Keeping a High Vibration or “Feeling Like Every Day Is Your Birthday”!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and keep you on a HIGH!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful and keep you on a HIGH!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Vibrations!

Oh the sensuality of summer!  Remember when you were a young child in summer?  You couldn’t wait to get out of bed, and it seemed like the sun would never go down, and there were endless birthday cupcakes and popsicles.  The sun warmed your skin after you ran through the sprinkler with your best friend, and you could smell the grass your dad just cut.  Your days were filled with laughter and fun and you couldn’t wait for the next day, so it could start all over again. You loved summer because you loved how you felt in summer.

When I remember these childhood feelings, I also get to add fun birthday parties on top of it, since July is my birthday month. All those things together, just about put me over the edge joy-wise.  It’s a lot of HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

Is it any wonder then, that I am a little obsessed with celebrating my birthday?

It has always driven my mother crazy that I am an “over-celebrator”.  Long after most people gave up celebrating with birthday parties, I continued to love celebrating my birthday – usually as often as possible.  Sometimes I celebrate it all week!  Let’s face it, I’m addicted to that good feeling.

Celebrating my birthday gives me an easy opportunity to manipulate people into celebrating with me (ie. being an Fun Fascist which I totally enjoy). I love seeing people uninhibited and totally enjoying themselves.  My birthday gives me a certain amount of power over my friends. (Yes, I am evil.) I can’t force you to have fun every day, but I have a little more leverage on my birthday – after all what kind of a party-pooper are you to turn down a party invite and to have a good time?

While I’ve tried to tone down the birthday thing, it just never worked for me.  I will always be the 6 year old in a party hat, jumping up and down as people walk under the streamers to help me blow out the candles on my cake.  Since I have accepted that’s just the way I am, I can appreciate this quality in myself.

Not only have I accepted this about myself, I actually believe that it might be healthy for other people to have more of this quality in their own lives. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate how amazing you are!

Celebrating my birthday keeps me on a vibrational high.  It ties in all the wonderfulness of summer– the heat, the full bloom of plants and trees, the freedom of holidays – with great childhood memories.  Every year, it allows me to be that excited small child again, delighted at having everyone at their party.

Why Be on A Vibrational High?

Being at a high vibration is us feeling our best, and being our most powerful creator selves.  All of our deepest and best memories of our lives, are those moments of joy, love and happiness that are us at our highest vibrational states.  Being in a high vibrational state is the key to the best things for us.  It makes all of those good things easier to receive too.  Maintaining a high vibration means:

-         We are in touch with our best creativity – we can create our best work or performance of any kind.  We can access all of our talents and inspiration when we are functioning at this level.

-         We receive our best communication with the Divine – whether that is our spirit guides or any other divine teachers. The higher our vibration is, the easier it is to communicate with your guides and divine teachers, and we receive the clearest messages as well.

-         We attract most easily those things we desire.  The higher our vibration, the easier it is for the highest and best things that we have asked for to come to us, and to be received by us.

Be Greedy For Joy!

 I invite you to be like my birthday self.  Be greedy for as much joy as you can handle.

My birthday gift for you, is to encourage you to capture these feelings for yourself.  Once you have the hang of re-experiencing these feelings, you can raise your vibration at any time, not just on your birthday.

Write down the top three things that make you feel the most JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS.  Take a moment and be 100% present with your memories or fantasies of those states of being in a high vibration.  Fully inhabit all of your senses, and notice everything your body is experiencing when you are visualizing yourself in this high vibrational state.  It is the most important, to fully experience the feeling, in as much minute detail as possible.  Record details of the following:

Where are you?

What is your body doing? Standing, sitting, dancing, running, laying down?

What is all around you? Describe everything in the room you are in, or what is surrounding you.

What are you wearing?

What are you smelling?

What are you tasting?

What are you touching?

Are these sensations on your skin?

What are you hearing?

What is the temperature that you can feel on your skin?

Yay!  Now have a guaranteed way to get yourself back up in that high vibrational state. Now you can feel like it is your birthday every day!

Life can be difficult, and all that you really control is your response to it.  Being at a high vibration is your secret weapon to making any situation better.  A high vibration gives you superpowers, and you get the added bonus of feeling great!  Any time you need to raise your vibration, you can now read the sensations your recorded, and re-imagine yourself back into them.

Regardless of what is going on around you, you have the choice to get yourself to a feeling place that matches what you desire your vibration to be.

Happy “every day” birthday to you! Relish that vibrational high!!


*Birthday special on readings, valid until July 31, 2014:*

Purchase TWO one-hour live phone readings with me, for only $245 (regularly $334).  Readings can be redeemed separately, at a mutually convenient time.  All readings must be redeemed by October 31, 2014. Email me at, with “Over-celebrator” in the subject line, if you would like this deal.

Also, if you refer two people to me who book any type of reading with me, you receive a Guided Image reading absolutely free! (regularly $57) Have them quote “Birthday Baby” in their subject line, when they email me at


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We Are Still Here For You – Mediumship Readings

I wanted to share part of a beautiful email I got from someone who attended one of my recent mediumship gallery readings.  It sums up why this work is important and meaningful to me.  Knowing I can make a difference in people’s lives is why I do this work.  

Hi Kara! I was at the group reading this past Saturday evening and I wanted to contact you and say thanks. I was a bit of a skeptic before and I was absolutely floored at the connections you made. I went into that experience with no real burning questions, and no need of closure or anything. I left feeling calm. It’s given me a new outlook on death and dying, and I also felt closure when I didn’t know I needed it….. I look at this picture [of myself and my loved one] differently now, and it makes me so happy! Thank you so much!

So what can a mediumship reading do for you?  What is the value in getting a mediumship reading for yourself?

  • Closure on unresolved issues with a loved one.  Sometimes these issues are big and you definitely know about them.  But sometimes the issue may be small.  Often we may want to keep a tiny piece of unresolved stuff with someone passed over as a way of holding on to that person, even if it no longer serves us.  Resolving and knowing that is okay to release these issues can bring a sense of peace for you, especially if you  get first hand knowledge that your loved one is only a thought away.    
  • Knowing that your loved one is pain-free – physically and emotionally – and that they are experiencing unconditional love.  This can be such a relief especially for those we loved who have died in alot of emotional turmoil, or prolonged physical suffering.
  • Experiencing the knowledge in a very personal way, that while people leave their bodies, no one ever really dies.  Experiencing for yourself that we are all still part of one consciousness whether we are in bodies or not.  Many people experience this as a feeling of peace and reassurance that we really are all “one”, and that there is no separation from us and any other person living or deceased.
  • Feeling the happiness that results in truly knowing that your passed over loved one still remembers you, wants to contact you, and that they are still in your life.  Knowing that death is an illusion, that contact with those you that you love who have died continues after death, can be so reassuring.  It can also lesson your own fear about dying.

Aside from information from your passed over folks – who may or may not come in – my mediumship readings also include information from your whole energy field. Depending on the length of your session, this can also include messages from your spirit guides, power animals and also information about the energy field in your body, with information about your health. I keep these gallery sessions small and intimate, currently at a maximum of ten participants, so everyone gets personal attention, and individualized information.

I am currently booking private mediumship sessions within Alberta. In addition, I am also hosting my own mediumship gallery sessions in Edmonton.  The next mediumship gallery will be May 9, and will have a Mother’s Day theme.  So come and get some resolution on those issues with your mother!  Email me at, to reserve your spot and be on the mailing list for future upcoming galleries, or book your own private gallery reading.   

Even if your own mother doesn’t come through, there are always interesting lessons passed through for everyone in the group.  The last session where mother issues were dominant taught all of us alot about the different ways mothers love each of us.

If you are interested in being a guinea pig for an on-line gallery session which I will be offering to my subscribers, please email me and I will add you to that mailing list.  Contact me at

Love to see you soon!


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Snail It! Accepting the Slow

Accepting the Slow

Accepting the Slow

Snail It!  Accepting the Slow

Has this ever happened to you?  In January you are filled with a feverish excitement, things are so full of promise and you’ve got plans, and your world is going to change!

Flash forward to February – perhaps today – and things haven’t gone as smoothly as you would have liked.  Maybe lots of things happened that were outside your control – maybe management decided you needed to move offices, maybe you got really sick, maybe your partner lost their job – whatever has happened in the last month, somehow things aren’t so rosy and you’ve lost your momentum.

You feel like giving up the whole thing, because you are so far behind where you wanted to be, it just seems pointless.  Plus it is February, a very bleak month at the best of times.

Don’t give up yet!  Sometimes Divine Timing is slow. Slower than we would like.

Look to the snail for inspiration in these times.  Even though it may look ridiculously slow, a snail leaves a trail. It makes its mark on the world.  Even though a snail may be perceived to be so slow as to be laughable, their mucous trail means that they are protected from what they are travelling over.  Snails inch steadily forward until they get what they are going.

Sometimes we run too hard. Sometimes we get carried away by our own ambition. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by our life circumstances.  That is all OK. Sometimes you need to rest and re-group, whether you know it or not. 

Honoring slow-downs in your life, is about honoring your own needs, and also divine timing.  Sometimes things needs to go more slowly, to allow other things to happen, or fall into place.  Slowness in your life may be allowing you to release what you no longer need, or allow time for you to become strong enough to handle what is coming.  Slow has its place in our lives, just as much as fast.  Snails can symbolize re-birth, and cycles of life.

Like the snail, sometimes you need to go slowly.  Look at what parts of your life no longer serve you, and release them.  Once this energy is freed up, like the snail, you can use this extra energy to fertilize those things you still desire, that are sprouting.

Once you have rested and re-evaluated, pick one small action that you can accomplish to keep moving yourself forward.  Steady forward action is the most important thing, as action is the antidote to fear.

Action is a form of gratitude. By taking even a small action you are sending out the vibrational message “Even though it hasn’t been going so well, I am still excited about this dream, and I am going to keep going. I’m going to keep moving even though it can be tough and scary at times.”

Anyone can talk about what they are planning to do.  The proof of the pudding is in the doing.  Getting what you want and where you want to be comes through ACTION.

So even though your movement forward may seem so miniscule that it is not even worth it, it is still action. Like the snail, with you your gentle progress you are sending out the energetic vibration that you are moving forward in pursuit of what you desire.  For that reason, sometimes the smallest actions can be the most important ones, as they can be the hardest actions to take.

Don’t forget that you need other humans too.  When we are in a hurry to reach a destination, we can forget this.  Even though snails seem self-sufficient as hermaphrodites, they still need other snails to fertilize them.  Just like snail, two people can help each other fertilize their dormant ideas.  A fresh perspective from another person can help you take another more enlightened step along your best path.

Accept where you are, reach out if you need to, and keep moving along.  If you need some extra intuitive help about what your next steps might be, I am still here too, leaving my trail.

Snail-ingly yours,


~If you would like to work with me, I am taking a few more private coaching clients this month for professional intuitive counselling.  I am running three different coaching package packages, to help you really dig into 2014 and start making real changes with the biggest challenges in your life.  I can provide you with additional information from your guides and Higher Self, to keep you progressing nicely.  I can hold the vision of where you want to go, until you can get there yourself. 

If you want to see if we would work well together, email me at, to schedule a complementary strategy session to discuss what you’d like to work on.

I have extended my private coaching packages until the end of February.  Each private coaching client gets an hour-long session by phone, once a week or once every two weeks.  Calls can be recorded. Private coaching packages are as follows:

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  • 8 session package for $687 (reg $912).

I accommodate bi-weekly payment schedules through Paypal if required.

Also, watch for “Magic Mojo Monday” of my Facebook page next Monday, February 11!

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The World Needs You Now!

Image thanks to Tim Grishaw

Once upon a time I worked with a brilliant, witty man.  Let’s call him John.  John was one of the funniest, wittiest people I know.  And he was a brilliant writer. How do I know this?  During the day John would inter-office message me, and we would have the most brilliant, sardonic conversations in writing.  Or he would email me.  The jocularity and cleverness contained in his emails was sublime.  They were so good, I often considered writing short stories, or books using our dialogue from these written conversations. He was an astounding conversationalist whoever he was talking to.

But when I think about John I still feel sad.  Why?  Because John was an amazing writer who would never write. John’s  particular brilliance would never be shared with the world, and that is a shame.

He was afraid of criticism, like we all are.  He was afraid of failing, like we all are.  He was afraid what he made wouldn’t be “perfect”, like we all are.  But I could tell his writing would be dazzling, if only he would put it on the page.  Like many brilliant folks, he probably has many books waiting to be written inside of him.

I knew that quality writing mattered to him.  He went to writing conferences. He read cerebral and celebrated writers.  He read books about how to write. The only thing he didn’t do is actually write.

So what is the difference between John, and a well-known writer like Neil Gaiman?

Neil Gaiman ACTUALLY writes.  Neil Gaiman sits down and puts his flavour of words on a piece of paper. And you know what? Neil Gaiman also FAILS sometimes.  In fact, John and I talked about some of Neil Gaiman’s fiction that we didn’t care for much.  Even though we both liked Neil Gaiman, there was some of his work that didn’t appeal to us.  But even though Neil had a few fails in our eyes, we still agreed that Neil Gaiman had something unique to offer the world.  We agreed that despite these misses, that we were glad that Neil Gaiman had shared his vision with us.

So why does Neil Gaiman’s vision shared with the world, and John’s doesn’t even though they may be equally brilliant?

Because even though Neil Gaiman may not please all his readers all the time, he continues to write.  He disciplines himself to write.  He sends that writing out to the public to consume and be judged.  He writes no matter what.  He isn’t perfect, he just keeps writing.  He just keeps putting his himself out there.

My plea to you for 2014 is this.  Don’t be like John.  You have brilliance inside you too.

Yes, you may not be perfect at first, but don’t let that stop you.  Just keep creating.  Don’t get hung up on perfectionism.  Don’t let fear of your work being prevent you for creating something that is good.  Just keep going, and one day sooner than you think, you will look back and think “This is pretty good. In fact, this is great.”

Take one small creative step right now, as soon as you finish reading this post.

Create for 30 minutes then stop and put your work away.  Don’t look at it, don’t think about it.  Then do the same thing tomorrow.  Then the day after.   Keep creating for 30 days in a row without looking at your work, judging it, or thinking about it all.  At the end of 30 days sit down and look at what you’ve done.  I’ll bet you will be surprised at how good it is.

Don’t just think about your dreams, take action, however small. Don’t die with your package of matches unlit.  Make sure that by the time you die, you’ve burned up all the matches in your box.  Dazzle the world with your brilliance!

Lovingly yours,


Please back and tell me about your successes in the comments!

Watch for “Magic Mojo Monday” of my Facebook page next Monday, January 13!

~If you need a little help and would like to work with me, I am taking some private coaching clients this month.  I am running three different coaching package packages, to help you really dig into 2014 and start making real changes with the biggest challenges in your life.

If you want to see if we would work well together, email at, to schedule a complementary strategy session to discuss on the phone what you’d like to work on.

I’m offering discounted private coaching packages for January.  Each private coaching client gets an hour-long session by phone, once a week or once every two weeks.  Calls can be recorded. Private coaching packages are as follows:

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  • 6 session package for $527 (reg. $684), or
  • 8 session package for $687 (reg $912).

I accommodate bi-weekly payment schedules through Paypal if required.

Image thanks to Tim Grishaw at:

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The Gift of Self-Knowledge – Winter Solstice

Winter solstice, a time to re-focus on self-knowledge.

The Gift Of Self-Knowledge – Winter Solstice

Winter solstice is today December 21, 2013.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the year. Around these northern parts that means that today, December 21, the sun is only up from 8:48am to 4:16pm today.  Our day is just over 7 hours long.  Many people go to work and school in the dark morning, and come home in the dark, not encountering the sun all day.  That’s a lot of darkness. 

It is also very cold here right now, with lots of snow.  With the windchill today, it feels like minus 24 C.  Dark and cold takes its toll on our bodies, and our souls.  Our natural inclination as humans in dark and cold temperatures is to go into hibernation. We default into instinctual self-preservation.  Our bodies and souls want to hide until more hospitable conditions come about.

And that is why the solstice is so exciting for us northern global dwellers.  It gives us hope. 

Even though tomorrow is only two seconds longer than the day before, winter solstice day is when the promise of light and heat becomes reality again.  The light and heat is coming back.  Even though the difference to each day is miniscule at first, each day slowly gets longer. Our lives will eventually get warmer and easier. 

Tomorrow our daylight only increases by two seconds, and then the day after it will increase by 11 seconds, the next day by 26 seconds…  But then, before you know it, somehow, magically it is June 21, the days are endless and sunny, the grass is green, and it is plus 32 C. Life is warm and easy and full of light again.

It is easy to get discouraged when we feel like we are in the dark about ourselves and our lives.  We can feel like we lack insight and self-knowledge.  Sometime we feel the coldness of thinking we are alone.  But just as the sun ALWAYS comes back, we can always release our past beliefs, and those things which no longer serve us.  What is always waiting for us is the memory that that we are all part of one huge consciousness of love.  We always have the opportunity to start fresh again.  We can always re-discover our own brilliance.

When life is dark, you may feel your insight and self-knowledge will never return.  But even if your ability to see where your life is going seems miniscule,  it will come back. Eventually the sunny skies of self-knowledge will return, and you can again experience the warmth of being part of the One.  The One to which we all belong, is unconditional love, and you are a part of that always, even when you cannot remember you are.

Today on the winter solstice your can re-focus on your self-knowledge, and:

·         Be mindful of those things that you want to release – those ideas, people, situations that no longer serve you.  Release them.

·         Focus on the things that will bring you the feelings you want in your life – those ideas, people and situations that bring you joy, love, passion. Welcome them in.

·         Remember that we are all part of the One consciousness, which is based on unconditional love.

·         Give thanks for all of these things.   

Happy Winter Solstice!  Enjoy the return of your Light!


If you need a little help remembering your own light (or know someone who does), I am happy to assist you.  My seasonal readings are geared to help you recognize learnings form the past year, release the old, and focus on your best path for 2014.

Click *here* to find out more about seasonal readings, or email me at to purchase a reading.

Each December/January purchase gives you an entry into a draw for complimentary full *Tree of Life* Reading as my thank-you present to you, my loyal clients. Readings can be redeemed between January 1, 2014 and March 30, 2014.   

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3 Tips For Mindful and Joyful Gifting

Stay mindful while buying gifts this year!

Stay mindful while buying gifts this year!

3 Tips for Mindful and Joyful Gifting

The holidays are a time of year when we often express our feelings for our loved ones, by preparing to give them gifts.    Giving gifts, and the holidays in general, can activate old beliefs that may no longer serve us.  We may be unconsciously be giving away our personal power to these old beliefs and patterns without realizing it.  This may manifest itself in how we acquire gifts for others, and in over-spending.   

Advertisers are very good at exploiting our vulnerabilities!  Commercials play on our sense of nostalgia, and our desire for how we may wish our lives were, instead of how they are.  When we are buying gifts,  this often prompts us to purchase things that don’t serve either the giftee or ourselves.

Here are three tips for helping you stay conscious in your gift giving, and bring you closer to those you love.

1)      Focus on the joy of gift-giving. 

Before you get freaked out about buying the “perfect” gift for someone, take a few moments by yourself, to get still and centred.  Think about the person you want to buy for, and immerse yourself for a minute, in the essence of who they are.  What kind of person are they? What values are important to them? What brings them the most joy?  Even if you don’t know them really well, your relationship with them will give you some clues. 

Do you talk with your busdriver about your shared love of cross-word puzzles? There’s an obvious clue about what to get her.

Is there a time that you’ve shared in the past with your aunt, that brought you closer?  If you can replicate that, you will be giving her the gift of shared time and love.

Does your wealthy great-uncle have everything money can buy?  Maybe donating money to his preferred charity will give him that warm, tingly holiday glow.

2)      Remember That The Best Things In Life are Free

Recognize that just because a phone commercial shows that “all perfect families laugh and play together on the holidays”, that may not be your reality.  Maybe you don’t have money to spend on gifts this year.  Maybe you feel alone and afraid.  But take a look around at the great things you DO have in your life. Treasure each friend and family member you do have, even if there are only a few.  Celebrate your healthy body, your neighborhood, your dog, your job, your kids.  Treasure all you have been given.  If you are having trouble with this, think about how little many, many others have compared to you.  Think about the country you live in, and that wonderful things you have in your life, just by virtue of being born there.

One of the best Christmases I ever had was one where my dad and I ended up eating Christmas dinner at a truck stop.  My life was shattered after a bad relationship break-up, and so was his.  We both only had each other that year, and due to our general dysfunctionality and poor planning, the only restaurant we could find that was open on Christmas was a truck stop. We felt very sorry for ourselves, that we were having such an uncharacteristically bad Christmas. 

However, after listening to those people around us, we realized that even though this was one bad day in our lives, we had so much to be grateful for the other 364 days of the year.  Our worst day of the year at the truckstop, was the best day of the year for some of the people there.  Eating there was a big celebration for them.  We left the truckstop feeling humbled, and so very grateful for all the many blessings in our lives. 

You do have more than many others.  If you can donate your time, or money to local (and non-local) charities, can make a huge difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate.  When you give these things, you are also acknowledging how much you have.

3)      Ask your guides to help you when you are shopping. 

     You can ask them to give you a super “zing” if you see the perfect gift for someone.  Pay attention to those things just “falling into your lap” after you’ve been thinking about someone.  Maybe it’s a charity catalogue that appears in your mailbox, an impulse to go to a store that you normally don’t, or a local event that you know they would enjoy. 

You can ask your guides to help you not over-accumulate.  Many times while Christmas shopping, I pick up some gifts for myself.  Sometimes this is good when I see something I have been looking for, but sometimes it is just over-consuming.  Especially if I am over-tired and worn out.  You can ask your guides to help remind you not to over-consume by asking them to signal you with a visual guide (perhaps a stop sign?) when you truly don’t need something. This doesn’t mean that you can never, ever have any fun making an impulse buy.  But it does help in cutting down in over consuming, which can leave you feeling emotionally emptier.

*Extra Reminder: Remember to practice self-care

Make sure the time you spend shopping or looking for gifts, is in manageable chunks.  Take a break every few hours.  If you are tired or hungry, you are not going to make good purchasing choices. Don’t forget you can also shop on-line for most things these days.

Staying mindful during the holidays can be challenging, but by focusing on the joy of the season, being grateful for what you have, and even asking your guides for a little help, you can keep it happy for yourself.  And remember to take care of yourself.

Enjoy gift giving!  Celebrate love and togetherness!


Conduit of Joy Christmas offerings

If you are looking for a gift for yourself, or someone who , I am offering two holiday gifts:

a)      2014 Guided Image for the Year – Reading ($57), or

b)      2014  New Year Guidance Package –  A 2014 Guided Image Reading, along with a 20-minute Implementation Call ($97)

Both of these gift offerings will help you be ready to go into your new year of 2014, prepared for anything life throws your way.

Email me at, if you would like to purchase either of these or have any questions.

*Both readings can be purchased until December 31, 2013, and don’t expire until February 28, 2014.

*Gift certificates are available.

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Fun + Freedom + Free Candy = Halloween Magic!



I love Halloween. A lot. Ask anyone that knows me.  It is truly my favourite time of year.  I was even going to get married on Halloween, but my mom talked me out of it.  (OK, that was probably good, since my anniversary would have ruined the trick-or-treating…) 

Why do I love Halloween so much? There are soooooooo many reasons I love it. Number one is that I can wear a costume to work, and they can’t fire me. Well, they haven’t fired me yet anyways.

I do love costumes ALOT.  Aside from just believing that wearing a boa or a teeny, tiny top hat is just *divine* and *magical* – because it is – what I really love about costumes is that they free us from the constraints of our personas.  People are so wedding to their carefully constructed personas (hello Facebook!) that it is very rare to have an experience with others where they are fully outside the boundaries of their personas.

Costumes = Fun Free From Judgment

I recently went to a dress-up fund-raising event, and met a bunch of new folks.  Because we were all focused on the costumes, and the dancing, and the laughing, we had no cues for any of us to judge each.  We didn’t talk about our jobs or our cars, or how big our houses are.  The only context in which I know the people I met there was how far they were willing to go take the party to the next level.  Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one that took the fun train to Crazytown. And how good their 80’s jogger costumes were.   The point was we were all just free to get to know each other, be silly, dance and have fun in the present moment, since that was the focus of our experience.  We were truly just there to live in the moment and experience joy. 

Free Pass = Freedom to Envision Possibilities

On Halloween, our society gives us a special exemption to be whoever we want in a costume.  We also harken back to old traditions, and talk about witches, ghosts and things we might think be lurking around the edges of reality.  This is what underlies my love of Halloween so much…..the fact that folks can open their minds even just a tiny crack that magical, spiritual, and otherworldly things do EXIST!  Of course they do exist, it’s just that we spend so much time telling ourselves that they don’t exist and keeping our minds closed to any other possible interpretations of reality, that we can’t see those other versions of reality anymore.

We are constantly told by media, old dogma, religion and old power structures how the world is, and it is supposed to only conform to a certain set of beliefs.   But on Halloween, sometimes when we outside of our normal boundaries, we can get a tiny glimpse onto the other side of reality.

Since the alternate realities are closer together at Halloween, it also increases your chances of seeing something you might not otherwise.  You are able to be closer to your passed over loved ones, and even the intentions of people celebrating this holiday all over the world, creates the possibility for a massive alternative consciousness to be in existence.  All these influences help create the magic of Halloween.

Free Candy = Free Candy

Okay, this a no-brainer. Ask any elementary school kid.  Costumes AND free candy is just a fun, fun, fun combination.  When a child walks up to your door on Halloween trick or treating, even the most hard-hearted grinchy, Halloween-hating person’s heart lights up a little bit.  The excitement and joy a child (or me) is experiencing when they are dressed up, and going to see their neighbors who are going to give them free candy is exhilarating and contagious.

Fun + Freedom + Free Candy = Magic, Magic, Magic!!

So what happens when there is no judgment, people are open to possibilities and there’s free candy? When these are coupled with the vibrations of joy, freedom and excitement magic happens! Yes, that’s what happens. Magic.    

When we give ourselves permission to be someone else and create even a tiny space for alternate possibilities, that’s where real magic can come into our lives.  When we allow ourselves freedom of our own hardened beliefs, and amplify this allowance for possibilities with fun, the magic of transformation is able to occur in our lives.  Also, free candy never hurts.

Enjoy your Halloween. Most importantly, allow yourself to be open to all the possibilities, and to all the amazing potential of alternative realities, not just on Halloween, but every day.  If you want to believe in possibilities, and that your reality can be different, every day can be magical.

Yours with a pinch of Halloween *magic*,


Fang you very much…yes, that’s me the vampire at the top.

Talk To Your Dead Folks!

Since the veil is thinner at this time of year, now is the perfect time to make your call to the Other Side.  It’s a great time of year for mediumship readings.  If you would like assistance contacting your passed over folks, and finding out what they are up to (besides looking at your in your underwear obviously), please contact me for a mediumship reading *here*.   Happy Halloween!

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Is Someone Waiting to Talk to You?


Lately I have expanded my skills into doing mediumship readings.  While I think I was always fascinated by mediums, I never identified as one…until recently. 

However, over the last few years, while I was doing intuitive readings for clients, passed over loved ones started showing up with messages for them.  This started happening with greater and greater frequency.  Finally I decided if these passed over ones wanted to contact their loved ones in body, that I would try and make that process easier by learning how to contact them directly, on request. So I started specifically developing my mediumship skills.

In a way contacting those who are passed over, is really more understandable than conversing with spirit guides or other entities.  I was explaining the difference to my husband like this.  Communicating with someone who was once a person in a body, and who used body language and words to communicate, is a lot easier in some ways than trying to understand those other higher vibrational entities (eg. spirit guides, angels, etc.) that may not have had a body, or only appear a light, and  may communicate with me in other ways.  The latter can be freaky since those types of experiences are usually not within the “normal” range of most human’s experiences while they are on earth.

When I tried to figure out why I “suddenly” have mediumship skills, I realized that as the result of some scary experiences with some passed over folks, when I was a child, I inadvertently shut down my access to information from them. I didn’t have anyone to help me contextualize my experiences, which I found scary.   All  I had to help me understand my experiences were movies and popular culture, which of course portrayed those on the other side as scary, spooky, and up to no-good.  Since I knew what I had experienced was real, and since these things “couldn’t be real”, instead of going crazy, I unconsciously shut down communication with the other side.

Anyways, I have learned many things on my long journey, in interpreting the spiritual world differently, to arrive at the place where I am now.   After dealing with my own fears about ghosts, and unfounded beliefs about what was out there, I am now honored to deliver messages for these people on the other side who have passed, to those of their loved ones they wish to help here.

When I have had others do mediumship readings for me, I have experienced a deep sense of peace, knowing that I can still be surrounded by my loved ones.  I found it exciting and liberating, that even though my loved oens are no longer in body, they are still around me, and willing to communicate with me.

My clients have told me the messages they have received in these readings have made them feel healed of unresolved issues with their loved  ones.  Some clients have also felt that passed over loved ones have  inspired them to continue a certain difficult path in their lives or gave them messages of reassurance.

If you are local to me (in Alberta, Canada), I also offer mediumship gallery readings in person.  This means I can come to your house, or small gathering and pass along messages from those on the other side to those in the gallery.  This is similar to what you might see on the TV show “Long Island Medium”.

Please contact me at if you are interested in any of these mediumship readings. 

Enjoy your summer!


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Simple Mantras for Better Living – Something Wonderful Is Going to Happen Today!!

I’ve started using simple mantras as a way to focus my daily intentions.  A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating spiritual transformation, into manifestation.  The Sanskrit word mantra consists of the root man- “to think” and the suffix -tra, designating a tool or instrument, and therefore a literal translation of mantra would be “instrument of thought”.  This is exactly what these simple mantras help me do – create spiritual transformation by using a simple sentence as a tool to focus my thoughts.

I started using the mantra below in a situation where I had nothing left to lose.  I couldn’t figure out what I could possibly do to make the situation better.  Everything about the situation looked so bleak, and I couldn’t really see how things could work out positively. All I could do was worry. (Can you tell I have a few problems with being a control freak?)  I decided the best I could do was to try to stay neutral, and I handed it off to my guides and Higher self to deal with.  Then I just relaxed into this mantra. I breathed deep and repeated it three times.

 “Something wonderful is going to happen today.”

“Something wonderful is going to happen today.”

“Something wonderful is going to happen today.”

I was quite surprised then when unusually positive things did start happening.  It is amazing how our expectations and intentions set us up for what manifests into our reality. By staying neutral and really believing that something wonderful would happen to me, wonderful things did start happening.

Each day, some new and different wonderful thing happened. Sometimes it was small, and sometimes it was very big, or many wonderful things happened.  When I used this mantra before a potentially emotionally anguishing family scenario, the person that would have made things go sideways never showed up at all.  When I was anticipating a stressful showdown at work, it never materialized.  In another situation where I could initially see nothing positive coming out of it, it manifested into the most positive scenario that could have been expected.

I was thinking about why this mantra has been so effective for me.  It is so simple, it is almost laughable.  But its very simplicity is what makes it so effective.  It is general enough that it does not allow me to limit the way it expresses the wonderful thing.  As I have said before and will no doubt say again, I am sometimes a control freak who wants to tell the Universe *how* to deliver wonderful things to me.  Anyone who has looked at law of attraction principles for longer than 10 seconds, knows that trying to control the *how* of manifestation is never advisable for a myriad of reasons.

The biggest reason is that fixating on *how* something wonderful is coming to you, in most cases actually limits the types of manifestation of wonderful things available for you.  This is because the spectacularness of the wonderful things available to us is unlimited.  This means that sometimes the things can be even more wonderful (or different) than your puny mind is able to imagine.  By limiting them with your obsessive thoughts, you are not doing yourself any favours.

I think that the word “something” in this mantra is general enough that the wonderful thing or things do not need to connect to any one thing in particular.  By using the word “something” it is open enough to allow the wonderful thing to happen in one – or every – area of my life.

The other great thing about this mantra, is that it fixes the result, the delivery of the wonderful thing, into today – the present.  This means that it helps my focus remain on today, so that I remain fully in present today.  It helps me remember that today is what it is all about, instead of fixating on the past or the future.

Also, the wording of this mantra means that I am fully open to receiving in the present.  I have read that in all the steps of manifestation – desiring, releasing, receiving – that receiving is the most difficult.  We tend to block ourselves from receiving.  This mantra helps me remain fully open to receiving a wonderful thing today.

The last great thing, is that the gratitude feedback loop of this mantra is powerful.  When I can look back on the day before, and think about the wonderful thing or things that happened the day before, it makes me truly grateful, and helps me anticipate that another wonderful thing will indeed happen today.  I know the since something wonderful happened yesterday, another wonderful thing can happen today.

If you are a control freak like me, this mantra can come in very handy in helping you release your need to try and control the uncontrollable.  It is liberating, and also reassuring to see the support that follows through when you do release.  Feel free to share any of your results using it in the comments.


I am still available for private email reading on a limited basis. I can be reached at

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Goodbye Control Freak – Babysteps Part 3

So many times we get so attached to not only what we want, but the WAY in which we want it.  The trick to getting the result we want is to focus on what we would like as the end result, but trust our intuition to show us how to most easily get there.

Once we ask for what we want, we have to TRUST that our guides will point us in the right direction to get there.  After all, there might be a quicker, faster, better way to get to our ultimate goal than our limited human mind can think of.

We have to have a quiet enough mind, to listen to those very subtle voices that point us in the right direction.  If we can listen to those intuitive prompts and do what they are indicating, the results will also make us happier.

I’m still taking babysteps towards some bigger goals.  But sometimes I get caught up on the process for getting there.  I know being a control freak this way, slows me down in these goals.   I have to be reminded again and again, about how the process speeds up when I release myself from my expectations of HOW I am going to get there.

There were many examples of this, over the last few weeks, in my own life.  Every time I released control, listened to my intuitive prompts and acted on them, I was happy I had done so.

I want to sell my house, and had some real estate questions that I needed to have answered quickly by a realtor who knew what they were talking about.  I thought about calling a friend who is a realtor, but was concerned about the awkwardness I would feel about having her handle the deal for me, and decided not to contact her.  My intuition kept prompting to call her anyways.  I did contact her, even though my rational mind didn’t think it would work out for the best.

Not only did my friend answer the question, but in her answer she also addressed the unspoken potential awkwardness (which I hadn’t even raised) and referred me to another realtor.  Talk about over-delivering!  Not only did her answer solve my immediate issue, it solved the larger problem of who could help me sell the house!  Chalk another one up for listening to intuition, and my guides for pointing me in the right direction.

Another example happened when I needed some boxes to declutter my house.  I drove to the cardboard recycling centre, and noticed the guy in front of me unloading boxes out of his truck.  I was embarrassed to be seen taking the boxes out of the dumpsters, so I decided to pull in front of him, so I didn’t have to interact with him.  My intuition prompted me to talk to him anyways. I didn’t want to and resisted. I checked all the dumpsters. They were all empty and had no boxes. By the time I got to the last dumpster, I was right beside his truck, which was full of boxes.  So I finally relented, listened to the intuitive prompting and talked to him.

I asked him if he had any boxes I could use.  Not only was he delighted to dig through is truck to find me the best boxes, and have me help him unload his truck, but it turned out he was a handyman.  This was great news since I had been looking for a handyman to do some repairs around my house.  Again, not only did he solve my immediate problem, but talking to him potentially solved the problem of not knowing a handyman to make the repairs to my house.

In ultimately listening to my intuitive prompts, even though they did not appear to be good ideas to my rational mind, each time I received more than I expected.  I got help beyond my immediate problem.  This means that not only that I got answers I needed right away to take me closer to my larger goals, but other issues in my life also got solved.

There were many more examples than this, but every time, by just trusting my intuition, and taking the action suggested, it took me in the right direction.

If you can detach from whatever you conceive as the way your problem “should” be solved, by listening to your intuition you will likely get to your ultimate goal FASTER.  Your whole team is just waiting for you to ask for their help.  I ask my guide team every day for their assistance on any problem I need to find a solution for.

Focus on the WHAT, and not the HOW.  Your guide team is ready to show you what to do to take care of the details.

P.S. It even happened when picking the photo for this blog post.  I got the intuitive “ping” wen I found this image, but was very tempted to ignore it for various reasons….but how could I? :)

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