because I have strong roots anchoring me.  Having both types of energy in my heart, brings them into balance, and having them mingle in my heart chakra adds in my right balance in all ways.

This centering process ensures that I am optimally balanced – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and therefore optimally ready to approach my day.

Doing this centering exercise guarantees that all day, my actions come from a loving heart-centred place for myself and all other humans.  I use these words to focus my intention:

I balance the energies of the earth and the sky to bring me into right alignment.  I mingle these energies in my heart, so that I treat myself all other humans with love and respect as I go about my day. 

I keep breathing, and visualizing and feeling these energies mingling in my heart, until I feel balanced.


The next important part of CENTERING and CONNECTING is actually hooking up to your divine teachers and guides. This will differ depending upon your belief system.  Since my personal belief system includes shamanism as well as mainstream intuition (whatever that is!) I also include power animals as well as the more common reference to guides.

Thank you, thank you, thank you [guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and helpers]. 

I ask that the white light of the [Holy Spirit/my Highest Self/All That Is] protect this communication and allow only that which is in alignment of my highest purpose to come through.

I seek the wisdom and assistance of my [guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and helpers] for my highest soul growth.

[Guides, power animals, Higher Self and any and all divine teachers and         helpers].  Please help me understand your messages, and discern your presence.

Please show me guidance and information about _______________.

I ask in providing this information to my clients, that I be able to communicate your information in the easiest way for them to understand.

Thank you for your divine guidance.

The important pieces here are that you are:

  • seeking information that aligns with your highest purpose and your soul’s highest growth so that it is good information for you (and/or your clients)
  • asking for the information to be in alignment with that which is the highest vibration, so that you will know your information is true and valid
  • asking for the information to be easy to discern so that you know it really is your divine teachers communicating with you

There is much more I could say about connecting to your divine team, but l will leave that for other posts and whole courses on the subject. If you are interested in pursuing this connection piece further, you can contact me for other classes I offer that address these issues at

It’s Good For You

I truly believe it is necessary for healthy, functional intuitives to incorporate all of these best practices into their lives and daily intuitive hygiene routines.  It helps you manage your personal energy, so that you can maximize your natural intuitive abilities, while creating a safe space for yourself in the world.

If you would like help creating your own individualized best practices, please email me at to book a session with me. Contact me also if you would like to be part of a small pilot program of Intuitive Mentorship program locally in Edmonton, to help intuitives address these issues.

In my next blog post, I will cover the next steps in the Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”  – RELEASING and CLEARING.

Until next time, take care of your personal energy!

Intuitively yours,


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Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene” – GRATITUDE gratitude

Welcome to the second post in my series of Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”!  Today I’m going to share with you the first of the eight practices that I do every day around GRATITUDE.  Gratitude is truly what I consider the first best practice in maintaining good intuitive hygiene.

Why do we want to express gratitude every morning? Because:

  • We want to be in a high vibration, and gratitude is one of the highest vibrations
  • We fully express our life purpose(s) when we are in the present moment, and gratitude focusses us here in the present moment
  • We want to remember how much abundance we already have, and gratitude reminds of how much abundance is also available to us in any moment

On a day like today, where I have started out in a lower vibration – partly due to minor physical pain – this practice is particularly helpful.   The practice of gratitude, is excellent for helping us raise our vibrations, and at the same time, helps us emotionally remember and experience, that we ARE grateful, despite any challenging and difficult life experiences life throws at us.

High Vibration of Gratitude

Gratitude in remembering what we are already enjoy, raises us up to higher vibrational level. Gratitude is the default energy state we come into this world with.  It embodies the natural universal law of giving and receiving.

Being in this higher vibration, sends an energetic signal out to the Universe.  Since gratitude and joy are some of the highest vibrations we can emit, we become a joyful energetic match for more of whatever it is we are enjoying.  Since like attracts like, this means more of these joyful things can come into our lives.

Gratitude sends your joyful energetic beacon out in the Universe, and attracts joyful things back to you.  By practicing gratitude, you will attract not only more things to be grateful for, but these are higher vibrational situations too.

Focus on the Present Moment

Gratitude connects our brains with our hearts, our thoughts with our feelings.  When we are in gratitude for what we have, we can totally focus and be thankful for those things.  When we are totally focussed on what we have, we don’t obsess over what we believe we lack – which causes anxiety and dissatisfaction.  Focussing on gratitude brings you into your optimal state – into the present moment.

When we are in the present moment, we are fully inhabiting our lives. Being fully present is the path to living our soul purpose(s), much of which is often simpler than we realize. We express our soul’s purpose through being fully present in our own lives, as well as through the interactions with other people that we have every day.  Being in this present moment through the expression of gratitude helps us to come closer to this purpose as well.

Your higher vibrational state has a profound effect on others, as well as yourself.  An atom is 99.999% energy and only 0.0001% matter.  This means that when you activate an energetic frequency like gratitude, it has a profound effect on all those atoms around you, including other people.


Practicing the expression of gratitude, helps us to acknowledge and celebrate all of the things that we have in our lives, including our very existence.

When we acknowledge the many things which we are fortunate enough to have – friendships, health, living in a peaceful place – as well as our basic needs of shelter, food, and income – we realize how much we truly already have.

When we add to that tally, all the incredible gifts we have as people who are consciously in touch with their intuition, and the access we have to divine guidance, we can count ourselves amongst the truly fortunate.

When we remember how much we have, it fills us with a sense of contentment and peace.  And it reminds us that as much abundance as we already have, there is always that much and more available to us, if we open ourselves to it.


The first thing I do as part of my daily Eight Best Practices of Good “Intuitive Hygiene”, is the GRATITUDE practice.  I start by mentally reviewing my last 24 hours.  This serves a few purposes.

a)    It helps me remember and realize all the excellent things that happened for me over the last 24 hour of my life, and to really realize how wonderful they were. This is particularly great if the day before was a super busy day, and I didn’t have time to fully be present in these experiences.  Taking a quiet moment to do this is vital.

b)    My mental review helps me re-experience how great, the great events were.  Since we are seeking the highest vibration possible to us on any particular day, this helps me get in the mental and emotional state to emotionally experience – fully feel – my gratitude for my life and everything in it.

I use the following wording, but you can adapt this to whatever your belief system is. Since I rely on my personal guides, my personal power animals, and any other divine teachers I am lucky enough to have guidance from, I make sure I thank them for their assistance.    Thanking my Higher Self, is my thanks to my divine slice of the Universe.  I also include the Universe in general, as the Highest Power.  As long as you are expressing gratitude to a higher power for what you have received, that is the important part.

Daily GRATITUDE wording:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe, Higher Self, guides, power animal, and divine teachers.  I so appreciate your presence in my life, and am eternally grateful for all of the assistance you give me on a daily basis.”

I hope sharing why this daily gratitude practice is important, will encourage you to incorporate it into your own daily best practices for “intuitive hygiene”.

Do you have your own gratitude practice or recommendations? Please share them in the comments.

If you need assistance or answers from readings from your guides, I am just an email away at

Intuitively yours,


Want more free intuitive readings, and insight?  Check out my Facebook page – Conduit of Joy.  I feature free mini-intuitive readings on Mojo Magic Mondays, as well as daily intuitive inspiration.


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Intuitive You – Eight Best Practices for Good “Intuitive Hygiene”


Living as an intuitive is definitely a challenge in this world.  If you are an intuitive you know that while information about the world comes to you through your regular five senses, you also get extra doses of of information through your extra senses.

This may be unwanted knowledge popping into your head – like your boss is having an affair with a co-worker – or emotional barrages into your body – like feeling all the hate your neighbor is filled with. Without even trying to, you absorb other people’s stress, fear and anger all day long, like a big empathic lint catcher.  Even something simple, like watching TV can be a nightmare, with all the fear and trauma on the news and on TV shows continuously.

After absorbing all this toxic crap all day, even day, you can end up feeling like an emotionally wrung-out dishrag. So what to do sensitive you?  Is there a way for your extra-perceiving self to survive in this world?

Yes there is.  And what you have oh intuitive and empathic one, are gifts. You are a precious jewel. And jewels need to be protected!

Just like brushing your teeth to maintain your oral hygiene, to get rid of nasty bacteria, you can also adopt good routines of “intuitive hygiene”.  These daily habits will ensure your health is protected against the “bacteria” of others’ toxic emotions and negativity.

Obtaining these habits for yourself is away of taking control of your gifts.  These habits allow you to block some of these nasties coming into your energy field, and how to drain and clean away anything negative that make it into your energy field.  You will learn ways of consciously grounding, and also consciously connecting with divine teachers.  Doing this type of daily practice, is a way of making your extra sensitivities work for you, instead of against you. 

After living for many years on an emotional rollercoaster – caused by my unknowingly picking up others’ emotions constantly – it was such a relief to exit that crazy ride. After reading about the daily practices of other intuitives and psychics, and trying techniques out for myself, I realized how much my quality of life improved.  Over the long-term, I could see how my daily life as a human, as well as my intuitive practice, were so much better as a result of using these best practices daily.  I even developed a short-hand blurb, in case I don’t get a chance to do my full version first thing in the morning, since this practice is so important to me.

My goal with my next blog posts is to help you develop your own daily routine.  This will help you feel like you are being your most authentic self, when you aren’t weighed down by others’ stuff.  I’ll provide you with the basic guidelines for a daily routine that will help you get the most of your life. Remember that what I recommend is only “the truth according to me”, the practices I have found that work best for me.  Since each of us is different, you may need to modify a technique, or need more it.  I would encourage you to adopt and adapt what works for you.

Next blog post we will start off talking about the importance of GRATITUDE, and its key role in an intuitive’s life.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this gratitude prayer I say every morning:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to my guides, power animals, Higher Self and Divine teachers and healers.  I so appreciate you presence in my life, and I am eternally grateful for all of the assistance you provide me on a daily basis.”

Subscribe to this website to ensure you get the whole series of the Eight Best Practices for Good “Intuitive Hygiene” (put your email address in the box at the top right). 

Intuitively yours,


In the meantime, if you need help summoning your own intuition, or getting in touch with your guides, I’m right here to assist.   Purchase a reading by clicking below, and then email me for a mutually convenient time (

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Visioning Your 2015 – Vision Board Creation


Last night I was preparing images for an “end of the year” ritual that enriches each year.

Every year I use a vision board as a visual reminder of those larger goals that I want in my life. Even if we know what we want, in our daily lives we tend to allow external events to pull us out of alignment with our overall vision. We tend to unconsciously drift from these desires. A vision board is a way to remind ourselves daily, of the feelings and experiences that we truly desire. It can be another tool to cut through the detritus of our daily lives, and communicate our deep desires straight to into our subconscious.

Part of this exercise is reviewing last year’s vision board.  When I looked at my 2014 vision board, I realized that while some of what I desire had well and truly happened. I also realized that to my surprise, some of the feeling states I had requested HAD happened, even if I didn’t realize it at the time.

My desire to teach manifested in a big way. This year I enjoyed teaching my own classes on “Working With Spirit Guides”, and started teaching a university course.

There were some things that didn’t happen or partially happened. On my vision board, I had included an image to represent of a book I wanted to write. While I didn’t write a book in 2014, an outline for an e-book – on a subject which I hadn’t even considered – was downloaded into my head one day. I’m planning on writing this e-book in 2015.

I chose a photo of a lush jungle to represent an the feeling I wanted to experience with my kids – spending time together in “deep nature”. While I didn’t go on a trip to a jungle this year, I realized that my family did spend ten days in a beautiful house in the forest on a lake. We spent most of this time outside, immersed in the water, and the sun. We spent some quality time in the trees as well.

A photo of gorgeous blue-green water also graced my vision board. The feeling this photo evoked in me, summed up the delicious invigorating experience of being immersed in clear, beautiful water. I spent lots of time this summer immersed in the lake, swimming, jumping out of a boat and paddle-boarding.

The interesting thing is, that I DID have many of these experiences. I asked for the feeling I wanted, and in many cases I received it. I put my energetic signature out there (eg. “I want the joy of swimming in a energizing body of water”), and the Universe took care of the “how”.

When I’m making a vision board, I try to capture the emotions that I desire to create. It is important to use images that embody the type of emotions you wish to experience. This is key, as sometimes the actual experience that happens is different – and often better – than the one that our puny human brains come up with.

I encourage you to make your own vision board. Take some time and think about what emotions you wish to evoke through experiences this year.
Spend some time gathering images that embody your images and then focus on arranging the images how you would like. Place them where you want, so that you get a layout that pleases you, that will bring you joy every day. Add whatever you want to make it feel significant or special to you.
Include a statement of gratitude for the abundance you have, and add a couple of photos of yourself into the vision board, to cement yourself into your future. Make sure the photos make you feel happy to look at.

Adding the phrase “All of this or something even better!” lets the Universe know that you are after the feeling the image evokes – the vibrational signature of the experience – so that you are open to having a different actual experience, and aren’t too hung up on “how” it will happen.

Put it out there this year, and see HOW it gets delivered!


If you would like to make a vision board in person with others, I’m offering a Vision Board Creation workshop in Edmonton from 2:00-5:00 on January 26, 2015. We’ll spend some time reviewing successes and challenges in 2014, and then release the year. We will focus on building on your successes in 2014, to create more abundance for you in 2015. Tickets are $30/person, which includes all supplies (there will be tiaras and glitter!). Reserve your spot on Eventbrite here.

I’m also offering a package of intuitive sessions to help you review and release 2014, and jumpstart your 2015. I’m offering two one-hour intuitive sessions for $247 (reg. $334). We can use one of the two sessions as a cord-cutting session if we find something from 2014 that you really need to let go of. Click the link here to pay, and send me an email so I can send you my schedule for appointments.

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Let It Go! Release Your Old Year

Listen to Elsa and "Let It Go!"

Listen to Elsa and “Let It Go!”

This last week in my life was unbelievably bad.  Things happened to me that were the kind of crazy that is so ludicrous, that you know they have to be a cosmic joke somehow.  I cried so much that even thinking about crying more, exhausted me.  “Why is this happening to me?” I asked myself. And then I remembered something about myself.  I can be really bad at letting go of things.

What’s that saying that desire is the root of all suffering?  Well I would also like to say that our inability to let go when it is TIME to let go, also causes way too much suffering, of our own devising.

To every thing there is a season.  And when that season is done, and that thing no longer works for or benefits you, it is time to let that thing go.  The thing can be a relationship, a job, or really any situation in your life.  You may really, really not want to let that thing go, and you may be very afraid to let that thing go. There may be nothing in sight to replace that thing.  But as scary as that seems, it doesn’t matter.  You still have to let go.

If you know, underneath your fear and your doubt and your absolute denial – if you absolutely know – that you have to let that thing go, it has to go. Or very bad things can start happening to you.  The Universe will start out gently pointing out to you that it should go.  Then the lessons get more explicit. Finally they will get harsher and harsher, the harder you try to hang on.

Nine years ago, when the writing was on the wall at a job I really needed to leave, I refused to read that writing.  I told myself that I needed to stay: for the money, the stability, etc., etc. These were all perfectly reasonable excuses, but underneath, I knew the job was not good for me. When I persisted in staying, inexplicable issues arose, indicating that I really shouldn’t stay and wasn’t wanted. And I still didn’t leave.  In fact, I didn’t leave that job, until it was unfairly ripped out from underneath me.

After that job was torn away, I was so busy being angry and caught up in how unfair it was that I lost my job, it took years for me to see that leaving that job was a huge blessing, and did nothing but benefit me.

Did I have a new job lined up before I left the old? No.  But I did a get a job – one where I was more respected, and had great co-workers – shortly after that.

Which brings me back to yesterday.  I’m a “hard learner”.  The writing on the wall was there in my current situation, for a long time.  I hummed and hawed for months, I too-ed and fro-ed, but none of it improved anything.  I started being repeatedly banged over the head by the Universe.  It was more and more painful each time.  Was I so much smarter this time?  No.  But this time,  I realized I had a choice.  I could fight and fight a losing battle, or I could chose to surrender.  So I gave up.  And if last week’s clues to leave the situation were any indication, I really hope to never, ever know what the final smack from the Universe would have been.  Giving up never felt so good.

Am I ready for the next step? I think so.  I have done all the preparation I can think of, and much like having a baby, there is never “a perfect time”.  I will just proceed imperfectly.

Am I afraid? Yes.  But I know that my fear of the future can’t be worse than the fears that held me prisoner in the past.  I will just choose to keep going.

Am I glad I let go? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Once the walking away option was pointed out to me, and I tried it on, I could feel deep in my bones that it was the right thing for me to do.  So I encourage you to do the same.

  • Are you struggling trying to hang onto a friend or lover who no longer loves you? Or that you no longer love?
  • Do you really need to leave your job because each day it leaves you a little less of who you are?
  • Are you tired of feeling guilty about a situation you can’t change?

LET IT GO.  Just surrender.  Be willing to see what happens next if you release your attachment.

Today and tomorrow are the perfect time for surrender, before the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). We are in our final time of darkness literally and symbolically, before the light returns.

Gratefully and gracefully release what you need to, and be at peace with that decision. You will receive something else in its place, but for now just focus on the graceful releasing.  Realize why you have held on, but also realize now that something that is no longer nourishing you is draining you, and taking the spot of something better that can feed you with new life.

Bless it and all that it has been in your life. And then…..Let it go.

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the return of the light.



P.S. I still have some sessions available next week and the week after, if you would like help releasing your “stuff” before the New Year. My Christmas prices on readings, are:

Receive two one-hour readings for $250 (reg. $334), or

Purchase a one hour session for $167, and get a 30 minute reading free (reg. $254).

I also have gift certificates available.

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